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16 Easy Natural Remedies That Improve Blood Circulation

16 Easy Natural Remedies That Improve Blood Circulation

Now that you’ve read about warning signs and all – or at least most – of them seem to apply to you. It has poor circulation. The first thing you probably (definitely) wants to do is make an appointment to go see your doctor and make sure that there is a more serious condition that needs to be addressed. Once you’ve done this, try these 16 easy natural remedies that improve blood circulation and started on the road to a healthy heart!

1. Do not panic!

What we mean is, “Relax”. Stress is terrible for the heart and circulatory system can throw off faster than you think balance. Take some time from your busy schedule to relax. Soaking in a hot bath, meditate, do some yoga, or just sit in a dimly lit room and breathe. Surround yourself with things that are pleasing to all your senses, like plants, paintings, sculptures, soothing music or a generator white noise , aromatherapy oils, flowers and a soft pillow or carpet.

2. Buy some new shoes

The pair of shoes can help to reduce the serious impact that each step you take sends take up the spine and through your body. As store decides to go shopping, try to find a knowledgeable partner there that can help. him or her about your everyday activities so that they can help find the perfect match.

3. Get Up & Get Moving

Your circulatory system is based largely on the movement of your body to function properly. If you lead a sedentary life, no time like the present to get up and get moving. Even if all you do is go for a walk for 30 minutes every day, regular daily exercise is one of the largest and most important steps you can take to improve your circulation. Alternatively, try swimming for a low-impact activity that will really get your blood pumping!

4. Massage with rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil tense, tight muscles can easily pinch blood flow, leading to poor circulation symptoms such as numbness or hands and feet cold. If you often muscle pain – especially in the back or shoulders, get someone to massage these narrow areas with rosemary essential oil mixed in a carrier such as sweet almond or olive oil in a proportion of 25 to 30 drops per 2 ounces, respectively. If you do not have access to rosemary oil, can buy here . Alternatively, try 10 drops of eucalyptus oil , 20 drops of Sage , and 2 ounces of carrier oil; or also can be used. 25 to 30 drops of lavender essential oil of 2 ounces of your carrier chosen

carrier oils such as sweet almond and olive oil (as well as many many more!) Is you can buy from this page in Mountain Rose Herbs .

Want to explore the fascinating world of the blend of essential oils for aromatherapy and massage? Be sure to read: How to make your own all-natural massage oils + 9 Recipes to start

5. Your posture

For many people! working long hours standing or in a place or sit in front of a computer all day can wreak havoc on your posture. Unfortunately, the misalignment of the spine is a main ingredient in the recipe for poor circulation. Follow these steps to get your spine in the correct position and help your blood to flow more freely:

-. Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and hands resting on top of the thighs

– Engage the core muscles in your abdomen, essentially “suck” the stomach


– Take a deep breath, but do not let your stomach stretch. Instead, allow air to lift the ribs, pushing your shoulders back and chest out. Repeat this several times.

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-. With shoulders slightly back and looking forward, imagine that it is a helium balloon attached to the top of his head, pulling him toward the ceiling

Once you have completed all these steps, you should feel a good stretch through you back and limbs. Of course, training your body to maintain proper posture will not happen after the first time you do this. You probably have to remind yourself for a couple of weeks before it becomes automatic.

If at any time during this routine feels sharp or hot back pain which must immediately stop and consult a medical professional as these symptoms may indicate a more serious problem.

6. Avoid Alcohol

While studies have shown that having a couple of drinks each day may actually be good for you , excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a host of health problems, including heart disease. If your goal is to improve circulation, you will have to limit their alcohol intake to one to two servings per day and when you drink, to reach healthier choices such as red wine, which contains antioxidants and is known to improve cholesterol. Also, try to avoid sugar alcohols (maltitol, sorbitol, etc.) as most of these no-calorie sweeteners, “” have an adverse effect on digestion, which in turn may adversely affect the circulation.

7. Cut stimulants

As an avid coffee drinker, you will not tell give all of them. However, stimulants of all shapes and sizes (coffee, tea, energy drinks / shots, cigarettes, diet pills, etc.) have an immediate effect on the blood. If used too often and in too large quantities, poor circulation is an early sign that you are in the way of the larger and more serious problems. To improve your circulation and your health in general, work on reducing intake of stimulants to do it until about 2 to 3 cups of coffee or tea a day (the two are good for you!) Cut the rest in its all

8. to change green tea

Matcha Tea If the reduced intake of stimulants have to feel depressed, start drinking green tea instead. This surprisingly healthy tea is a wonderful pick-me-up that will not adversely affect your bloodstream. Read more about the benefits of green tea in this great article: 10 reasons why you should start using Matcha green tea

9. Spice it

Cayenne pepper is one of the best spices to improve circulation, but does not stop there. This hot little number also increases metabolism , helps the body digest food more efficiently clears your sinuses , and adds pizazz to your meal with red color.

What else can you ask for?

10. Remembering their roots

ginger, onion and garlic are three objects that definitely want to add to your shopping list – not only stimulate and improve the health of the circulatory system – but also because they are only good for you. fresh ginger root is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, improves digestion, and can alleviate all forms of nausea. Garlic and onions contain organic sulfur compounds that help the body fight infections remove toxins from the liver and blood, and can even keep biting insects away .

Build the perfect salad 11.

The list of vegetables that improve the health of the heart and circulatory function is long. As a general rule, you want to pick those who are higher in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Here are some that can be combined to build the perfect salad stimulating circulation

-. Dark green leafy vegetables (kale, mustard, spinach, watercress, arugula, etc.) are full of vitamins C and K, iron and fiber

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-. Sweet peppers (red, orange, yellow) have the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable

-. Celery and cucumber are excellent sources of fiber and water, which makes them ideal for cleansing the body and blood

– Onions, as mentioned above, help cleanse the blood and stimulate circulation


-.. Olives / olive oil contains oleic acid having a positive effect on cardiovascular health monounsaturated

(Jump bread crumbs Go to ‘s 12 and 13 # if there has to be has to crunchy topping!)

12. Go a little crazy

walnuts and almonds contain high levels of antioxidants, healthy vegetable oils, protein and increase energy. They can help improve circulation and avoid more serious forms of circulatory disease by reducing inflammation and oxidative damage in the arteries. Enjoy them raw to claim maximum health benefits per calorie (also found in abundance in nuts!)

In some seeds Sprinkle 13.

Chia Seeds pumpkin, flax , chia, soy and pine are all high in fiber and protein, vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle on the perfect or add them to other foods to improve circulation and use their many other health benefits also salad.

If you have not tried chia seeds (not only for ceramic turtles and not) are my personal favorite of this group. Read more about them here: 10 reasons why you should emphatic Add chia seeds to your diet today . You will not believe the amount of nutrition packed into these tiny seeds!

14. Just add water

Every system in your body needs water to function smoothly. For this reason alone, “Stay hydrated” is probably the most important piece of advice natural health in existence – even more than “exercise regularly!” If you want to improve your circulation, use this calculator About hydration. com to find out how much water you need to be drinking every day and do your best to stick to that number.

If you need some help for the required number of ounces per day, do some packaging good quality can reseal as these boats free stainless steel BPA , fill them before going to bed at night, and work on all of them throughout the day. This way you can keep track of your water consumption and make the necessary adjustments.

15. Eat Garrison

The next time you order a meal in a restaurant, do not pull the parsley! That pretty green lining is actually one of the healthiest herbs in the world. Not only parsley stimulates the circulatory system, is also very good for digestion so it ended on the plate to begin with (not necessarily in that particular restaurant, but long ago in a very, very distant kitchen …. ) Parsley has one of the richest concentrations of vitamin K of any herb or vegetable, provides antioxidant protection, and is one of the best foods for liver detoxification and blood.

So go ahead. Eating the garrison. After all, is as healthy on the plate!

(Pregnant women should avoid parsley, as it is also a emmenagogue !)

16. Clear The Way!

Once you have taken steps to improve blood flow, which also want to focus on the big picture. A circulatory problem often is linked to another and there is a high probability that blood accumulation could be adding to the problem. Check out these 9 Clever ways to naturally clear arteries and 21 foods Arteries Naturally JAMMED to pick up 30 more tips invaluable to a healthy, happy heart!

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