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12 Amazing Uses of Vaseline. You’ll Love no. 4!

Often underestimated, Vaseline is a inexpensive gel that can make your life easier in many ways. To increase the quality of the skin to reduce scratches on your mobile, this gel $ 5 has more uses than you can imagine.

12 Amazing Uses of Vaseline. You’ll Love no. 4!

1 # Makes your perfume last longer

Rub some Vaseline on the skin where normally applied before spraying perfume on your favorite perfume. This is how your perfume last longer.

2 # Perfect eyebrows

If it is difficult to tame her eyebrows, spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly on them. This will appear defined.

3 # chapped lips

Vaseline is one of the best moisturizers so you can use it instead of a lip balm. His lips are well hydrated and sensual.

4 # Long eyelashes

For long, thick lashes, use mascara brush and old, previously cleaned of waste mascara. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and then brush your eyebrows. Repeat this treatment several days arrow. You will be amazed at the new natural-looking eyebrows. Do not forget to remove all eye makeup before using Vaseline.

5 # We used her makeup

who are preparing to leave when you see that you’ve run your favorite lipstick or eye shadow. Mixing the waste with a pinch of Vaseline and apply on the face. Nobody will notice the difference.

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6 # soft heels

If you are all cracked heels, rub a little petroleum jelly and put on a pair of cotton socks. This will ensure better absorption.

# 7 for removing makeup

If you have sensitive skin that normally reacts to makeup removers store-bought, Vaseline is just the thing for you. Apart from being completely safe, it is extremely effective against the waterproof makeup.

8 # After waxing

If your skin gets red and irritated after waxing, apply a little Vaseline on the affected areas. The redness will disappear as soon as your skin absorbs.

9 ends # Hair Split

If your hair is ready to cut, but do not want to lose any length, Vaseline is again the solution perfect. Apply a little of it at their ends open hair and hair will look just fine.

10 # makeup stains

If there is a smudge of lipstick on your favorite clothing item, simply apply a little Vaseline, rub a little and the stain disappears.

11 # hair dye stains

If you just dyed her hair, but also dye the skin of the face, do not worry. Rub some Vaseline on the stained areas using a cotton cloth. Stains disappear.

# 12 put on earrings

If put on earrings is a bit painful, apply a little Vaseline on her earlobes. This will help your glide slope into the holes more easily.



Vaseline is highly beneficial for protecting skin against exposure to sun and wind. It also reduces the symptoms of psoriasis, skin allergies, rashes, and hemorrhoids. It is also an effective lubricant. Vaseline can also stop nosebleeds, and can avoid inhaling pollen when applied in the nostrils.

Last but not least, it can help remove a stuck gum in his hair and a ring stuck on your finger.




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