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12 Bad Habits that Cause Brain Damage That You Do Almost Everyday

The brain is one of the organs important body. However, there are many bad habits that cause brain damage and reduce productivity. What are the bad habits? If you are curious about bad habits, just read in the following explanation.
1. Not having breakfast
Sometimes you skip breakfast with many reasons. Actually, this is one of the bad habits that cause brain damage. Skipping breakfast will make lack of energy, nutrients and many other negative effects, may even damage your brain. Therefore, breakfast is not jump so that you have a healthy brain.
2. Overeating
Another bad habits that cause brain damage is overeating. This habit can cause confusion in the brain and also an imbalance of production of the hormone insulin. In summary, it can damage the brain when both the lack of eating and overeating.
3. Dehydration
The following habit is dehydration. The lack of water in your body will actually be bad for the brain, as it can affect brain cells.

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4. lack of sleep
not only the lack of water, lack of sleep can also cause brain damage. It happens because it can affect the death of brain cells.
5. Stress
Yes, stress is very bad, especially for your brain. Too much stress, in fact, can cause brain damage. So, just relax and eliminate stress.
6. Cover the head during sleep
If you have a habit cover your head while you sleep, you need to end this thing because it is one of those bad habits that cause brain damage. The reason is that you get the bad air in which the air is filled with carbon dioxide is bad for the brain.
7. Excessive sugar consumption
Do you like sugar? You need to be careful, actually because when too much sugar is consumed, you can get brain damage. The sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins so you get malnutrition.
8. Smoking
As we know that smoking is very bad, not only to lung but also to the brain. Brain damage can occur with this smoking in which regular snuff causes brain shrinkage.

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9. air pollution
As is well known that air pollution is very bad for your body, one impact of air pollution is getting regular brain damage. The supply of oxygen, in this case, will be interrupted by bad air condition.
10. Speaking rarely
is necessary to express his feelings when speaking. In fact, speaking rarely can damage the brain, and your brain used to not think of something. Therefore, only he speaks what he means.
11. Underutilization
is a great moment when just sit and do nothing all the time. However, this activity is bad for your health as it can damage the brain. Therefore, it is necessary to do some exercise instead of doing nothing.
12. Hard thinking when you are sick
When you are sick, it means that you need to get rest. If you think so difficult, even when ill, brain damage will occur. Stop all those bad habits that cause brain damage and get a longer life.

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