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12 Unhealthy Fish You Need To Stop Eating Immediately

People love to eat fish and has been part of our diet since ancient times . Today, people have the luxury of choosing what kind of fish you want to eat and how to prepare it. However, there are some types of fish that are not safe for consumption and that everyone should stay away from them.

  1. Atlantic flatfish Here are the most important to stop eating immediately and the reasons why Twelve.

the group known as the Atlantic flatfish includes plaice, sole and Atlantic halibut. They are not only contaminated, are too few to fish. The population is only 1% of what has to be to sustain fishing.

  1. Atlantic bluefin tuna

The Atlantic bluefin tuna investigated some of the media and found that this tuna contains dangerously high levels mercury. They are approaching extinction and are listed as “critically endangered”.

  1. Atlantic Salmon

Due to the problems of the population, both wild and domestic salmon should be avoided. If you are considering buying farmed salmon, they do not, because of the harsh conditions in which to breed, but also due to illness perpetuates, parasitic infections and other problems that require fish to be filled with antibiotics and pesticides.

  1. Atlantic cod

people in England who live in this type of fish fly into a rage at the suggestion of avoiding them, but this species is only one step away from being on the endangered list.

  1. Caviar
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As a result of overfishing, dams bit, water pollution and the slow rate of maturation, caviar is definitely in danger, so people should stop purhasing and consume.

  1. imported King Crab

The crab usually imported from Russia, but unfortunately, these crustaceans are often labeled crab Alaska real nonetheless.

despite Alaskan king crab is safe to eat, because those populations are being observed and replenished, important king crab still suffering decline.

  1. orange roughy

This type of addition fish to be filled with mercury, which takes decades to reach maturity and propagate why they are also in danger of extinction.

  1. Shark

Sharks also suffer from dangerous levels of mercury, but like spiders, sharks help keep fish stocks down eating some of the most consumed fish and sharks could disappear if fishing continues.

  1. Chilean Sea Bass

people definitely should come to their senses and stop buying sea Chilean Bass, because most bass sold in the United States it was seized illegally and is gone within five years if the consumption of fish does not stop.

    [19459006camarones] Imported

One of the dirtiest items are available seafood imported shrimp. That, and the fact that only 10% of the shrimp in the US is not imported, is sufficient reason to avoid them.

  1. imported catfish
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Vietnam is the leading provider of catfish in the US, and is dangerous where antibiotics are used in fish farms, antibiotics that are banned in the United States.

  1. American eel

Other types of fish that have high levels of mercury and PCBs and farms where they breed are extremely polluted. Moreover, they are also close to population levels endangered.

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