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15 Cancer Warning Signs People Assume Aren’t Dangerous Until It’s Too Late

People with a family history of cancer are extremely cautious and always see specific signs. They work with your doctor, keep track of your health, and take all necessary preventive measures.

However, many people do not realize the signs of cancer they did not expect. The cancer industry promotes awareness only for only a few types of cancer that does not help. Therefore, know as much as possible is important so you can react in time.



Each type of cancer has its own signs and symptoms and it all depends on the location of cancer cells and widespread that they have become. However, there are some symptoms that are the same for many types.

Most of them are related to how the body responds to unwanted organisms. Here you have a list of warning signs of cancer 15 of which most people assume they are not dangerous. Check them out!


Frequently, diarrhea, constipation, or suddenly different size of stool, may indicate cancer in the lower digestive tract. The same applies to regular pain.


More frequent trips to the bathroom or pain associated with urination can be a sign of cancer affecting the prostate or bladder.


The ulcers can be a sign of some cancers, such as oral cancer, skin cancer and cancer that affects the genitals. In case you notice pain in your body, consult your doctor immediately.

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A couple of types of cancer can cause bleeding and source depends on the type itself. Common symptoms include blood in the stool or urine, bloody discharge, or coughing up blood.

5. lumps or thickening

Any new lump or an old one that is changing in size seek medical attention. It should be noted that various cancers are related to growth and tumors that can be noticed through the skin.

6. Indigestion

Given the fact that indigestion is a common theme, which is one of the most misdiagnosed symptoms. However, it is often a sign of cancers of the upper digestive tract. Difficulty swallowing and persistent stomach pain may also be warning signs of cancer.

7. CHANGES IN freckle or mole

Any change in the color, shape or size of the freckle or mole may indicate cancer. Consult a doctor if you notice anything unusual, especially in a case of pain.

8. UNUSUAL Hair Growth

is important to mention that the unusual hair growth to skin cancers is not just limited! Sometimes, it may indicate something else, too. If faced with something new, see your doctor immediately so sudden change in the body is the most important factor for cancer.

9. Changes in the skin

Again, skin changes are not limited only to skin cancer. Red, yellow, or darker skin is the most common warning sign.

10. PAIN

Any pain that does not seem to go away, such as headaches or back pain may indicate a certain type of cancer. Different areas of the body are associated with different types of cancer and chronic pain seek medical attention.

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Although fever is usually linked to cancer of the immune system, may indicate any type of cancer begins to spread to other organs.


Sudden loss of weight for no reason, such as medication, diet or lifestyle changes, can be a sign of cancer. Most cancer patients experience sudden weight loss, according to the American Cancer Society.


Chronic cough or scratchy throat can indicate airway, such as sore throat or lung cancer. Consult your doctor if the cough does not subside.

14. UNUSUAL lymph nodes

Although we have many more of the lymph nodes in the body, any tender, swollen lymph node and uncomfortable seek medical attention.


Last but not least, fatigue is often a warning sign of cancer, because it is the natural response of the immune system. Some cancers can also cause blood loss, which also causes fatigue. Consult your doctor if you feel chronic fatigue.

Note: Seek medical attention regardless of which of the above symptoms you experience. React on time is important because it increases the chances of beating the cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body.

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