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16 Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit is increasingly popular today. You can find fruit red or white dragon, which are widely sold in the market. There is also the yellow dragon fruit taste the sweetest. Speaking of this famous fruit, you can get many benefits from it. In this article I’ll give you 16 amazing benefits of dragon fruit skin, hair and health.
1. Weight loss Weight loss should be included in this 16 amazing benefits of dragon fruit . Dragon fruit is actually very good for your diet. This fruit is rich in fiber and of course very low in calories. dragon fruit also contains lots of water so that your digestive system can work better than ever.
2. The source of antioxidant As quoted from page www.kejadiananeh.com by consuming dragon fruit, reduce free radicals in the body. This fruit will help improve the detoxification process as well.
16 Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit
3. Prevent cancer As we have known that cancer still becomes one of the most deadly diseases today. Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants phytoalbumin that help your body to take carcinogenic free radicals. This fruit also consists of fiber, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and B2, which will help remove the toxic solid in your body commonly associated with cancer disease.
4. Improve your body’s immunity Another point that should be added to this amazing 16 “benefits dragon fruit “ is to improve the body’s immunity. The high antioxidant containment dragon fruit can significantly improve immunity in your body.
5. Avoid Diabetes Beside cancer, dragon fruit can also prevent diabetes mellitus. Containment of glucose in this fruit is very low, so you’ll have much less chance of developing diabetes mellitus.
6. Improve appetite Because the dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin B1 and B2, that will help your body to improve your appetite. This can be a great choice, especially for their children who are easily lost appetite.
Natural anti-aging 7. Premature aging can be a common problem for men and women in the big city. Polluted air is the main cause of premature aging. dragon fruit, with very rich antioxidant can help avoid the problem of premature aging. They also have a fresher look if this fruit routinely consumed.
8. Cough and Asthma Cure dragon fruit can be the alternative solution cough and asthma disease. This fruit will not cure these diseases as a whole, but it can certainly reduce coughing and other respiratory problems. With the high vitamin C content containment, dragon fruit can improve your immune system so that it will not get sick easily.

9. Reduce heart attack Possibility heart attacks and hypertension are caused by blockage of the arteries and physiological question as stress. Dragon fruit can help the process of detoxifying your body so it will improve the process of blood circulation in your body. dragon fruit also help reduce the level of oxidative stress that can lead to cardiovascular disease
10. Good for blood and bone Since the dragon fruit has high levels of calcium and iron substance, which will give a good impact for blood and bone.
11. strengthen your bones and teeth stronger 12. infection Prevention 13. improve their resistance 14. Keep the moisture level of the skin 15. Keep your intestines in a good way 16. Make your fresh and tight face
actually there are many other benefits of dragon fruit to continue these 16 incredible benefits of dragon fruit . You can see for yourself by the taste of this tasty and beneficial fruit.
Source: Manfaat Buah Merah Naga

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