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20 Natural Diuretic Foods To Lose Weight And Lower Blood Pressure

Diuretic Foods To Lose Weight And Lower Blood Pressure

diuretic foods are one of the best solutions to deal with hypertension and water retention. People who are under a weight loss often make use of diuretic foods to remove unwanted liquids and to reduce their body weight. Some people take diuretic pills to do their job. However, instead of resorting to unwanted medication is safer to start a diet that includes some fruits and special vegetables that are natural diuretics. Some of the most effective natural diuretic foods that can help lower blood pressure and reduce excess water are listed.

1. Lemon

lemon has innumerable health benefits and is used for curing a wide range of conditions.
• Lemon juice can help lower high blood pressure
• Lemon juice also helps in curing urinary tract infection.
• Lemon juice can be taken with water or mixed with food.

2. Oats

• Avena has always been a great food for those who are on a weight loss regimen. However, most of us are unaware about the diuretic properties of oats.
• Yet another popular benefit of eating oatmeal is its ability to reduce blood cholesterol.

3. Celery

Celery is a nutritious food that contains lots of water. This helps in hydrating the entire system. If you do not prefer the taste of celery, you can be mixed with a healthy smoothie drink made of fruits and vegetables.

4. Brussels sprouts

• Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of antioxidants that help the body fight with a wide range of disorders.
• Brussels is one of the best low-calorie foods that can help in reducing weight. If you can not stand the taste, try cooking with other food products.

5. Ginger

• Ginger has many health benefits but can not be taken as it is. Therefore, you can mix with your favorite cuisine as an alternative form of flavoring.
• Ginger also can be added to tea or water.
• Ginger helps detoxify your body is
• It also acts as an effective diuretic and helps in flushing out all excess fluids.

6. Beet

• beet is a nutritious vegetable serving as a diuretic
• beet contains a rare antioxidant known as betalain.
• The best type of fresh beets it is that can be boiled, grilled or steamed. Always choose fresh beets instead of pickled beets.

7. apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is filled with essential ingredients that have various health benefits.
• Help in strengthening urinary functions, acting as a strong diuretic that cleanses the urinary system
• It also helps to improve the process of digestion.
• Although apple cider vinegar is used for cooking, if you are looking for a diuretic, then it would be best to take it with water. Note that you only have to take it in small proportions.

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8. Col

Cabbage is a highly beneficial plant functioning as a diuretic.
• Researchers have proven effective in preventing cancerous tumors
• It also prevents the occurrence of heart disease.
• You can do it in a soup or have it cooked before eating.
• Note that if you are taking as a diuretic cabbage, avoid adding too much salt.

9. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is an excellent food diuretic that helps cure urinary tract infections.
• Cranberry juice contains antioxidants that destroy free radicals.
• Helps maintain a good level of potassium.
• The production of cranberry juice, choose only organic blueberries. Organic blueberries are free of inorganic chemicals and preservatives. Do not opt ​​for processed berries or juice processed blueberries.

10. Eggplant

• Eggplant is a diuretic food that helps reduce excess fluid trapped in your body.
• Some people use it as a remedy for weight loss. Boil along eggplant with water and then consume the water containing the essence of the eggplant.

11. Parsley

Parsley has many health benefits that can help you improve your overall health .
• Parsley is an excellent diuretic
• It contains a wide range of antioxidants
• You can take parsley as an additive for their food and kitchen products. The herb has a cooling effect when mixed with other foods. You can also take water boiled with parsley.

12. caffeinated beverages

Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee acts as a good diuretic. However, these articles contain caffeine, which is harmful to your body. This makes it a poor choice when it comes to natural diuretic foods.

13. Water

Water helps in flushing out all liquids retained in the body.
• In case of low water intake that the body tries to conserve water by retaining in their cells. This causes fluid retention and swelling. If you are supplying enough water for your body, it will automatically close the habit of keeping your fluids.
• You can add lemon or ginger to the water in order to increase its diuretic effect.

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14. Tomatoes

Tomatoes act as a diuretic when taken in its raw form.
• You can make a tomato salad or make a drink by mixing it with juice more delicious products such as watermelon or carrot.
• Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a type of antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and heart disease.

15. Pepino

• Cucumber is a very moisturizing vegetable that contains lots of water.
• Cucumber helps in detoxification of our system.
• Improve the functioning of the urinary system
• It helps the body in fighting diabetes
• Help to better weight management
• The cucumber is rich in antioxidants and therefore help cancer prevention.
• It contains lots of minerals that makes us stronger.

16. Watermelon

• Watermelon is a highly beneficial fruit that contains lots of liquids. It acts as a diuretic and helps the body eliminate excess fluids and salt.
• It is rich in antioxidants.
• Note that watermelon is very sweet and too much of it can raise levels of blood sugar.

17. Carrots

• Carrots are very beneficial for the eyes. They have several health benefits and which also function as a diuretic.
• Different types of carrots are available in the market. baby carrots are best eaten raw. They are often used to make salads. normal carrots are normally used for cooking.
• Carrots do not lose their nutrients when cooked. Therefore, you need not worry about eating them raw.

18. Garlic

• Garlic is an excellent detoxifying agent and also function as an effective diuretic.
• Garlic comes in pill form; However, if you need to use it as a diuretic it would be better to eat real garlic, instead of taking their supplements.
• If not able to eat raw garlic can be used as an additive during cooking.

19. Artichokes

• Artichokes are an excellent way diuretic which helps in weight reduction.
• They also act as a digestive aid.
• They are full of minerals and vitamins. Taking artichokes can help address various deficiencies.

20. Asparagus

• Asparagus is a highly nutritious food that also acts as a natural diuretic.
• While taking asparagus, compounds react with urine and give rise to a typical odor. This is very natural and there is no harm in it.
• Asparagus is rich in antioxidants and regular consumption of this vegetable you can offer several benefits.

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