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12 Unusual Ways Of Applying Child Powder. Universal Product!

The powder for children must be present in every home where a child is present. This useful tool successfully resolves the problems of at least 12 adults. The advantage of powder children is available and owns decent price can be found at every pharmacy. Practicing these tips that will be useful:


  1. tabs frondosidad -. If before applying mascara, puts powder ears child with sticks teeth, your eyelashes will be denser and feathers
  2. Removes fatty strains – dust absorbs fat children. Sprinkle with powder variety immediately.
  3. porcelain face – If you want your face to be cool, you do not always need to use matte powder. The same effect can be achieved with the dust of children.
  4. shoe odor is eliminated. To get rid of odors and dirt, sprinkle some dust on your shoes and let stand overnight on the balcony
  5. Protect ancient books – If the old books with dust sprinkled, you are basically returning the “life” inside. The powder will absorb moisture and books will have new look. After standing for a while, carefully remove dust with a brush.
  6. For cleaning pets – To delete your pet’s coat, apply a little powder on it and then comb it well
  7. .

  8. drycleaning hair -. To refresh your hair when you do not have time to wash, apply powder and comb good with your hands through
  9. To crunch soil -. If your wooden floor creaks, pour plates mezzanine and solve the problem
  10. intricate jewelry -. If your chain is entangled, pour some dust and it will be easier to untangle that
  11. After depilation -. To reduce the redness, irritation and inflammation of the skin, skin sprinkle with powdered infant
  12. Stay clean clothes -. To maintain freshness and purify the white shirt, iron and then sprinkle with a little dust on the collar and cuffs
  13. launch walking – If the inner surface of her stockings are irritated while moving, sprinkle with powder. In this case, the dust will be most beneficial.
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