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11 Lies Men Usually Tell Their Girls And What They Really Mean

it is clearly in the nature of a human being lie. We do it to get rid of the awkward and / or embarrassing situations, we do to make someone feel better or worse.

Much as we do not like to admit it, the lie can be both good and bad, all depends on the situation he is in now.

people in relationships have found that both lie has helped and hindered their relationship; especially it helped because it ends soften a possible bad situation.

There is no denying that when someone is lying to your significant other feel good about themselves or protect them from a negative situation, one can not help but feel as if they did the right thing.

There are some common lies that men use to keep their relations in the ascendant. These lies are usually what they do when they’re not around your girlfriend, or lies that make her feel like she’s the hottest thing on the planet.

Here is a list of little lies that some men commonly tell their loved ones:

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1. “I’m not lost.”

What actually means :. He lost but he does not want to ask for directions

2. “I do not even care about your ex.”

What it really means: He cares. He worries a lot.

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3. “I swear I did not know that my ex is going to be there.”

What actually means :. He probably knew it was going to be there, he just did not want to fight with you

4. “What, this watch? My mother gave it to me.”

What actually means :. It was a gift from an ex-girlfriend, but is very nice so you do not want to stop using it

5. “You do not need makeup.”

What actually means :. Already late and he knows it takes at least thirty minutes to put his face in

6. “It’s just gonna be a guys night, girls, not worry. ”

What it really means: What kids do when they are together? Oh, yes, he trolls for chicks.

7. “I will not even drink a lot.”

What it really means: He has not come out with his friends since he came into the picture, so yes, it will


8. “I’m too tired to come.”

What actually means :. It is the choice of video games on you, rude

9. “You’re right.”

What actually means :. You’re wrong, but he knows that this is the only way to shut you up

10. “I do not even think about other girls.”

What it really means: Of course I think about other girls, but he is choosing to be with you. Stop being crazy.

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11. “I love cuddling with you.”

What it really means: You take all the blankets, her hair is always in his face, and his arm is always falling asleep. He does not love him, but he does because he knows you do.

These little lies do not hurt anyone, what’s the problem? If you’re in a relationship, it is likely that some of the things your boyfriend tells you are not 100% true, but do not panic! Okay, as long as he is not cheating on you. So they are completely harmless.

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