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14 Home Remedies For A Diaper Rash

how to soothe diaper rash with natural home remedies

A baby otherwise happy and carefree may suddenly become irritable and grouchy due to diaper rash. Diaper rash is almost like a rite of passage in the first 2 years of life of a baby and can adversely affect the routine of parents too. The following home remedies for diaper rash are completely natural and can help you deal with them effectively. Before we realize what to use in a diaper rash, let us first study the exact symptoms of the rash. Diaper rash symptoms vary from baby to baby, but usually, red spots, irritated throughout the diaper area may also be swollen, warm and tender to the touch will be.

Here are some things that are good for diaper rash

1. Keep the skin cool and dry

Moisture tends to aggravate the eruption of the baby. So let the baby go without a diaper for as long as possible. If necessary, use soft cotton diapers to collect waste baby. You can also use a hair dryer at low temperature to dry the baby’s buttocks. This will eliminate the rubbing action on damp skin caused by baby clothes.

2. Change the diaper often

Leaving the baby in diapers is a sure invitation skin rashes so the best thing to do is change little baby frequently.Apply baby powder in the diaper area for each change.

3. Feeding plenty of water for the baby

A diaper rash indicates that there is too much acid in the baby’s system. So feed it lots of water (you can also give babies older 2-3 ounces of cranberry juice to keep the pH of the body). This is one of the best natural remedies for diaper rash.

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4. Wash diapers in hypoallergenic detergent

commercial laundry soaps used to wash the baby clothes can also aggravate the eruption of the baby. So wash baby clothes in warm water with a mild, hypoallergenic soap.

5. Create a barrier between the baby’s buttocks and diaper

In order to get rid of diaper rash quickly and avoid further friction, you could use a little Vaseline ( Vaseline) on the bottom before putting the diaper on.You could also sprinkle cornstarch powder or baby powder on the bottom to

6. zinc oxide creams accelerate healing of dermatitis diaper

zinc oxide creams help heal damaged skin and reduce inflammation. They are soft and gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin.

7. Use vinegar rinse diaper

Aside from using hypoallergenic detergent child in diapers also use vinegar to the final rinse. The vinegar kills bacteria in the diaper and helps balance the pH of the baby’s skin and diaper. Use 1 ounce of vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

8. DIY homemade lotion chamomile for soothing diaper rash

Take a cup of water and add a tablespoon of dried herbs chamomile her. Bring the mixture to a boil, cover and let stand for a few minutes. Allow the mixture to cool before filtering. Add a tablespoon of cod liver oil herbal water. Use in diaper rash to soothe and heal overnight.

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9. Use anti-fungal cream

In some babies, diaper rash can be caused by Candida or yeast. So use antifungal creams such as Monistat or Lotrimin eruptions.

10. For red blisters

If the rash is oozing and has bad looking, red blisters, can be applied Burrow solution containing aluminum acetate. It has astringent and antiseptic properties that heal and soothe skin rashes.

11. Hydrocortisone for particularly nasty eruptions

For a particularly nasty diaper rash, or topical corticosteroid hydrocortisone cream applied. Do not use this remedy diaper rash for more than 4 days, since it can cause thinning of the delicate baby skin.

12. Nursing moms- change your diet

Nursing mothers may want to remove allergens from your diet such as nuts, dairy products, citrus fruits, etc. as these can pass through breast milk and make the baby more susceptible to diaper rash.

13. Use Castile soap to bathe the baby

is very important to avoid using strong soaps to wash the baby’s sensitive skin. Switch to using hot water and soap Castilla, which is totally natural and avoid further irritation.

14. Use Calendula cream

Calendula has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and that work very well in healing diaper rashes. Calendula cream or lotion can be applied to cure the rash within 24 hours.

Try these 14 natural remedies to cure diaper rash and skin of your baby quickly.

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