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'‹15% diabetics fail to fertilise partners: Doctors


fifteen percent male diabetics in India every year can not make their couples conceive due to a defect in their DNA sperm, fertility experts said on Friday.

According to them, a recent study has revealed that 80 percent of couples suffer infertility problems, men who suffer DNA damage high sperm were responsible.

“The increase in type 2 diabetes patients in India has not only led to an increase in obesity and heart disease, but results in DNA defective sperm as well,” said Sarika Aggarwal, a (IVF) IVF expert Indira associated with IVF.

“proper diet, exercise and appropriate dose of insulin, keeps patients under control. Diabetic men have fragmented sperm cells which clearly affect the volume of semen and leads to suppression of DNA mitochondria of the cell, “

According to Aggarwal, the amount of DNA damage in sperm a man is closely related to having an after IVF baby. Damage can vary from 15-25 percent of sperm in a fertile man, but crossing this will lead to complications in the design of his companion.

“Diabetes is clearly one of the serious problems affecting the DNA of sperm. The end result is that 15 percent of diabetic men each year do not conceive their partner according to the survey,” said Aggarwal.

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The survey was conducted for five years (2011-16) at the Indira IVF, where 350 couples the problem of infertility faces were studied.

“problem of diabetes can put such an effect on the sexual part of males that damages the nerves of the reproductive system. Cases have shown that diabetes is cause erectile dysfunction as well among men,” Sikha said Singh, a gynecologist at the Safdarjung hospital.

“There are treatments for the cause and the medical staff including hormones, multivitamins and intake of antioxidants and the like, but some changes in lifestyle can have an impact. Needs to be followed because they contain high level semen reactive oxygen increases sperm quality diet rich in antioxidants, “Singh said.

“Zinc is the basic component of the sperm cell. A clove of garlic a day can make dramatic improvements in sperm quality because they contain allicin and selenium, which improves sperm motility and protects sperm damage, “added Singh.

Footnote . the views and opinions expressed by doctors are their independent professional judgment and take no responsibility for the accuracy of his views This should not be considered a substitute for medical advice consult your physician for more details [

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