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14 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Neck

If you are used to seeing his face in a mirror small hand, you should now switch to look into a tall mirror or at least move the small mirror in the face too! You see how dark the neck when compared with his face. This is because, we give our full attention to the skin of the face and forget the one just below it and the resulting dark neck. The user can not be bothered about it, but when people talk about you, that not only look at the eyes or face alone. His eyes roam around your entire head region and also to the neck. A dark neck can really put your personality in a poor light. I’m not saying that a dark collar comes in the midst of his success, but when you can have a clean game neck region with its face with gas, why not!

How to get rid of dark neck

1. Make the daily routine care to get rid of dark neck

is very essential to clean and exfoliate the skin of the neck every day like we do with our faces. When we neglect neck while pampering face, this results in patches of dark skin. So follow this routine daily care to get rid of dark neck.

  • Drink milk and rub her neck. Milk is an excellent cleanser and toner as well.
  • After cleaning, use a scrub, preferably of natural origin, to exfoliate the skin around her neck.
  • You can mix olive oil with sugar and scrub gently rub her neck.
  • Sometimes using another bleaching agent whose exfoliating lemon juice. You will find many bushes here in this article that can be used for daily exfoliation.
  • After exfoliating, rinse with water and apply some moisturizer.
  • Whenever you go out, apply sunscreen on the neck with his face. This will prevent pigmentation.
  • Never step out in the sun when the lemon juice on your skin is applied. This will make your neck darker than before.

If the regime continues neck care over every day, you begin to see a result in two weeks time. However, they do not stop and continue the cleaning, washing and hydration of the skin.

Here are some easy tips and tricks, you can call them home remedies also, to whiten the dark neck.

2. Bleach lemon to lighten dark skin of neck

lemon, very common ingredient found in your kitchen, has amazing whitening properties because the natural citric acid present in it . You can use lemon to make her dark skin of the neck light in two ways.

1st way to use lemon to dark neck

is required:
• Lemon juice (squeezed fresh lemon) -1 teaspoon
• rosewater – 1 teaspoon

• Mix lemon juice and rose water.
• Apply this mixture gently on the neck at night before going to bed at night.
• Leave overnight.
• In the morning, wash your neck with water.

Even lemon zumo- can store up water mixture in a bottle. Mix both ingredients in equal amounts and then store. Apply any amount required each night in his dark skin. Do it at least one month before getting shutout neck.

second way to use lemon to dark neck

is required:
• Lemon juice of a fresh lemon
• Turmeric powder (optional) – a generous pinch
• cotton ball (optional)

• Take lemon juice and apply it on the neck region with help of cotton ball or hand.
• Let it sit there for 10-15 minutes.
• Rinse with water.
• You may even add turmeric powder to the lemon juice and then apply it in the dark neck. shine is given to skin.
• If used turmeric powder, wash with warm water after 10-15 minutes.
Take precautions
not to step sun just after using lemon juice on your skin, or when you are on your skin.

3. Oatmeal – Scrub and neck mask Dark

Oatmeal is not only good for your overall health, but also for its irregular dark neck. As we pay more attention to cleaning our necks while doing all things for our face cleaning, washing, moisturizing and what not – our neck becomes dirty with oil and fine grain. This makes it look irregular and dark. Oats can be used as a wash, and a mask for neck dark when mixed with other ingredients for skin lightening.
Use oats as an exfoliant for dark neck

is required:
• Avena – make dough into large pieces, do fine powder out of it
• tomato pulp
• the water
• moisturizer

• Take the powder coarsely ground oats.
• Mix the tomato pulp to it to obtain a paste-like consistency.
• Apply this mixture to the entire region of the neck.
• Leave for about 15-20 minutes.
• Then dip their fingers one littles and begins to gently rub her neck in circular motions. The thick porridge have an exfoliating effect to remove dead skin cells of her dark neck.
• After washing your neck with this natural exfoliating oatmeal for about 5-7 minutes, wash with water.
• Apply some moisturizer on your neck and gently massage.
You can use this scrub twice or even three times a week, depending on the intensity of the spots on dark skin on his neck. While oats removes dirt and dead skin cells, skin tomato pulp will be clarified because of their natural bleaching properties.

Use oats to make the mask for the dark neck

when a mask is made, it need oats fine powder and thick not used for washing. No one, but many of the ingredients that can be mixed with oatmeal and used as a mask neck. You’ll get a list of these below. Whatever the ingredient is mixed with oatmeal powder, apply the mask on the neck and leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash with water. These are some of the combinations that can be used to make oatmeal mask to lighten dark skin of the neck.
• Oatmeal powder mixed with milk
• Oatmeal powder mixed with honey
• Oatmeal powder mixed with yogurt


4. Baking soda for scrub with Hyper-pigmentation neck
Just as oats, baking soda is also a good natural exfoliant for removing skin spots due to hyperpigmentation.

is required:
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• The water

• baking soda mixed with water
• Apply the paste on the neck
• Leave for about 15 minutes
• Rinse with water

5. Relieve neck with cucumber

This is a cool way to brighten her dark neck. Th whole cucumber soothing when applied to the neck, not only exfoliates the skin, but also give a natural glow to match your facial spark.

is required:
• (your favorite, but you can also use cucumber juice)
• Rose water

grated cucumber itinerary:
• Take the grated cucumber and apply it on your neck.
• Leave for about 10 minutes.
• Gently rub the neck with cucumber in it as if you are mopping.
• Wash and apply some rosewater.
• If cucumber juice is used, only applies in the neck with a cotton ball and leave for 15-20 minutes.
• Wash and apply some rosewater.

6. Yoghurt for dark age spots on the neck

If the neck is dark due to age spots, you may want to take the help of yogurt. Yogurt is a good skin cleanser. Also present acid in it helps to lighten dark skin. When mixed with lemon juice, the effect increases bleach and whiten dark fast neck. However, you can always skip the addition of lemon and apply plain yogurt to her neck and leave it for
15 minutes before washing with water. These are some of the combinations that can be used with yogurt to lighten his dark neck.

  • Click a package with yogurt and turmeric, apply and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Mix yogurt with lemon juice, apply and wash off after 15 minutes.
  • Add the fresh cream with yogurt. Apply on the neck and massage gently for 5 minutes. Then wash with soap milk. Warm water is best if used with lemon juice in it to wash the mixture of yogurt instead of cream soap.

Any or all of these packages can be used two or even three times a week. Yogurt skin is tensioned along with diminishing fine lines there. The neck looks bright young man gives more confidence to turn!

7. Bleaching powerful with potato juice

Bleaching agents in potato is a good home treatment for neck skin dark. There is an enzyme called catecholase in potatoes that helps lighten the color of the skin of his neck. It also cures its defects if any. Here are some ways to use potato remedy for dark neck.

  • Cut slices of cold potato and rub on the neck a day for 5-10 minutes. Do this at least 2-3 months.
  • For faster results, add lemon juice potato juice and apply this mixture on your neck. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash with water.
  • you can even apply grated potato or potato juice without adding anything. Leave this on your neck for some time before washing.

8. Dark fruit Masks Whitening neck

fruit masks made with ingredients such as banana, apple, orange, papaya, avocado, etc. It works well when it comes to the home cure dark neck. They are rich in natural vitamins and enzymes minerals that can make the neck appear whiter than ever. Here are some of these wonderful masks fruits for you.

Mask bananas

is required:
• Ripe banana
• Olive oil

• Mash the banana with hands to obtain pulp-like consistency.
• Add the olive oil to it and mix well.
• Apply this mask in the neck and leave for 15 minutes.
• Rinse with water.
This banana mask olive oil and full of goodness of fine antioxidants will make your fine lines fade from the neck and give you a healthy and glowing skin.

Mask strawberry papaya

is required:
• Mashed papaya pulp – 1-2 tablespoons
• Strawberries- 2

• crush strawberries
• Add the strawberries crushed to pulp papaya.
• Apply the mixture on the neck.
• Leave for about 10 minutes.
• Rinse with water.
Vitamins and minerals from these fruits are excellent to nourish your skin cells. While enzyme called papain present in papaya removes dead skin cells, antioxidants of strawberries repair damaged skin faster.

Mask Raw papaya

is required:
• raw papaya
• The water

• Grate raw papaya.
• Use a fine cloth or sieve, squeeze the juice from the grated papaya. If necessary, you can add a little water to help squeeze the juice.
• Apply this juice in the neck and leave for 20 minutes.
• Wash the area.
The enzymes found in papaya helps generate new skin cells, thus giving its opaque neck skin of a new glow. Apply this mask on daily basis for a month or so.

Mask Orange Peel

is required:
• Dry orange peel (always dry the skin in the shade and never in the sun)
• Milk

• Grind the dried orange peel to get the dust.
• Mix the orange peel powder with milk to obtain a paste-like consistency.
• Apply the mask on his neck.
• Leave for 15-20 minutes.
• Rinse with water.
Vitamin C and anti oxidants orange are a wonderful gift for the skin and so is that bleaching properties. milk works as a natural cleanser to give a glowing skin instead of dark neck.

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9. Dried fruits make great scrubbers dark neck

Why only fruits, including dried fruits are a great remedy for a light skin tone in the neck . Almonds and walnuts can be used both to make exfoliants for the neck.

walnut scrub

is required:
• Nuts
• Milk

• Grind the bulk nuts. Do not make it a powder that is thick so you can exfoliate the skin.
• Add the milk to the nut to make a thick paste.
• Apply to the neck, leave for 10 minutes.
• Then rub gently with your fingers like he was mopping the neck. Do this for 5-7 minutes.
• Rinse with water.
Repeat two to four times a week to get the real benefits of one of the best cleaning methods. Vitamins and zinc walnut nourishes the skin while milk acts as a means of fine cleaning.



is required:
• Almonds
• Milk Powder
• Honey

• Make a powder by grinding almond them.
• Mix powdered milk and honey, mix well to form a paste.
• Apply the paste on the neck
• Let stand half an hour.
• Rinse with water.
Vitamins in almonds give a new life to the skin and oil in it acts as a moisturizer to give skin soft and supple.

10. Chickpea- Another good debugger for Dark neck

The dulling of the neck region can be treated excellently with the help of chickpea flour, which is another very good washer for dark neck. Make this scrub to bring life to your skin glowing neck.

is required:
• chickpea flour – 1 tablespoon
• Turmeric a pinch or two of it
• The water

• Take chickpea flour.
• Mix turmeric and water to make a paste.
• Apply on the neck.
• Let stand for half an hour or until dry.
• Wash with warm water.
If you have very dry skin, you can also add a little fresh cream to this mixture to moisturize the skin. While chickpea clean skin, turmeric is clear that to remove the darkness of the region.

11. Aloe Vera neck pigmentation

Those who has dark pigmentation neck can use aloe vera gel, which is one of the best skin cleanser. Simply apply the gel every day if possible, for some time in his neck. Sit for a few minutes and wash. Aloe Vera not only decreases the spots, but also lighten the skin tone of your neck. Rich in antioxidants and other beneficial natural compounds, this gel helps enormously to repair and production of new skin cells.

12. rice starch Massage

There is another way to reduce dark spots on the neck and this is through starch or rice water rice.
is required:
• Rice-1 cup
• Water 2 cups

• Add the rice in water .
• When the rice boils, put out the flame. You may like to boil rice until the point where enough is cooked to be eaten. By the way, you do not want to lose rice.
• Use a strainer to separate the rice and water in which it was boiling.
• Allow the water (which is actually the starch) to cool.
• When rice starch is only hot enough to handle, rub her neck gently scrubbing the region.
• It is better if you do this massage for about 10 minutes before taking bath.

13. Use natural oils to lighten the darkness neck

natural oils with its abundant natural compounds help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. They are also fine moisturizing agents. Certain oils such as almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil are particularly beneficial when it comes to remove the darkness from you neck. Almond oil, for example, removes the layer of dead skin responsible for causing the dark neck. Vitamin E oil is even recommended by doctors to help in many skin problems. Here’s how you can use some of these oils to get rid of his dark neck.

  • Heat a little almond oil and massage with this hot oil for about 5 minutes.
  • Even can mix almond oil with vitamin E oil First heat the mix almond oil and vitamin E oil to it. Gently massage the neck with the mixture for about 10 minutes and then wash with water. If necessary, use warm water to wash.
  • Almond oil can also be mixed with olive oil and coconut oil for better and faster results. Apply a mixture of this oil in the neck before going to bed to deeply moisturize the skin.
  • When coconut oil is used alone, you may like to mix in small quantities with a little water. This is done because coconut oil is considered to be a heavy oil. Massage gently mixed with water and then wash off oil.
  • Some of the other oils that can be used for hydration and get shiny dark neck instead neck include olive oil, chamomile oil, eucalyptus oil and rose oil.

14. Cream for shining neck

Milk, as mentioned above, is a great cleanser and cream is a great moisturize. It can be used either alone or combined with cream variety of ingredients to get the most from it.

  • Mix yogurt with fresh cream and gently massage the neck every day with the mixture. Wash with warm water and mild soap.
  • Rub your neck with fresh cream and rinse with warm water.
  • Mix chickpea flour with fresh cream and gently rub her neck. This is a very good scrub to exfoliate your neck and to hydrate. Wash with warm water.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric to the cream and rub her neck. Great remedy for a glowing skin around your neck and get rid of dark neck.

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