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20 Deadly Cancer Symptoms Most Women Ignore

Routine tests are not as efficient when it comes to preventing cancer. Learn to listen to your body. Observe each change, all the signs that may indicate that something is wrong. Here are 20 important signs that women often overlook:

20 Deadly Cancer Symptoms Most Women Ignore

  1. Wheezing and breathlessness

patients diagnosed with lung cancer say this is the first symptom to remember is unable to take a breath.

  1. cough and chronic chest pain

leukemia, lung tumors and other cancers often cause symptoms that resemble a cough or severe bronchitis. Patients with lung cancer say their chest pain sometimes had spread to his shoulder and down his arm.

  1. fever and frequent infections

These may indicate leukemia, a cancer that attacks the blood cells and develops in the bone marrow . The bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells and affects the body’s ability to fight infections.

  1. difficulty swallowing

may be a symptom of esophageal or throat cancer. In some cases, it is considered as an early symptom of lung cancer.

  1. swollen lymph nodes or lumps in the neck, armpit or groin

These may be a sign of changes in the lymphatic system which can often be a symptom of cancer.

  1. bruising and excessive bleeding that will not stop

These are a sign that there is something wrong with platelets and red blood cells. In some cases, this may indicate leukemia. After a period, the number of leukemia cells becomes much higher than that of red blood cells and platelets, and blood can not perform its function to transport oxygen and clot.

  1. Weakness and fatigue

fatigue and general weakness may be a sign of many cancers. Consider any other unusual symptoms you have to determine whether it is cancer. Consult your doctor whenever you feel exhausted for any reason, even in cases where adequate sleep does not help.

  1. bloating or weight gain

unexplained abdominal swelling can sometimes be a sign of ovarian cancer. It occurs suddenly and continued intermittently for a long time.

  1. Feeling of fullness and be unable to eat

In some cases, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have no appetite and can not eat even when they have not had a decent meal for some time.

  1. pelvic and abdominal pain

The pain and cramping in the abdomen, in combination with bloating, may indicate ovarian cancer. Leukemia also causes abdominal pain, which occurs as a result of splenomegaly.

  1. Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool

This is a common symptom of colorectal cancer. Consult your doctor if you notice blood in the stool, and schedule a colonoscopy as soon as possible.

  1. Unexplained weight loss

sudden and unexplained loss of weight is an early symptom of colon cancer and digestive similar. It may also indicate a cancer that has metastasized to the liver, which decreases appetite and affects the body’s ability to eliminate waste.

  1. upset stomach and stomach pain

frequent stomach cramps and upset stomach are a common symptom of colorectal cancer.

  1. A red chest pain, and swollen

These may be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Consult your doctor about any unusual or sudden change of her breasts.

  1. Teat changes

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, many women remember having their flattened nipples, inverted or placed sideways.

  1. unusually heavy and painful periods or bleeding between periods

This is an early sign of endometrial cancer or uterine cancer. Schedule a transvaginal ultrasound if your periods are heavier than normal.

  1. on the face swollen

Patients diagnosed with lung cancer often experience swelling, swelling or redness in the face. small lung tumor cells block blood vessels in the chest, and blood can not flow freely from the head and face.

  1. Sores or bumps on the skin that do not heal, they create a crust and bleed easily

More information about the different types of skin cancer or melanoma, carcinoma basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. Check your skin for any type of tumors and stains.

  1. The nail changes

sudden changes in the nails may indicate various cancers. points streak or brown or black under the nail can indicate skin cancer. “Parranda” or enlarged ends of the fingers and nails curves may indicate lung cancer. pale nails and white can be a symptom of liver cancer.

  1. Pain in the back and on the bottom right of

This is an early sign of liver cancer. Back pain is a common symptom of breast cancer, because tumors press the chest. The pain sometimes occurs when the cancer reaches the spine or ribs.

This is what explains Dr. Mercola:

“Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to watch for any unusual changes in your body and energy levels in order to detect any sign of cancer from the beginning. the sooner you notice that there is a problem, the sooner you can begin to take steps to promote healing within your body measurements.

of course, the ideal is to follow a lifestyle anti-cancer, even before you notice any symptoms, because prevention is the best route when it comes to most diseases chronicles. it is not unusual for 10 or more years between exposure to a carcinogen (snuff, chemicals, radiation, cell phones, poor diet, etc.) and detectable cancer. ”

This means you have enough time to affect the progression of the disease

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Cancer is seen as a group of diseases associated with abnormal cells that grow and spread unchecked disease. Experts explain that “cure” the disease means controlling the growth of such cells and stop its spread.

The human body has the ability to heal itself and this depends on the power of your daily routine, dietary habits, physical activity, sun exposure and adequate sleep. healthy lifestyle, along with the ability to cope with emotional stress, helps the body maintain a normal, healthy balance.

Ignoring these principles of health and lifestyle is not the only problem associated with cancer. Conventional medicine suggests applying invasive and risky treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

may be hard to believe, but recent baseline studies have found that certain types of cancer, including invasive cases, may disappear without treatment, and this is quite possible, even though people do not can you understand it.

What is even worse, experts believe that cancer patients are more likely to die from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments than the disease itself.

Cancer deaths running at alarming mortality rates, according to Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, the death rate of the disease is 90 percent. This says a lot about the effectiveness or if you prefer, the lack of this type of treatment. Despite this fact, they are still considered as a gold standard of cancer treatment. Cancer rates continue to rise and that is what most worries experts.

is expected

According to data from the American Cancer Society, about one and a half million new cancer cases in the US .. This figure does not include cases of skin cancer and basal squamous cell, which is approximately one million.

More than 1,500 people die of cancer every day, which is one of every four deaths in the US

According to the latest estimates, in 2030, about 26 million people a year can be diagnosed and 17 million people will die of the disease. But many of these cases can be avoided.

The American Cancer Society says that about one third of the expected 562,000 cancer deaths will be linked to obesity, physical inactivity, and malnutrition. Snuff consumption will cause other 169,000 deaths.

Lack of vitamin D from exposure to the sun is another cause of cancer is often overlooked, and the good news is that you can easily change. Optimization of vitamin D levels will about half of cancer cases disappear.

What to do if you suspect you have cancer?

The first step you should do is seek guidance from a professional natural health care trust and knowledgeable. This is a personal decision, and should at least keep an open mind on it.

Most people decide to go for conventional cancer treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy because they simply believe that these are the only option they have. Fortunately, there is much safer and healthier options, such as sodium bicarbonate, for example, and you bet that already have some in your kitchen pantry.

Sodium bicarbonate provides a natural form of chemotherapy. It kills cancer cells without affecting normal cells, and of course it has none of the side effects of regular treatment costs of chemotherapy. As Dr. Mark Sircus explains, the only problem with this method is that it is super cheap. You can not bring any benefit that is why nobody is willing to promote it.

Dr. Simoncini has had an incredible experience with this method. According to him, 99 percent of all bladder cancers and breast cancers can be cured in only six days, of course, without any type of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Treatment involves the use of a local infiltration device such as a catheter, which lead sodium bicarbonate directly to the affected tissue in the breast or bladder.

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In this video you can see how the treatment works.

German New Medicine

Dr. Hamer (GNM) is a similar approach. It is based on the idea that all diseases, including cancer, is caused by a sudden shock, and each disease can be treated and cured by removing such underlying emotional trauma. Dr. Hammer refused to repudiate his findings and that brought him a prison sentence because he was accused of treating their patients with unortodox technique. He is living in exile and seeking asylum from persecution.

Keep your vitamin D levels in the optimal range

Cancer patients should understand that optimizing your vitamin D level is crucial. Vitamin D Look at this conference and learn more about the right levels.

Calcitriol is the most important in the human body steroid hormone. If your level of vitamin D is in high range, this hormone is produced in large quantities in the body tissues. Unfortunately, most cancer patients suffer from vitamin D deficiency

Calcitrol is also the activated form of vitamin D. It protects against cancer because it induces differentiation of cells and controls cell proliferation. Patients who are deficient in vitamin D can not produce enough vitamin D. enabled large amounts of this vitamin are necessary for the control of cell proliferation, which helps in reducing cancer. This methtod has no side effects and is free.

If you have cancer or know someone who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer, or even if you suspect you have cancer, vitamin D view this conference. It will help you raise your level of vitamin D to reach the therapeutic range.

12 tips on how to reduce the risk of developing cancer

As already mentioned, lifestyle cancer will help you stay healthy and keep the balance in her body. It will also help prevent cancer. Here are some useful tips on improving your lifestyle and start living a healthier life:

  1. optimize its level of vitamin D. Getting enough sunlight and consider proper and healthy supplementation provided you can not walk in the sun. If you have cancer and your vitamin D is taken orally, check your level of vitamin D in the blood regularly.
  2. reduce or completely eliminate any carbohydrate foods, sugar and processed grains. The same applies to unprocessed organic whole grains, because they quickly become insulin and leptin, and that’s the last thing your body needs when it comes to treatment and prevention of cancer.
  3. reading levels of fasting insulin and leptin. That is the final test and can be easily checked with the help of cheap blood tests.
  4. Normalize the proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Increase intake of omega-3 fats high quality of animal origin, such as krill oil and avoid processed vegetable oil.
  5. Stay active. Exercise lowers insulin levels. Controlling insulin levels is essential because it will help prevent cancer.
  6. Get enough sleep.
  7. Make your diet plan according to your nutritional type. This principle has a potent anti-cancer effect, but, unfortunately, has been greatly underestimated. This is one of the basic strategies against cancer in many clinics.
  8. Stay away from environmental toxins. Avoid pesticides, cleaning products loaded with chemicals for home, synthetic air fresheners and contaminated areas.
  9. Beware of radiation produced by cell phones, cell phone towers, base stations and wireless stations. Provide adequate protection.
  10. not cold or CharBroil your meals. Boiling, poaching of steaming are healthier choices.
  11. Use a tool that will permanently reprogram your neurological shorts that can activate cancer genes. According to the CDC, emotions are responsible for about 85 percent of the disease. This may be more important than any other physical factor, so be sure to address this issue. Meridian Tapping technique is considered as an excellent approach.
  12. One third of the food should be raw. Eat 85 percent of their raw food is much better, of course, if you do not have problems.

You will not find these and other approaches and treatments to prevent cancer elsewhere, because, yes, researchers have not formally conservatives ‘proven’ effectiveness. But, did you know that 85 percent of conventional treatments used today has not been shown not?

think about this. With minimal effort, these tips can help reduce the risk of developing cancer and recover if available. Give yourself the opportunity to live better. You can only win, and it is your life that matters most.

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