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12 Home Remedies To Cure Bloated Stomach

remedies to cure bloating

A swollen stomach is a sign of indigestion or dyspepsia. Often, pregnant women or women before their menstrual periods experience stomach swelling due to fluid retention. In this guide, we will talk about the best home remedies and natural cures that can quickly relieve symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, belching and gas.

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1. Avoid foods high in fiber

While fiber-rich foods is necessary to prevent constipation, you should stay away from it if you feel bloated. In particular, it reduces the consumption of beans and broccoli that tend to cause flatulence and bloating.

2. Avoid milk and milk products

One of the best home remedies to prevent bloating and flatulence is to reduce intake of dairy products. Dairy products contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Both are known to cause flatulence and gas in some people sensitive to these microbes. So watch out for symptoms and keep a food diary, if necessary. In the days when dairy products are consumed, symptoms increase? If so, you may want to remove these foods.

3. Take simethicone

One of the best remedies over the counter (OTC) to cure bloating and belching include Simethicone- a natural ingredient that binds to the gas bubbles and relieves swelling to some extent.

4. Use activated carbon

Many counter remedies for immediate relief swelling contain activated carbon and are available in tablet form. You can buy them from alternative medical or health food stores; which they are very effective in removing gas from the colon.

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5. Take digestive enzymes

digestive enzymes help produce sugars gas breakdown of certain foods like beans. Today, digestive enzymes are also available to break down proteins and fats. If you have pancreatic insufficiency, talk to your doctor about these including as part of their home remedies to cure bloating and flatulence.

6. Chewing food properly

Sometimes eating too fast can cause air to enter the system, causing swelling. So, do take some time to chew food well. Avoid eating when you feel tired, excited, stressed, angry or fearful.

7. Avoid rancid food and hecha-

The best remedy to treat bloating and constipation is to avoid fried, junk and stale food. Always try to eat fresh food and not over-cook food.

8. Stay away from alcohol and nicotine

Alcohol and nicotine can also cause swelling. If you want to drink alcohol, be sure to eat some food first instead of drinking on an empty stomach. Also, keep alcohol levels diluted by drinking a glass of water between drinks. If you drink beverages ‘soft’, which go flat before eating.

9. Treat swelling with papaya and pineapple (bromelain)

Bromelain is an enzyme found in fruits such as papaya and pineapple. In the elderly, the cause of indigestion, dyspepsia, bloating and acid reflux is often reduced production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (a condition called achlorhydria) which leads to these issues. Consumption of fruits rich bromelain may help relieve gas by stimulating acid production.

10. Resting before meals and walk after meals

This is an effective cure swelling in pregnant women remedy. During pregnancy, the growing fetus puts pressure on the stomach causing gas, belching, etc. For these women, more rest at night and lying down before meals can help. It is very important to walk a bit after meals instead of lying down immediately after eating. Try to take your dinner two hours before bedtime.

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11. Eat plain yogurt

For people who are not lactose intolerant, eating a bowl of yogurt (at least one cup a day) can help. Choose an organic brand that contains live cultures 4-5. This will help restore the good bacteria in the intestines and reduce bloating, gas, and other symptoms.

12. Some of the more physical measures to cure the swollen stomach

Some other measures to cure swelling include the use of dental prostheses having a perfect fit, wear loose clothing and eat meals smaller and more frequent. These measures are particularly important to prevent and cure bloated stomach in the elderly.

Bloating is a common and distressing disorder in many people. Several different causes swollen stomach could be responsible for their symptoms, including fluid retention, poor absorption of sugars, etc. The best way to cure the swelling is to avoid certain foods and also identify the cause of the disorder. You can always try to counter supplements containing simethicone or activated charcoal to relieve swelling rapidly. If, however, they do not show results, you should talk to your doctor. If swelling is affecting the quality of life, you may need prescription medication to revive your symptoms.

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