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13 Benefits Of Pineapple For Better Health

13 Benefits Of Pineapple For Better Health

This fruit is native to Paraguay and southern Brazil and developed from of wild species by the natives of these countries. What it makes it so beneficial and highly recommended fruit is the incredible nutritional content it has. It is rich in manganese, vitamin C and bromelain enzyme. Pineapple is known for the many health benefits it provides, and this article presents only a small part of them, including 13 major benefits.

  1. Blood clots anti-

Bromelain is found in pineapple shown to prevent the adhesion of platelets in the blood, turn prevents blood clots. However, people who are susceptible to prolonged bleeding are recommended to avoid this fruit because it promotes bleeding in some people.

  1. retention

The pineapple`s roots have been used to treat fluid retention, which refers to medicinally as edema. People in Africa also use bark extract for the purpose of treating hemorrhoids and fractures. Although scientific research is limited, is expected to start exploring more of its uses.

  1. Benefits Kidney

People suffering from chronic kidney disease can benefit greatly from pineapple consumption as it is low in potassium ( 180 mg per cup of chopped fresh fruit). Apart from those with renal disease, anyone diagnosed with a chronic illness will benefit from this fruit.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Most of the benefits of pineapple provides are due to bromelain, an enzyme extracted from the plant stems (and which is also present in the juice in smaller quantities). It is sold as a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins and treat various conditions, including fever and burns. However, the most important property of this enzyme provides is anti-inflammatory.

  1. Against Cancer
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All foods containing bromelain are associated with chemoprevntive action, for example, in relation to cancer cells colorectal. Besides the fact that this enzyme shows an anti-tumor activity, the vitamin C content also prevents the development of cancer.

Speaking of bromelain, Wikipedia page notes: “There is no peer-reviewed research shows some efficacy against tumors.” Although there is no human research done, there are many scientific studies reporting on the anticancer effects of bromelain in cell and animal studies. For example, a 2012 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food “bromelain induced apoptosis in cells GI-101A breast cancer” and a 2013 study on the property against cancer Cancer Research reviewed by “the bromelain with therapeutic potential in malignant peritoneal mesothelioma. ”

  1. antiparasitic

Information concerning the anti-parasitic properties dates pineapple since ancient times in the Philippines, when using this fruit as a remedy against parasitic diseases fold.

  1. Assists E. coli and intestinal diseases

Several studies in animals have shown that bromelain is very useful in the treatment of diarrhea related to E. coli infections. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the intestines of people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

  1. Throat Pain and Infection Remedy

Pineapple played an important role in traditional medicine in many countries and was used as a diuretic to sore throats, venereal disease, sickness, and to accelerate the work. In addition, the indigenous in Panama use their leaves to treat intestinal parasites and to stimulate menstruation.

  1. Benefits of arthritis
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The combination of the enzyme bromelain, trypsin and rutin is suspected to be very effective in reducing the inflammation and knee pain in people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Although bromelain is present in the fruit, which is much more concentrated in non-food stem. However, you can take as a supplement of bromelain.

  1. stimulates the immune system

Whatever supports this feature Pineapple is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well as the ability to stimulate the immune system. Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C (58% of the recommended serving of 100 g daily amount).

13 Benefits Of Pineapple

  1. bone health

As mentioned in the beginning, pineapple is rich in manganese. this nutrient for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones, helping to prevent loss of bone density is needed. It is also shown to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, contributing to an increased risk of fractures. Approximately 100 g of pineapple provides 44% of the daily recommended amount of manganese.

  1. Sinusitis Recovery

According to several studies, bromelain found in pineapple can help relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and accelerate recovery time.

  1. Digestive Aid

Bromelain has the ability to digest protein, which makes it ideal remedy for digestive problems. Many people do not receive enough digestive enzymes naturally and in turn to the enzyme supplementation in place.

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