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12 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

According to Dr. Susan Babel, psychologist emotions affect chronic pain.
She says that chronic pain, next to a physical injury can be caused by stress and emotional problems.

Let’s take a look, what people say about the emotional pain states?


Headaches can be caused by stress life. If someone has chronic headaches that he / she has to grab some time for themselves on a daily basis. Relaxing can help your body relieve headache.


Neck pain involves the need to forgive. You can forgive yourself and to forgive someone else. It is very important to focus on the things you like about yourself or what others like you.



Shoulder pain is a sign that the person carries a heavy emotional burden. Shoulders carry all. To resolve this issue burden sharing with friends or family.

upper back

upper back pain manifest lack of emotional support. It is likely that the person is holding back feelings or feels unappreciated. Just talk about your feelings with your partner or a close friend.

lower back

Pain in the lower back shows that the person has financial worries. Sit and focus on money management.


elbow and arm pain means a lack of flexibility. Try not to resist the natural changes in your life.

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Pain in the hands can be caused by lack of friends. Try to meet new people.


Fear of change, moving or waiting for a big decision can cause the hip pain. Make changes step by step.


Knee pain is a sign of high self-esteem. Perhaps you should try to do some volunteer work and remember that nobody is perfect.


Calf pain is caused by stress, emotional tension or jealousy. Maybe it’s time to let go of jealousy or any major stressor in your life.


Ankle pain means more pleasure is needed in your life. Try to enjoy the little things and every moment of your life.


Foot pain occurs if you struggle with depression. Depression is a specific disease, but for a start try to find a new hobby or simply adopt a pet.

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