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11 Reasons You Should Go Out Foraging For Juniper Berries

11 Reasons You Should Go Out Foraging For Juniper Berries

Tasty juniper berries are associated with gin, but have a number of other medicinal and culinary uses. Junipers are conifers, meaning they have cones instead of berries. So, botanically speaking, juniper berries are not berries, but small female cones with tiny scales that have merged and meaty. There are over 50 species of junipers, and they all have grains, mostly bluish-black with a bloom of dust on them, but some have reddish-orange berries color.

you can quickly locate dried juniper berries as here on Amazon but are no match for freshly picked berries. Watch for accessible juniper trees to get your seasonal supply of berries. Some have needle-shaped leaves, while others have leaves that are level scale with the stems. From junipers are mostly dioecious, you need to find trees and female shrubs. It is not difficult, however. Since the berries usually take a year or more to mature female plants would otherwise have berries in a certain stage of development throughout the year.

Juniper berries have subtle differences in taste in different stages of growth. Green berries have a strong flavor of pine, but they acquire a touch of lemon as they mature. Green juniper berries common (Juniperus communis) are used to flavor gin, but many other species, such as J. drupacea, J. deppeana, J. and J. oxycedrus California, also produce tasty berries. This red cedar is also a kind of juniper (J. virginiana), but the berries are not as spicy as the communis J ..


Some species of junipers contain toxic resin so it is important to learn which ones are good to consume and use. A simple test is biting into a small part of a ripe berry. Apart from the taste, it can be almost tasteless or mealy, or it can be juicy and slightly sweet. If you have a bitter taste, spit it out immediately; you do not want to take a risk with him.

Here are some things you can do with these berries:

1. Use as a digestive aid

Juniper berries can improve digestion, like many other culinary spices do. Increase the glandular function, especially the secretion of bile and digestive juices. You can make a tincture or tea from fresh or dried berries ones.

Tea is made by steeping berries in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Crush the berries just slightly before adding the water. This helps release the bioactive compounds as well as flavor.

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2. Remove the gas and bloating

Stomach pain and discomfort due to gas accumulation is a common complaint, especially after heavy meals. The gas should not bother if you have some practical juniper syrup. Having a tablespoon of syrup after a heavy meal or whenever you feel bloated.

To make the syrup, first, prepare an infusion of juniper berries. Crush 1 oz. berries and add to a cup of hot boiled water in a mason jar. Screw the lid and store in a warm, dark place for a week, giving the bottle a good shake every day. After a week, mix 1 cup of sugar until completely dissolved. Strain into a pot and bring to a boil. Pour into a glass jar and store in the fridge.

3. Reduce inflammation

Juniper berries are anti-inflammatory . It is particularly useful in reducing arthritis pain and inflammation. Chronic, generalized inflammation is a major cause of many diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, IBS, etc. taking a daily dose of 10 drops of tincture of juniper once or twice a day can help reduce inflammation and promote good health.

To make the dye, crushed juniper berries pronounced in alcohol. Try to get good quality alcohol like Everclear, or use vodka or brandy 80 degrees. Use ¾ Oz. berries to a cup of alcohol in a glass jar. Keep in a dark place for 4-6 weeks, shaking once or twice a day. Filter the clear liquid and store in small bottles.

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Juniper berries should be used sparingly since the active compounds in these stimulate the kidneys. They should be avoided during pregnancy because it can cause strong uterine contractions.


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