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20 Clever Coconut Oil Uses For Everyday Life

We all know the great health benefits of coconut oil, but it seems that this is a wellsrping many other uses as well. Here are twenty ways to incorporate the oil into your daily routine.

to maintain white teeth White

If you want to have a beautiful smile, just add a little coconut oil and baking soda that naturally whiten your teeth . coconut has antibacterial properties, so great to keep colds away.


remove the oxide

If you have rust on your knives, just apply a little coconut oil and let sit for an hour or two. After that, washed with water, but it needs to be thoroughly dry or the oxidation process is accelerated, causing the oxide appear faster.

treat her right wood

Use coconut oil to clean wood surfaces at home. the accumulation of dust should be avoided and also condition the wood very well. All you have to do is dip a cloth in a jar of oil and rub a thin layer on the table to make it look pristine.

Help constipation

Coconut oil is a safe and healthy way to stay regular. If you are a little backup, taking a tablespoon of oil every morning to cure constipation, or two for a very acute case.

get rid of head lice

may be used coconut oil to get rid of lice because they do not have the scent of coconut. Just apply some of this oil on the scalp and let it sit for a while.
also takes care of frizzy hair, so go ahead and kill two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes!

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prepare it

can replace butter and other oils rich in calories with coconut oil when prepearing meals because it is healthier alternative. Fats are metabolized quickly, increase your energy, and reduce calorie intake.

prevent staining

You can use coconut oil as an ingredient in your kitchen cleaing. If you have stains on your tupperware, just rub some coconut oil arount the container and let it sink in before washing. This will keep fresh and presentable reusable containers.


When you are in a difficult situation, such as a syrupy substance covering his hands, simply rub well with coconut oil to remove debris. Fats in the work of Big Oil to break even the toughest dirt.

oil a squeaky hinge

Instead of using WD-40, coconut oil for a hinge or chain that needs some oiling up is applied. No need to put a lot of oil because coconut oil solidifies at 76 degrees Fahrenheit and do not want the dirt on the surface.

relieve joint pain

If you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, etc., can only apply coconut oil on the affected area, and will ease your pain at any time. Once or twice a day should do the trick, and leaves the skin soft and smooth too.

Zanja that itch

A teaspoon of coconut oil can help with that persistent tickle in the throat. itch be alleviated by creating a moisture barrier and maintain that cough coming back.

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Clean makeup brushes

This is especially good for women who can not afford to buy makeup brushes all the time. You can only wash them with coconut oil. Rinse with warm water and baby shampoo to keep clean and soft bristles.

reduce heartburn

Coconut oil will coat the stomach for a good barrier against acidity, which no longer have to deal with heartburn or acid reflux. Moreover, it will help with that nasty taste in the mouth.

Peeling off a zipper

If you are unable to hold the coat, add some coconut oil to the zipper track and get yourself unstuck forever!


Replace the traditional shaving cream with coconut oil because it is cheaper and solution but also hydrates your skin and your razor glides smoothly. Men can even use it on their beards, so this oil multipurpose really a lifesaver!

Lowering cholesterol

Coconut oil is especially beneficial for people with high cholesterol levels because it contains high levels of auric acid that helps increase high density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is the “good” cholesterol needs to increase. excess cholesterol is removed and takes him to his liver to break down. To accomplish this, you need to take ½ 1 tablespoon on a daily basis to help your body prevent various diseases.

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