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12 Ways To Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

Gas and Bloating

Although gas and bloating can be a common condition suffered by most people in their daily lives, if it occurs to such an extent that one can not do their daily function, ie when concern. You need to understand the reasons why excess gas accumulates in the stomach. It is mainly by the type of dietary pattern that follows. Again, swelling and distension of the stomach are the conditions that are brought back about certain physiological conditions and diet related. You need to understand the causes and symptoms in order to find appropriate solutions for it.

causes gas and bloating

The cause of the swelling of the abdomen may be due to:

  • Increased air in the abdomen
  • increased fluid in the abdomen
  • the tissue ingrowth

thus, despite normal stomach swelling is usually due to accumulation of excess gas , abdominal distension can also be caused by other diseases or conditions.

Flatulence or gas accumulation in the stomach arises mainly due to two reasons:

  • Gas may accumulate when excessive air is swallowed in the act of eating or during other body measurements
  • bacteria in the intestine produce gas as a byproduct while working in the breakdown of food. excessive air could be produced by these bacteria by reaction to certain food groups.
  • sugars, starchy foods and certain vegetables such as cabbage gas production and bloating
  • known

The symptoms of gas and bloating

When excess gas in the stomach or the stomach is formed becomes swollen, the following symptoms appeared:

  • excessive passage of gas or flatulence
  • the stomach feels tight
  • discomfort in the chest area
  • belching or burping

These are the common symptoms experienced when it happens excessive gas or bloating of stomach.

home remedies for gas and bloating

When one suffers from gas and bloating often is indicative of certain They found guilty in dietary intake of one. In fact, the type of food consumed along with lifestyle patterns are responsible for bringing in such conditions.

1. The intake of sugary foods to be reduced
It is known that excess gas occurs when sugary food is poorly digested. They are either maldigested or malabsorbed leading to the production of excessive gas:
• The lactose present in milk could be poorly digested
• Sorbitol which is a sweetener found in many low-calorie food can lead to gas
• fructose is in the form of high fructose corn syrup is a sweetener that is used in most sweets and beverages

2. Food starch to avoid
it is known that starches are a common source of gas accumulation in the intestine. Common forms of starchy foods are:
• Corn
• Rice
• Papas
• Avena
• Wheat

3. Wheat Flour Products Integral to avoid
One has to check if they are suffering from these symptoms after consuming products from whole wheat flour:
• whole grain products consist of complex carbohydrates that require an effort to digest and can produce substantial gases
• refined flour products can be replaced in this case, if the above items are leading to a bloated feeling

4. Col avoided
If one suffers from an excess of gas that could be due to:
• the intake of vegetables such as cabbage, consisting of starches that are poorly digested
• as it reaches the colon and bacteria work in she, gas


5. Eat vegetables and fruits in moderation
If one suffers from excessive gas and bloating feeling they need to:
• Reduce consumption of whole fruits and vegetables
• Consume as boiled or cooked it is easier to digest
as these elements contain fiber or complex carbohydrates will take longer to digest and will result in the production of excessive gas in the stomach.

6. Positions to take
There are many positions that one can take up to find relief:
• Lie down on the bed
• Placing legs an angle of ninety degrees
This position helps the gas to exit the system and provides relief.

7. The power of turmeric
• The use of turmeric in organic form
• It is used in cooking also provide relief

8. Try to nail tea
The nail is known to provide relief if added to tea:
• nail added to boiling water one left standing ten minutes
• The tea brewed with such water will act as a flatulent against.

9. Ginger
Ginger is known for its properties to help improve digestion and related processes:
• You can help digest and calm acids stomach
• Reduce the formation of gas in the stomach and provide relief

10. Try tea with different herbs and ingredients
• the consumption of mint is known for provide relief when one is suffering from gas or bloating
• a little lemon juice squeezed into such tea help burst the additional gas that accumulates in the system

11. fennel seeds
fennel seeds are known to do wonders for gas or swelling:
• You could try chewing fennel seeds. The juice from the seeds reach the stomach and working on the gas directly
• The seeds can be used by crushing them and pour boiling water over them

12. Try Parsley
This herb not only adds a delicious flavor to food, but can also help prevent the accumulation of excess gas:
• can it be had finely chopped on top of food
• you can add during cooking

are you suffering from any problems of gas and flatulence frequently? Certainly you find relief if you opt for the above solutions. You need to increase physical activity in order to have healthy digestive system . Once one leads an active life, to be able to consume complex carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables without suffering an excessive flatulence problem. You want to know what causes gas and bloating? The above points will help provide answers to these requests.

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