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16 Interesting Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

is soothing; it’s relaxing; Two different variants of camphor essential oil available in the market. While the first variety of Cinnamomum camphora extract, the second comes Borneo camphor tree. The second variant is edible. Although they are varying in their aroma, which exhibit similar properties. Both variants contain camphor essential oil borneol, pinene, camphor, camphene, safrole, and terpene contribute to the many health benefits has this essential oil. Read on to know more!

16 Interesting Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil Stimulant: This essential oil stimulates digestion, metabolism, secretion, excretion, and circulation. Therefore, it is effective in health varied healing, such as indigestion, inadequate circulation, and clogged secretions.

Antiseptic: Topical application of this essential oil heals wounds and cuts. It can also be used to relieve burns and skin rashes.

disinfectant and germicide can also be applied to the skin topically as a cure for yeast infections. You can also add to the bathing water to cure infectious diseases such as eczema.

Decongestant: The rich aroma of this essential oil helps in unclogging clogged passages in the lungs and chest. It also clears the nasal passages and therefore can be used effectively to treat various disorders of the respiratory tract.

soothing and relaxing: The soothing scent of essential oil of camphor can be used effectively to relieve stress. It also helps to calm people suffering from anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

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Painkiller: This terpene in the essential oil of camphor works quite similar to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory creams. Therefore, it can be used to relieve muscle and joint pain.

antispasmodic :. is a powerful antispasmodic and therefore be used to relieve cramps and spasms experienced due to dysentery, amebiasis, and menstruation

anesthetics and sedative: This essential oil is a mild anesthetic and sedative functions as a well. It also helps to cool the body temperature. Add a few drops to your bath water and use this to bath before bed to sleep well at night.

Carminative: The carminative properties of this essential oil makes it an effective solution for indigestion, bloating and flatulence


Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory behavior camphor oil helps in curing conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. It can also be used effectively to combat fever, acne and pimples.

Other benefits of essential oil of camphor

  1. helps in curing food poisoning
  2. beneficial for the treatment of infections affecting the reproductive organs
  3. Antidote against measles and flu
  4. Can be used to treat hysteria
  5. effective in combating scalp problems

prove the essential oil of camphor and share their experiences with us!

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