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14 Foods For Digestion and Gut Health

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to eat any food they want without any repercussions. Certain foods wouldn, AOT let us pain doubled, Äìor cause our bodies to experience swelling, bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea. Unfortunately, this is not the perfect world, and certain foods do cause those annoying symptoms. That, it AOS, AOS important to eat foods that are easy to digest and to promote intestinal health. Certain fruits, vegetables and herbs do just that. Below is an infographic highlighting 14 food for digestion (article continues below) .¬ †
14 foods for digestion copy

shown * Note: While these foods are considered good 14 for digestion, anyone with serious gastrointestinal problems (such as Crohn’s disease AOS) should consult with your doctor to make sure that these foods are safe for them. For example, while strawberries can benefit digestion for a person with a healthy digestive system (because they, Aore high in fiber, water and nutrients key), the tasty fruit can also be hard for some people.

* For a more comprehensive list of probiotic foods, and a detailed explanation of why they, Aore so beneficial to intestinal health and digestion more.

bad foods for digestion and intestinal health

Since we highlighted the good foods for digestive health, let, AOS talk quickly about what foods to avoid:

  1. high in fat and fried foods
  2. sugary desserts
  3. processed foods
  4. gluten
  5. dairy [19459012Products]
  6. Alcohol
  7. Coffee

These foods can put stress on the digestive tract, leading to inflammation and other issues.

The 14 Foods for digestion and intestinal health first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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