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12 Most Effective and Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Get Rid Of Mice

You do not feel angry when he sees a mouse elsewhere except your home, as it seems to be a small, harmless and playful creature. But even you can handle a single mouse at home and the reason is very frustrating. They just destroy things if it comes to your food or furniture or clothes or books, etc., and on top of that this nocturnal animal brings many infectious through urine and feces diseases.

effective and easy ways to get rid of mice

Do you feel frustrated and just wants to get rid of mice as soon as possible? Are you thinking – what are the best possible ways to get rid of mice? If so, then here we have brought some of the best methods to keep mice out of your home naturally.

1. Essential Oil rid of mice

These small creatures can not stand the strong smell of peppermint oil. So they will flee the scene when they go to smell the peppermint oil. This method will help to prevent the mouse into the house and make the mouse run away from home.

is required:

  • Mint oil – as necessary
  • Cotton Balls- as needed


  1. Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil.
  2. Place cotton balls soaked in the openings in the home and in places where mice usually come.
  3. This will prevent mice from entering your home and make the exhaust mice are inside the house.
  4. you can also place mint plants near the entry points of your home to prevent the mouse from entering your home.

2. Clove oil / clove scent Essential whole

The mice also can not stand the strong smell of cloves. The light and flee the place where the smell of cloves. For this method to get rid of mice, you can use essential oil of cloves and cloves.

is required:

  • essential oil nail – as required
  • – cotton balls as required


  1. Soaking the necessary amount of cotton balls in essential oil of cloves odor.
  2. Put oil soaked cotton balls clove near the hideouts of mice at home, the doors and the possible places where the mouse can enter your home.
  3. If you want to use cloves, and then wrap them in a cotton cloth and use them as cotton balls near the entry points.
  4. Aside from making the mouse run away from home, this method will also prevent mice from entering your home.

3. mothballs

With its strong smell, mothballs excellent job to keep the mouse away from home.

is required:

  • small containers with lid – as required
  • mothball – as needed


  1. Take small containers and Pierce to make holes (the holes should be large enough so that the smell of mothballs out easily.
  2. Place 2 or 3 mothballs in each container.
  3. Place containers where mice usually come.
  4. This method will make mice, they are there in your home to escape while preventing mice were entering his home.
  5. the mothballs excellent job to make your free attic mice

. Note: take precautions while using mothballs to get rid of mice and mothballs are toxic and can harm your child or pet if they try to eat them

4. the use of ammonia

the strong smell of ammonia makes outgoing mice fleeing the place. The mouse smell the ammonia and urine of its predator, which does leave the place quickly.

is required:

  • Small containers with lids- as needed
  • Ammonia


  1. Follow the same process as the use of mothballs to get rid of mice.
  2. can also use ammonia to clean areas where mice come frequently.
  3. At the same time, ammonia can be useful for cleaning up mouse droppings.

Note: Be careful when using ammonia to prevent the entry of mouse at home. It can harm your child or pet who come into contact with ammonia.

5. Spray to prevent mice

This includes spray, hot peppers, which will help ward off mice from home. When mice this smell pepper spray, you will experience a burning sensation in his eyes and nose. they also make very uncomfortable and irritated to leave immediately.

is required:

  • habaneros chopped – ½ cup
  • Hot Pepper Flakes – tablespoon
  • – 16 cups water
  • cubes 2 gallons – 2
  • 1 gallon Jug- 1
  • Spray bottle – 1
  • cheese cloth
  • gloves and goggles
  • a large pot


  1. Be sure to wear gloves and goggles before making this mixture, as it can damage your eyes and hands.
  2. In a large pot, take the water and boil.
  3. peppers and scales more or less are mixed.
  4. Pour the mixture into a bowl and pour 2 gallons boiling water over the mixture.
  5. Cover mixture and allowed for 24 hours.
  6. strain the mixture with the help of gauze for another 2-gallon bucket.
  7. pour water into a spray bottle.
  8. spray the liquid around the entrances and in the place where mice usually come.
  9. This spray can be used both indoor areas and outdoor. In the inland areas, you can use this spray every two days cleaning the old spray.
  10. This method will certainly help get rid of mice effectively.
  11. and this mixture sheath away from sunlight to store for months.
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Note: not use this spray on carpets, as it can discolor it.

6. soap detergent and Tabasco sauce

This repellent homemade mouse also works well to get rid of mice effectively.

is required:

  • Detergent Soap – ¼ cup
  • Tabasco sauce – 1 tablespoon
  • bottle spray
  • water – 1 gallon


  1. Take water and add the sauce and detergent to it and mix properly.
  2. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and spray the liquid onto the areas where mice are frequent.
  3. This mixture will work as a repellent for mice.

7. Use kitty litter

cat and mouse are born enemies. Therefore, in this case, cat litter does wonders to get rid of mice effectively. After smelling the smell of cat urine, mice run out of your house quickly.

is required:

  • Plastic trays – as required
  • Kitty Litter – as needed


  1. Fill each cat litter trays with some of them.
  2. Keep the trays out of the points of entry through which the mice are entering your home and the place where mice come frequently.
  3. Mice can not stand the smell of cat litter and leave the place as soon as possible.
  4. Follow this method until it is no mouse in the house.
  5. can also follow the same method snake poop to keep your home free of mice.

8. The use of aluminum foil

may seem strange, but believe me it helps the rats outside the house, and keep the things being destroyed. Possibly, mice do not like the noise it makes or can be the sheet creates a sensation in the teeth when the teeth come into contact with the foil or may be aluminum foil seem very unnatural to penetrate. Whatever the reason, but the rodents do not touch things if they are covered with aluminum foil.

is required:

  • roll of tinfoil


  1. Use aluminum foil to cover the surface of the things that usually rodents attack.
  2. Follow this process to cover things with foil overnight.
  3. Fold the paper in the morning and follow the same process cover things with foil overnight.
  4. After this process every day will help get rid of mice effectively.

9. Use of copper wool

copper wool helps solve this problem effectively mouse. The rodent can not cut or remove the mesh wire copper wool or copper much more difficult.

is required:

  • copper wire Mesh- 1 roll


  1. Take the copper mesh and creates thin wads.
  2. Stuff holes or cracks or small inputs correctly that are used by small rodents to enter your home or leave.
  3. Use a stick to poke the places properly so that the rat can not remove the plugs.
  4. You can also use some pepper spray to make this method more effective.

use the dryer sheets 10.

Mice can not stand the smell of dryer sheet. Therefore, you can use these leaves to remove mice from their hiding places from your home.

is required:

  • Old Dryer sheets


  1. place the dryer older leaves around places where mice live suspect.
  2. Once the smell out of the leaves, replacing the blade.
  3. You can also use the leaves to seal the small entrances through which the mice are entering your home.

11. Trapping mice

The capture of mice is another method to make your home free mouse, but needs your patience and time. Besides if the number of mice is then this method can defrauding. If the number of mice is few, then this method will help get rid of the mouse problem. There are several types of mousetrap that can be used for this purpose.

Humane Trap

is required:

  • A human trap
  • bait


  1. place the bait inside the trap and keep the trap in place that usually it comes with the mouse.
  2. The rats are attracted to eat the bait and when it will try to eat, will be trapped inside.
  3. The rat can go inside, but can not leave.
  4. retention capture mouse and leave in a faraway place so you can not go home.
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glass bowl with coins and Trap

is required:

  • A bowl of glass
  • Some pieces of chocolate
  • A Currency


  1. on a tray place a some chocolate and glass container on it is reversed.
  2. Place this tray is where the mouse is usually.
  3. Balance of the glass screen at an angle with an edge of the coin to the edge and leave.
  4. Wait for the mouse to come. The mouse will enter the trap of eating chocolate and balance would be broken.
  5. The bowl will fall and mouse trap.
  6. change residence with the mouse to a distant place.

Trap Towel

This method also works well if you do it correctly. Again, if your home is seriously infested with mice then this method will not work as expected. You can use this method to catch the pair of mice wandering here and there in your home.

is required:

  • Towel
  • A waste basket
  • A LP


  1. Discover the places in your home where mice usually come.
  2. wait in place with towel in hand.
  3. When the mouse, just throw in the towel on the mouse and put the towel.
  4. LP slip under the edge of garbage can to seal it.
  5. Now hold the paper placing his hand under the LP and take this away from home and leave the mouse.

12. Bring home a cat

animal like a cat can solve this problem very well. And you know that the cat plays the role of a predator of these small furry rodents.

is required:

  • A cat


  1. If your home is seriously infested with rats, just leave the cat to hunt their own food.
  2. If the cat is very energetic and loves hunting rodents, then the problem is solved.
  3. After a few days, you will realize that there is a drastic drop in the number of mice in your house.

Some other methods to get rid of mice

1. Sodium Bicarbonate: It is also known to keep mice out of your home. Sprinkle a little sodium in and out of the hiding places of mice bicarbonate. And you will be surprised that the mice flee the place and never return.

2. Bay leaves: will also help in their mission to get rid of mice. Before going to bed at night, sprinkle some bay leaves in the kitchen and near the food stuff. The strong smell of bay leaves keep the mice out of the kitchen and other areas.

3. The ultrasonic waves Mice can not stand the ultrasonic waves, but it is absolutely safe for humans. Therefore, to get rid of mice buy some ultrasonic device and use it occasionally.

4. Mint Toothpaste: You read it before the rats do not like the smell of mint. Therefore, in this case, can spread some toothpaste mint near the holes hiding rats, the entry points to get rid of mice effectively.

5. Onion: With its strong smell, onions can also make the mouse run away from home

6. Owls. is you can build shelter boxes in your garden to attract owls. A barn owl family can eat at least 15 mice in one night.

Tips mice

  • First, find the holes, cracks or other openings in the house through which the mice are coming in and out of the house. Then seal these places to close the entry points of the rats.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to keep food either in an airtight container in the cupboard or refrigerator. Clean the kitchen floor and counter every night so no food particles found there. So if the rats do not receive any food, you will stop their frequent visits to the kitchen.
  • Close doors and windows tightly so that rats can not go outside the house.
  • Keep your house clean, so mice can not hide free cables. Organize books, newspapers and clothing occasionally.
  • empty the trash cans every night and also keep them away from home.
  • You can sprinkle baby powder in places they suspect to confirm if there are mice in your home or not. After confirmation, you can take steps to get rid of mice.

Not now worry if your house is infested with mice, who came to know about the various effective to get rid of mice naturally and without killing methods. Use these effective methods and tips to keep mice out of your home.

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