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17 Health Benefits of Owning a Cat (Spread These Words To Your Friends)

When you think about certain things that improve your health, you do not usually think of pets. This is especially true for owners of cats. According to many studies conducted by numerous health professionals, have a cat is good and beneficial to your health. Here are 17 benefits associated with owning a cat:

1. lower risk of cardiovascular disease
It seems that if you have a cat, which have reduced the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease. The University of Minnesota has conducted a study and found that people who do not own a cat have 30 to 40 percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those who do own. The same study reveled that dog owners do not have exactly the same benefits as cat owners.

2. reduces the risk of heart attacks
Owning a cat lowers the risk of dying from a heart attack. Owning a cat improves the entire cardiovascular system and also reduces the possibility that suddenly dies of a heart attack.

3. improving immune function
Your pet cat can help improve the function of immunity. The affection that gives your cat gives your immune system a boost. Cats sense when sick and comes to you to provide comfort, helping and improve your immune system.

4. decreased likelihood of developing allergies
Pets are especially recommended if you have or if you have a baby, you have it in your home prevents allergies in children. Many studies have confirmed that living with cats and dogs reduces the risk of developing allergies because it is used to stimulate immunity from an early age.

5. prevention of asthma in children
In addition to helping children to prevent allergies, owning a cat helps prevent the development of asthma as well. Exposing your children to your cat’s good when it comes to preventing asthma and other respiratory problems as well.

6. lowering blood pressure
Sitting with his pet cat can help reduce blood pressure. Cuddle a cat only has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure. People who own a pet usually have lower blood pressure than those who do not, the State University of New York at Buffalo study says.

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7. low triglycerides
The triglyceride level can be reduced by eating less carbohydrates (processed foods), but can also be reduced by owning a cat, according to some studies. However, you should still keep exercising and watching what you eat, but owning a cat can help the process forward.

8. lowered cholesterol
Those who have trouble lowering your cholesterol levels? Get a cat. It has been shown that cat owners have lower cholesterol levels compared to people who do not own a cat. This was demonstrated in a 2006 study in Canada when this study revealed that owning a cat was made more effective in reducing cholesterol drugs manufactured for the same purpose. So, why not start saving money on drugs and improve your health by becoming a cat owner?

9. reducing the risk of stroke
If you are afraid of the idea of ​​having a stroke itself, having a cat. Owning a cat can lower the risk of stroke, as the study of the University of Minnesota have discovered. Accordingly, having a cat reduces the risk of stroke by one third. This is a bonus reason for a cat.

10. stress reduction
Owning a cat has been shown to reduce stress in your life. In addition to numerous psychological benefits, owning a cat relieves stress in your life. You will feel better if you have an animal to care and pet him, and therefore will reduce the level of stress.

11. reducing anxiety
Owning a cat lowers levels of anxiety. All aspects of the care of pets, including fondling have Claming and soothing effects. Thinking of another creature and taking after helping in making your mind and your concerns ss. On the other hand, a cat snuggles will make you calm and likes to share this unconditional love.

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12. better mood
Interacting with a pet has been shown to improve your mood. Cats are one of the pets, and that will help you feel better overall and improve your mood. Try and you will know for sure.


13. help with depression

Owning a cat is very useful when it comes to relieving depression as well. The cat can not cure your depression but will help take your mind off your problems and focus on the positive things. The love of a pet sooths the mind, and if you struggle with depression, let the cats that help in this battle.

14. help with autism
Autism is a condition when a person has difficulty communicating and interacting with people, so see the connection with the possession of a cat. Owning a cat can help these people, as well as some other developmental disorders. In many cases, cats have been used as a tool in therapy for autistic children.

15. reduction of loneliness
Many people who feel lonely can find a comfort in a pet. People who feel lonely should have a cat, and that will help them connect to another being and feel less alone. Unmarried or widowed appreciate spending time with your cat.

16. Reducing the number of visits to health care
people who own a cat once rare visit health professionals, such as hospitals, doctors, etc., as some studies, nursing homes that allow cats for therapy have lower drug costs than those who do not implement the cats in therapy.

17. solitary life
Being married and avoiding the main roads are not the only things that prolong life, but owning a cat does the same. In addition to the other benefits that also contribute to a longer life, having a cat can make your healthier life and improve its quality.

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