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14 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Super High, You Must Never Ignore Them (And How To Fix It)

If you get cravings too often, weight gain even though you have restricted your calorie intake and have an upset stomach that may be having level of blood sugar.


It may sound incredible, but these may be symptoms of blood sugar in the blood. You should know that the level of blood sugar is not just a problem for diabetics.

Everyone can have this problem and it occurs mostly after eating certain foods, especially foods that contain refined sugars and carbohydrates. If the sugar level is high for a period of time can cause serious complications different longer.

What causes high blood sugar?

Symptoms that may lower blood sugar levels:

– Poor diet
– Stress
– Inactivity
– Certain medications
– Other health problems


We have said it has a higher level of blood sugar does not mean that the person has diabetes, but it can only be a symptom of diabetes.

Some symptoms are:

– Constant hunger
– Constant thirst
– Chronic fatigue
– Dry mouth
– Need to urinate at night
– inability to focus
– frequent infections
– blurred vision
– the dry and itchy skin
– the excess fat stomach and weight gain
– nerve problems
– impotence
– the cuts and wounds that do not heal fast
– upset stomach

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How to reduce these symptoms?

glycemic index is composed of numbers where the range of carbohydrates is determined using its glycemic response a level that certain foods cause the growth of sugar scale has blood.This 0-100 numbers and includes food, the glycemic response is higher – these types of foods sugar level in the blood will increase. The glycemix glucose index is 100. That’s why it is a benchmark.

Foods that have higher glycemic index can be digested faster and can cause changes in our level of blood sugar. By contrast, small IG foods are digested slowly and gradually increase will the level of blood sugar. This means that foods with low glycemic index may decrease insulin levels and resistance and prevent symptoms of blood sugar in the blood. They are good for you and your health. They will help you lose weight, because they reduce hunger and reduce appetite.

Food List
If you have any of these symptoms you need to start with a diet consisting of foods with low GI and instead of high GI foods you need to eat foods low AMERICAN SOLDIER.


it is very important to start with a low GI, because it will help you lose extra weight and symptoms of increased blood sugar will disappear. . It will also eat healthier
This is the list:

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important: remember that these references are just the average value for some food. Our bodies react differently to each meal way and it is very important to check the glucose level 2 hours before eating.

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