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14 DIY Home Remedies for Runny Nose

Runny Nose

a runny nose means excessive drainage of the nose, which can range from a clear liquid of thick mucus that has occurred through the nose and sinuses, adjacent tissues and blood vessels in the nose.

Mucus production is the body’s method to remove viruses from cold or flu, allergens, other irritants, etc. outside the body. common cold, flu, allergic reactions, sinus infection, stress, sudden changes in climate, health diet imbalance, hormonal changes, snuff, etc., are the main causes of a runny nose, and may be accompanied by other health problems.

The rhinorrhea and rhinitis are the terms that are often used to refer to a runny nose. Rhinorrhea refers to a thin, relatively clear and runny nose rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal tissues of number of cases resulting in runny nose.

Home remedies for runny nose

This article can be found a number of different remedies that can be treated at home with simple ingredients and simple processes.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric acts as an antidote to many health-related conditions. It contains an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral powerful antioxidant that helps to treat nasal congestion.

Process – 1:

  • Mix ½ teaspoon ground turmeric powder dry with a cup of linseed oil and soak for a few minutes.
  • The mixture is heated until it begins to smoke before removing from heat.
  • inhaling the smoke slowly through one nostril at a time.
  • repeat twice daily.

process – 2:

  • Make a solution by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder with water.
  • Drink twice a day to loosen mucus.

Process – 3:

  • a teaspoon of turmeric powder is stirred with a glass of warm milk.
  • Drink this before going to bed.
  • This process will relief portions of cold symptoms.
  • Optional :. Add black pepper to taste

2. Salt water

Salt water relieves irritation that accompanies a runny nose. This helps clear the nostrils of irritants and thin mucus.

Process- 1:

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of table salt with 2 cups warm water (distilled).
  • a few drops of the saline in each nostril, her head tilted back.
  • Inhale very gently to draw the solution into your nostrils.
  • Now the nose to remove excess mucus and salt solution is sound.
  • repeat a couple of times a day.


  • Add a pinch of salt in warm water and mix.
  • Gargle for a couple of minutes.
  • Then wash nostrils with this salt water solution.
  • repeat several times a day.

3. Oil mustard

Mustard oil contains antibiotics, antiviral and antihistamine properties that help in instant relief.

Process – 1:

  • a small amount of mustard oil is heated.
  • Pour one or two drops of oil in each nostril with an eyedropper. Wait a while between each nostril.
  • Wait two minutes. Blow your nose to clear the nasal cavity.
  • Repeating this process for two or three times a day will reduce the runny nose and its symptoms.

process – 2:

  • Take 2 -. 3 tablespoons mustard oil and a tablespoon of caraway
  • Mix well and pour into a pot of boiling water.
  • aspire steam as the strong aroma of this oil mustard clarify the respiratory system and therefore provides immediate relief from runny nose.
  • Repeat this process twice daily.
  • Moreover, add mustard oil in your kitchen.
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4. Ginger

Ginger contains antioxidants, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties that help give quick relief from a runny nose and its symptoms.

Process – 1:

  • Peel some fresh ginger.
  • cut into small pieces and sprinkle with salt.
  • Chew several times a day.

Process – 2 (ginger tea):

  • Cut the fresh ginger into thin slices.
  • boil a cup of water.
  • Strain the tea and add a little honey to taste.
  • Drinking this tea for 3 to 4 times a day helps willingness to give relief not only runny nose, but a cold

Process. – 3:

  • Boil a teaspoon of powdered ginger in two cups of hot water.
  • inhale the steam for a few minutes.
  • Alternatively, use ginger in tablet form.

5. Steam

Steam is a versatile remedy used to treat nasal problems. That helps clear excess mucus that causes runny nose and sneezing, along with irritation.


  • Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or menthol oil in a bowl with hot water.
  • place a towel over your head and inhale the steam for about 10 minutes.
  • blow your nose to clear mucus.
  • Repeat 3 – 4 times a day
  • Alternatively, breathe in the steam for about 10 -. 15. Barrio
  • hot shower or regular bath can also help .

6. Garlic

Garlic contains strong and natural, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Process – 1: (garlic soup)

  • boil 3 -. 4 cloves of garlic in a cup of water
  • Strain the solution and add a small amount of sugar.
  • Drink this soup twice a day.

process – 2:

  • Chew a small piece of garlic 3 to 4 times a day to heat your body
  • do this several times heal runny nose.
  • Garlic supplements may also help.

7. Acupressure

Acupressure is a treatment that can be used to cure a runny nose.


  • slowly apply pressure to the side of the nose as this pressure point helps relieve nasal congestion and headaches.
  • Remember to close the nose every time while applying pressure.
  • Repeat 10 times in both nostrils.
  • Then apply a mild and gentle pressure on the area just above the eyes.
  • repeat the same process for about 10 times in both eyes.

8. Eucalyptus oil

oil acts as a decongestant eucalyptus and can give immediate relief.


  • Add seven drops of eucalyptus oil and four drops each of lavender oil and peppermint oil to a bowl of hot water .
  • Cover your head with a towel and bend over the bowl.
  • inhale the steam.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a day.
  • Eucalyptus oil can also be inhaled into a tissue throughout the day to get relief.

9. Basil

Tulsi holy basil or Indian contains antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that help heal runny nose by warming your body from the inside.

Process – 1:

  • Chew 3 to 4 fresh basil leaves early in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed
  • .

  • repeat this chewing regularly.
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process – 2:

  • add a little brown sugar 2 -. 3 leaves of basil
  • eat twice a day.
  • Moreover, add 8 to 10 basil leaves and 5 cloves ground to a cup of water
  • Boil for about 10 minutes, adding a small amount of sugar..
  • allow to cool and then drink twice a day.

10. Sangay

Cinnamon is a spicy herb that helps kill bacteria that cause runny nose, while honey soothes irritation.


  • Mix 2 tablespoons honey, a pinch of cinnamon powder and quarter teaspoon of lemon.
  • this solution regularly.

11. Honey

Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help reduce nasal discharge.

  • Mix a tablespoon of honey and 3 -. 4 drops of fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water
  • drink while warm, twice a day.
  • This process will strengthen the immune system.

12. Cayenne

cayenne pepper contains antihistamine clear nasal congestion and runny nose. Although it increases runny nose, blocking and toxins that cause runny nose rinsed. So be sure to include in your diet and eat regularly.

14. Using a tissue


  • Rip tissue into two halves equal.
  • roll tissue into a small ball (size nostril).
  • gently place the tissue inside your each nostril.
  • relax and breathe normally so that tissues absorb fluids from the nose
  • process has to be repeated regularly to get relief from nasal congestion.

Tips for reducing runny nose

Having a runny nose can be very uncomfortable, so here are some tips to help with that.

  1. Regularly massage your earlobes for at least 10 seconds.
  2. may be used either neti pot, bulb syringe or other products that are specially designed for nasal irrigation after pouring the saline solution into each nostril.
  3. blow your nose gently, as often as possible, by using a soft tissue that helps prevent skin irritation and redness.
  4. regularly apply warm compress towel as this will open the nostrils.
  5. plenty of fluids like water, fruit juices, soups, etc., which helps eliminate fluid buildup drink.
  6. Always avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee, soft drinks and sugar-related, etc.
  7. eat lots of spicy food like cayenne pepper, ginger, chili, etc., which will help clear mucus, obstruction and toxins from your body and increases circulation.
  8. Inhalation of thyme powder can give relief from a runny nose.
  9. elevate your head for at least 10 inches while sleeping as this helps nasal discharge drain out of your body.
  10. Using a humidifier will add moisture to your air and make your thin mucus.
  11. Pour a few drops of almond oil into your nasal to treat nose up and naturally cold graves.

If symptoms last longer than 10 days, have high fever, or runny nose is green and is accompanied by breast pain or fever, please consult your doctor as it can lead to health issue underlying.

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