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20 Ingenious Uses Of Everyday Herbs

More than adorning every day, herbs could be used to fix several common problems. From preventing mosquitoes from entering house to cure the common cold, which could be used in various forms in everyday life. You will be surprised to know that herbs are so versatile. Especially those herbs that in general we found in our kitchen are really useful for various purposes.


These are simple but effective use of herbs that goes a long way to improve our lifestyle. No need to put in extra money to use as they are already in your kitchen. All you need to know is the right way to use them for a particular problem. We will learn its 20 ingenious uses in everyday life.

cure toothache

The human race had been based on herbs in previous days for toothache, when they were invented, there are no conventional medicines. There are many herbs that are effective in curing toothache. Terragon is an herb. Chew tarragon herb to get relief from toothache instantly. Moreover, it also freshens breath.

Cure Toothache

Detoxification of himself

toxin is the number one enemy of the body. It is the one that creates many problems. Excess accumulation of toxins in the body makes it lethargy, creates skin problems and could even lead to diseases.

Therefore, expelling toxins are very important. Tarragon herb also helps cleanse your body. Tarragon contains high amounts of terpenes, flavonoids, and coumarin which helps in excretion of toxins.

Detox Yourself

prepare cocktails

Mojito is one of the expensive and exotic cocktails. Do you know that the mojito is incomplete without mint herb? Mint gives a unique taste that is liked by many.

Prepare Cocktails

get rid of mice

Besides using mint in the cocktail, you use it to mice trash away from home. The refreshing smell of mint is estimated by humans, while mice could not tolerate. Place a bunch of mint in the place where mice visitors to keep them away.

Get Rid of Mice

Perfume Organic

You must have noticed that most herbs have identical strong fragrance. That is why they are widely used for the manufacture of perfumes. Take manjoram and rub it on the wrist and ears to use as perfume.

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Organic Perfume

prevent the bone Related Issues

The manjoram herb contains 520% ​​of the amount daily human body needs vitamin K. therefore, it is one of the best sources of vitamin K which helps build bone and prevent bone-related diseases.

Prevent Bone Related Problems

mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes hate the strong smell of many herbs. You can use them to keep your home free of mosquitoes. Neem is known to repel mosquitoes. Keep some twigs of these herbs in your living room to keep mosquitoes away. Even rosemary is a good mosquito repellent. Grow plan rosemary in your garden or balcony to ward off incoming mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent

Prepare hair rinse

lavender and rosemary are widely used in hair to cure many rosemary hair problems is popularly known to help in hair growth. It also fights dandruff. Prepare rinse of boiling rosemary permission in 2 cups of water. Water is cooled and used as hair rinse after shampooing.

Similarly, rinse lavender could prepare what helps nourish the hair and hair fall control. That is why; rosemary and lavender essential oils are very famous.

Prepare Hair Rinse

cure the common cold

Oregano pizza herb is good medicine to cure colds or sinusitis. Oregano oil can be used to treat common cold or sinus. Take 2-3 drops of oregano oil on the tongue during a common cold. You can even add the oil with water before drinking. This will help open a stuffy nose and sinus pressure release.

Cure Common Cold

Treatment IU

is very interesting to know that oregano could also cure urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection). Its antibacterial properties help fight E-coli that cause urinary tract infection.

UTI Treatment

Nourish Lung

Thyme is a common herb Italy that can be used to clean lung passages and to cure bronchitis. Take a sprig of thyme with hot water, lemon and honey for a nutritious drink that prevent lung disease. Thyme contains oil called thymol which has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

Nourishes Lung

Prepare Cleaner

You can change the chemicals commercial cleaning with cleaning thyme based herbs. Thyme has disinfectant properties that help clean the house in a natural way. Cleaning your house in a natural way is not only safe for children and pets, but also light on the pocket.


Prepare Cleaner


You can use basil to combat adrenal fatigue. Include the use of basil in your meals to remain active throughout the day.

Energize Yourself

cure acne

Acne can be cured using basil. Boil fresh basil leaves in water for 45 minutes. Cool the liquid and apply on the affected parts with a cotton ball.

Cure Acne

Controls Headache

Cilantro kitchen common herb has the ability to cure the pain head. Apply paste of fresh coriander leaves on the forehead to relieve headaches. You can also place a cilantro leaf under the pillow before bedtime to cure the headache.

Controls Headache

increase immunity

Eat coriander leaves to increase their immunity. Include it in your daily meal to stay away from diseases. Research some recipes cilantro or just decorate your food with cilantro license to include it in your daily meal.

Boost Immunity

Removes dark circles

You can use parsley to banish dark circle. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin C, K and chlorophyll that helps tighten and clarify the skin. Paste some parsley leaves and apply it on the bottom of the eye. Repeat this procedure for a few weeks to witness a difference.

Removes Dark Circle

Controls bad breath

Say goodbye to bad breath chewing parsley. It is easily found in any kitchen. Keep it close to the dinner table, for chewing parsley is not lost. Make a habit of chewing parsley after meals, especially after eating garlic.

Controls Bad Breath

improves memory

saffron is known to contain a compound called crocin in improving the memory. It also helps fight mental disorders related to age. The best way to take it with hot milk before bed at night.

Improves Memory

Color of their food

Most of you know that saffron is also used for food color. It has a vibrant orange color. Instead of artificial colors, use saffron for coloring foods.

Color Your Foods

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