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12 Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Indian Lilac For Skin And Hair

Lila India is one of the most versatile types of ingredients that can be used at all. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that are known to give your skin a boost of health. This not only helps you get clear, beautiful skin, but are also able to stay out of problems such as excessive oiliness, pimples, acne, etc. The best part is that these sheets are always available in abundance and can be used for a variety of masks, beauty treatments and prevention of bacterial problems like pimples.

Here are 12 amazing beauty Hacks Using the Indian lilac skin and hair:

1. Indian Lila with Fullers Earth

takes approximately 14 to 15 sheets of Indian lilac and then whisk in the mix or blender. From here, take a couple of tablespoons of fuller’s earth and mixed with it. Add a little water to form a thick paste. If you have oily skin, then add a little lemon juice to it. Apply to face and let it dry before washing.

Indian Lilac With Fullers Earth

2. India Lila water

If you are suffering from skin problems like rashes, irritation and itching, then use a beam of Indian lilac leaves and soak in a little water for a while. You can also puree and use of these leaves in the bath water and rinse your body with it. This helps get rid of bad smell and also fights acne pimples and body, along with itching.

Indian Lilac Water

3. lila Indian Oil Hair

The Indian lilac oil is easily available in the market and it can be used for the hair to get rid of dandruff and other scalp infection. You can try using the Indian lilac oil with a little olive oil or coconut oil, and even then apply on the scalp and hair. In addition, it can also boil some coconut oil and add these leaves to it. Let it stay for 2-3 hours before straining and apply.

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indian lilac oil

4. Indian Lila with turmeric

To make this package, you need the fresh juice turmeric, as it helps to lighten their skin. Indian lilac combat excess fat and pimples to give a clean and healthy skin. Mashed 10-12 leaves it with about 1 inch fresh turmeric and then apply on the face. Rinse when dry.

Indian Lilac With Turmeric

5. Aloe Vera and Indian lilac mask

This package requires about 1/4 cup aloe vera gel. To this mixture about 2 tablespoons of mashed Indian lilac leaves, with a touch of honey for added shine. Mix the ingredients well and then apply on the face. Doing so helps in cleaning the face and also gives you a healthy glow.

Aloe vera and Indian lilac mask

6. Sandalwood and India mask lila

This is a mask for improving his skin complexion and also get rid of the smell of body parts, especially the armpits. about 1 tablespoon of rosewater need pure here along with 2-3 tablespoons of powdered Indian lilac and also equal quantities of sandalwood powder. If necessary add a little water to make a thick paste. Then apply all and dry clean.

Sandalwood and Indian lilac mask

7. India Lila and yogurt Brightening Mask

To make this mask you need to dehydrate first dry or leaves his Indian lilac in the oven. Once dry powder can make use of them for different types of face packs. This mask uses yogurt hung it thicker. You can also add a tablespoon of chickpea flour here. Mix 2 tablespoons each of Indian lilac powder and yogurt and mix well, along with chickpea flour. Apply to face and when dry, gently scrape.

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Indian lilac and Yogurt Brightening Mask

8. Lila India With Citrus Scrub

This is an exfoliant that provides the double advantage of Indian lilac use as a seed exfoliating cleanser for glowing skin. To make this scrub you need any peel citrus such as lemon or orange. If you want you can add some strawberries to this also to get a thicker and grainy texture. Scrub everywhere and then rinse.

Indian lilac With Citrus Scrub

9. India Lila and rosewater toner

This is not a toner it can be stored for a long time, but it helps to close the pores and fights pimples. Mix 1 tablespoon of Indian lilac powder with a tablespoon of rosewater. Apply to face and let it stay for a few minutes. Then wash with warm water.

Indian lilac And Rose Water Toner

10. Egg and India Lila

Mix 2 tablespoons of powder purple Indian and 2 egg whites together. Now apply this race up on the face and neck and let dry. Wash the area to get tighter and younger looking skin.

Egg White and Indian lilac

11. Papaya and Indian lilac for dry skin

Take 2 tablespoons of mashed papaya that is ripe. To this add 1 tablespoon of Indian lilac powder and mix well. Apply on face and dry clean.

Papaya and Indian lilac for dry skin

12. Indian Lila with rice flour

Another effective exfoliant using 2 spoons each powder Indian lilac and rice flour. Add some chopped almonds this to form a thick scrub. Use generously to scrub face and get a healthy glow.

Indian lilac With Rice Flour

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