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11 Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

Exercise regularly (one 30-minute session, at least 5 days a week!) To maintain proper body composition and percentage of fat from your body. Eliminate sugar and trans fats in your diet. Using natural ingredients for personal care regimen skin. Limit or avoid alcohol and do not forget to get a good night’s sleep!

is the awareness, breast cancer month, so here are some simple tips for preventing breast cancer!

  • exercise Women who do aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week have a 37-60% lower risk of breast cancer. Exercise lowers the amount of estrogen and estrogen metabolites dangerous
  • Stress Reduction :. Chronic stress is a major risk factor not only for heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers and depression, but also cancer. Breast cancer tends to appear after a period of severe stress, constant … a bad marriage, death of a child, abusive working conditions, and bankruptcy. Cortisol, the stress hormone estrogen dominance increases. Get rid of stress factors, consciously recognize them, and alteration of its response to the stressors is critical in preventing diseases. Walk, talk, think, laugh, and breathe! People who “go with the flow” and “let go” rarely have cancer. Releasing anger, forgive
  • low carb diet :. elevated insulin levels from a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, increase ‘estrogen dominance’ by increasing the amount of free estrogen and the estrogen receptor stimulating directly. Tumor cells overexpress insulin receptors allowing more glucose feed the tumor. Breast and other cancers are stimulated by sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Women diagnosed with breast cancer, which have high levels of insulin cancer have a higher risk of breast cancer return and are more likely to die of breast cancer.
  • whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds: . “Let food be your medicine” Hippocrates Much of what you need to prevent cancer is a gift of land. It’s your choice. Usable contain minerals, vitamins and fibers also reduce the burden of estrogen metabolites and create healthy estrogen. Eat 5-8 servings a day
  • Avoid partially hydrogenated oils and fats Tran :. foods are found in almost all processed. They not only increase the dangerous estrogen metabolites that stimulate breast cell cancer directly. Use olive oil or coconut oil instead
  • Omega 3 fatty acids :. Essential fatty acids (flaxseed and fish oil capsules high quality) inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Flaxseed (2 tbsp. / Day) has been shown to reduce the size of breast cancers between the time of diagnosis and surgery. Flaxseed also increases the good estrogen metabolites and binds to the estrogen receptor directly prevent strong and chemical stimulation Cell estrogen. I also recommend chia seeds
  • Fiber :. The fiber decreases the amount of estrogen and estrogen metabolites that are available to stimulate breast tissue. It also reduces insulin levels and glucose feeding the tumor cells
  • get the chemicals out of your home and outside your body :. chemical estrogens are very stimulating to the breast tissue, as very strong estrogen. Lotions contain all kinds of chemicals that are absorbed into your body through the skin
  • limit or avoid alcohol: Limit alcohol if you have cancer breast. Alcohol is not only toxic to the cell, but increases the amount of estrogen made in adipose tissue
  • avoid obesity :. This will reduce the amount of estrone, a stimulatory estrogen, made in fat tissue. This will help prevent the conversion of testosterone (breast protection) to estrogens
  • Sleep :. A low melatonin level has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer and other cancers. Lack of sleep affects the immune system. hormonal imbalance affects sleep.
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