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11 DIY Home Remedies For Rickets

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Rickets is a health problem that occurs in children due to lack of vitamin D in them. In general, the body lacks vitamin D will not be able to absorb calcium and phosphorus which in turn leads to weak bones. This type of problem in adults is known as osteomalacia.

Actually, the name of this problem, rickets has originated from the Anglo – Saxon word called Wrikken, means ‘twist’, as this problem causes the bones to get it softened and deformed that result in twisting or bending the child’s body and therefore the name as rickets sets. You may encounter this problem with the first symptoms when the child is teething.

If the child becomes pale, irritable and restless and flabby muscles and unstressed look which in turn causes the tips to keep awkward postures or head sweat a lot and abdomen seems to excel. When the child suffers from rickets then they may also suffer from diarrhea and anemia (in certain cases).

Weak bones and joints bending and causing some of these deformities like to touch the knees, bowed legs and pigeon breast is usually seen in children who suffer from rickets. The child suffering from this rickets will be under constant tension of the muscles that makes your joints losing their shape and thus become unable to function normally.

Particularly in young children, who may have softened the bones of the skull and chest also deformed due to the softening of the ribs it is termed as pigeon breast. This weakness in the baby’s bones will delay their ability to crawl, sit and walk. But if you notice these symptoms before, then you have the opportunity to try this quick rickets in children without any damage to them.

In addition to vitamin D deficiency, rickets are also caused due to the relaxation of the solid parts, which may result from those born which carried out the weak and sick parents or those who they have followed some wrong lifestyle or have had mal- nutrition diet as excessive intake of sugar, coffee, white flour products, tea, coffee and fatty or food of those who have venereal disease that will not heal adequately.

There are various types of rickets exists in nature, due to deficiency and its occurrence. Some major types are ..

The nutritional rickets (or osteomalacia) that is caused due to deficiency of vitamin D that is found primarily in infants and children. This prevents normal formations bones and teeth in them.

renal rickets or renal rickets are caused due to kidney damage or some other forms of kidney problems restricting the kidneys function normally. This also results in the loss of too much calcium and phosphate in the body.

hypophosphatemic rickets or resistant rickets vitamin D that causes bones to become soft and flexible which in turn leads to the inability of the kidneys to control the loss of the amount phosphate through urine.

People who are at risk of developing rickets include age (children 6-24 years), diet (who eat only vegetarian), skin color (darker color), geographical location (which have little exposure to sunlight), genes (hereditary rickets), etc.

Overall, this vitamin D deficiency occurs in people who use sunscreen at all times and therefore not be exposed to any form of sunlight, work or stay inside for longer periods of time, living in places where there is not much direct sunlight, following the diet that is low in vitamin D as egg yolks, fatty fish and fish oil, which It has rickets family history (genetics) or have any kidney disorders, suffering from a disorder that may restrict the absorption of vitamin D, suffering from certain cancers, etc.

This deficiency of Vitamin D is also found in premature babies, babies who fed only breast milk or who are breastfed by mothers with this deficiency of vitamin D, people who follow a low dietary calcium and phosphorus, people who are against – seizure medications that can interfere with the body’s ability to process vitamin D, etc.

home remedies for rickets:

Rickets are curable in the early stages with appropriate nursing the child and after all these essential medicines and other things that might promote disease so you can heal completely.

1. liver oil:

cod liver oil is an ancient remedy for treating this rickets. While in the early twentieth century, many poor children became easy victims of rickets and, at the same time, the most essential discovery of vitamin D and anti – rickety properties liver oil cold in the 1930s it is considered as one of the main reference points reached by the United States to get rid of rickets. However, even though, before this discovery the United States, Northern Europeans have used this cod liver oil to get rid of aching joints, muscle stiffness and rheumatism.

This oil cod liver contains large amounts of omega – 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D and others. Here Vitamin A is essential for the protection of the immune system and bone growth. Vitamin D is another main compound that helps prevent rickets completely and also helps improve muscle function. Cod liver oil is very effective in preventing hypertension, type – 1 diabetes and some common cancers. Thus, even though the cod liver oil tastes bad but it is best to have this oil to treat rickets.


  • cod liver oil – 1 teaspoon


  • Taking liver oil cod and have this to children suffering from this rickets.
  • Using cod liver oil will some odors, so you can also find some flavored versions and use it.
  • Although the use of flavorings and oil cod liver spiced too much, can leave the rancid oil, so it’s best to go with mild flavors or just oil cod liver unformatted to get rid of the rickets in children.

2. Horsetail tea:

horsetail tea contains many minerals which include most silica along with manganese, potassium, magnesium and other minerals. This remedy herbal is treated as one of the best remedies to treat rickets why, because the silica or silica containing this ponytail can become the natural calcium by the body, when this herb is taken internally.

However, this Horsetail is very effective for people those who are suffering with anemia and other general weakness and is also used to cleanse and heal wounds. Apart from this, it is also used to heal fractured bones quickly. The silicon in the Horsetail helps find protein molecules together in connective tissues and blood vessels.

not only it helps to promote growth and stability of the skeletal structure but also makes collagen which in turn keeps the skin tissue and muscles together. Hence the use of this herb horsetail helps treat osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia, dislocated joints, sprains, torn ligaments and pulled hamstrings. Follow this recipe to prepare the horsetail tea to get rid of rickets.


  • herb horsetail (fresh or dried) – 1 teaspoon
  • boiling water – 2 cups
  • Vessel or pan


  • Take a glass or bowl and place this herb horsetail in it.
  • Then pour boiling water over the herb in that tray.
  • Now cover it and let it soak for about 3 -. 7 minutes
  • strain the tea into a cup with the help of sieve or strainer.
  • Having this tea after finishing their meals.
  • Make sure you have to drink 1 ½ cup of herbal tea horsetail per day after meals. So you have to divide this 1 ½ cup of tea 2 -. 3 meals, but never drink more than this amount of tea in one day because it causes some side effects if they exceed the amount
  • Do this to drink horsetail herb tea a day after meals for complete healing of rickets.
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3. calcium-rich foods:

Remember that when vitamin D is lacking in the body, then, that certainly leads to non – absorption of calcium the body. Apart from this, when the blood has lower amounts of calcium, minerals and phosphate, then the body begins to produce hormones which in turn causes phosphate and calcium was released from the bones and this ultimately results in soft bones and weak.

so it is very essential calcium and vitamin D-rich foods to cure and prevent rickets completely. Here are some foods that are good sources of calcium you need to give your children what suffering from rickets regularly to reduce its effect.

  • Soybeans and tofu
  • Nuts (of your choice)
  • Dairy products including yogurt, milk and cheese
  • green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, etc.
  • Fish in which the bones are also eaten like sardines and sardines

4. The sun’s rays:

Sunlight has the ability to activate the pro-vitamin skin or body every time you enter this light. Vitamin D also activated in the skin by sunlight only. So you can easily counter the deficiency of vitamin D by simply exposing your child to these rays.

Although vitamin D does not cure rickets itself, but helps promote the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body and therefore makes stronger bones to get and healthier . To get rickets, you have to follow these processes to get rid of rickets.

  • Expose your child to mild sunlight especially in the morning for no more than 15 -. 20 minutes each day
  • Avoid covering the child with clothes tightly. You have to wear loose clothing or skin exposure to direct sunlight. But make sure that it should not be for longer and should also be in the morning of sunrise.
  • If your child’s skin is darker, then you have to expose the child to sunlight for longer than the normal time spent regularly on time every morning.
  • its advisable to be more careful when you’re dealing with small babies, infants and toddlers, as they have sensitive skin that can burn, if exposed to sunlight without wearing any clothes. Therefore, cover your body with light clothing while he is exposing to sunlight.
  • Remember that when you go out with your child in the sun, then avoid covering the child with any kind of unnecessary clothing as it causes irritation and choking them. So usually cover to restrict the sunlight on them.
  • Use sunscreen whenever going out in particular at noon when the sun’s rays are too strong to prevent the baby skin damage and skin cancer. But always allow them to play or enjoy the fresh air without restricting more.

5. Oily fish:

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D in them and bluefish is one among them. Eating this fish is very important because it provides vitamin D in the body. Children can eat this fish during the winter season when daylight is reduced to considerable level and also have this fish in the summer season, when children stay indoors, keeping busy in many indoor games.

so you can make the dip mackerel, tuna sandwiches or salmon fishcake and include this fish in the daily diet to get quick relief from rickets due to the presence of vitamin D in the same. Here is the list of fatty fish have better sources of vitamin D.

  • Salmon
  • sardines
  • Mackerel
  • Fresh Tuna
  • catfish
  • Pilchards

6. oatstraw Infusion:

oat straw is generally a nutritional herb is derived from the plant oats remaining after the grain harvest. one stems and leaves of this plant oats is easily found in any store ayurvedic herbs or dried. This straw has a high amount of vitamin A, magnesium, niacin (B3) and calcium are essential not only for the treatment of rickets, osteoporosis but also to, bone cancer and broken bones.

Taking a daily calcium supplement for the child or for yourself for strong bones is easily done with a cup of this tea oat straw (but not tea). It can also be prepared by adding a pinch of herb horsetail for more effective results on rickets. Here is the recipe that tells you how to prepare this tea oat straw to treat rickets.


  • Oatstraw Drying Herbs – 1 cup (1 ounce)
  • herb horsetail – 1 tablespoon
  • Boiling water – enough to fill the jar 1 liter of volume
  • jar with lid


  • Take a quart jar that has the capacity of about 1 liter and put this straw dry grass in her oatmeal.
  • Then add herb horsetail (optional) in this bottle.
  • Now pour boiling water to fill the bottle completely.
  • Cover with lid and let stand for about 6 -. 11 hours
  • Remember that the longer steep grass in the bottle, it is best infusion. Therefore, it is more effective if left overnight.
  • After that time, strain the liquid in the container with the help of strainer.
  • Drink a cup of this infusion oat straw. You can even drink more than one cup, but the minimum amount is one cup of this infusion daily.
  • store the remaining infusion in a jar covering it with a lid in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Make sure you have to use this infusion of fluid within 36 hours and avoid using leftover infusion if crossed that time. Then you can use the leftover infusion is having bath oat straw, which is described in the following remedies.
  • continue taking this infusion daily oat straw to completely eliminate rickets problem.

7. Moti Bhasma – Pearl Ash:

This is an ancient ayurvedic remedy in which the moti bhasma or pearl ash is considered as a single treatment for rickets. Pearls are rich in natural calcium and are beneficial for those who lack in this mineral. Pearl (Mytilus margaritiferus) is generally composed of calcium, zinc, selenium, strontium, magnesium traces, and a variety of amino acids.

This bhasma is also available in powder form in many health stores selling ayurvedic products. This bhasma is usually done with special efforts in the natural components of this pearl is reduced to form sulfides or oxides. This bead is a purified and therefore the oxide is reduced through calcination.


  • Moti Bhasma – 60-125 mg
  • Honey – 1 to 2 teaspoons


  • Take a small bowl and place this moti bhasma in it.
  • Then add honey to it and stirred well.
  • Take this mixture to obtain relief from rickets.
  • still have this mixture for twice a day until their children have overcome all the signs and symptoms of rickets.
  • But make sure that you have to take this bhasma moti under the guidance of expert practitioner of Ayurveda.

8. Dandelion:

dandelion is an herbal remedy that is rich in many nutrients. The root and leaves of the dandelion has a great source of vitamins such as vitamin D, C, A and B – complex minerals and others such as iron, zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium, boron hill and silicon which does all of this as a better grass and therefore also recommended by many nutritionists to treat rickets. Here are some ways to use this herb dandelion to treat rickets.

Method – 1: (dandelion soup)


  • dandelion (cut) – 1 lbs
  • Oil canola – 1 tablespoon
  • unsalted butter – 1 tablespoon
  • chopped onion (finely) – 1/2 cup
  • wheat flour – 1.1 ounces (or 1/4 cup)
  • chicken broth low sodium (fat) – 2 cups
  • free milk

  • fat – 1 1/2 cups
  • Kosher salt – 1/2 teaspoon
  • half and half – 1/2 cup
  • Ground black pepper (fresh) – 1/4 teaspoon
  • lemon wedges – 8
  • low-fat sour cream
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  • first, separating a sheet of dandelion pile is cut into thin and side sliced a side.
  • Then take a large pot half full with water and place in the heat or the stove or oven.
  • Bring to a boil and add the remaining vegetables to the boiling water.
  • Cover cook for about 2 -. 4 minutes then drain
  • Place all these greens in a food processor and process for about 30 seconds or until smooth paste.
  • then take a 3 – pan room and place the oil and butter to it
  • Cook this until the butter melts well and then add the onion to saute for about 3. – 4. Barrio
  • Now sprinkle the flour all over onion mixture and layer is removed.
  • Add broth and other ingredients in it and stir with a whisk.
  • Then mix all these in the green puree and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for about 5 minutes uncovered.
  • But be sure to stir occasionally and garnish evenly with reserved some vegetable slices.
  • finally have this soup with sour cream topping and serve this with lemon slices.
  • continue taking this soup regularly until rickets completely cleared the skin.

Method – 2: (dandelion tea)



  • tooth dry lion – 1 teaspoon
  • boiling water – 1 cup
  • Pot


  • Take a pot and place the leaves of dandelion on it.
  • Then pour boiling or hot water on these leaves in the pot.
  • now allow to steep for about 3 -. To 5
  • Shake well and let stand for another 1 -. 2 minutes
  • Strain the tea and have this to get rid of rickets.
  • keep drinking this herbal tea dandelion once a day until this rickets has completely disappeared.

9. nettle herbal tea:

nettle is another effective herbal remedy to treat rickets. It is rich in many nutrients and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Most modern (and ancient) nutritionists recommend taking this herb nettle, due to its reserves of magnesium and calcium. Apart from these, it also contains iron, potassium, trace elements, selenium, chromium, manganese, chlorophyll, iodine, silica and sodium and other vitamins include A, E, C and B (most) vitamins and beta – carotene in which it helps treat rickets by strengthening the immune system and this difficulty may be taken as an infusion. Or you can also alternate oat straw with this nettles herbal tea that has same benefits and treat rickets in a same way. Here is the recipe of how to make nettle infusion of herbs.


  • Dried nettle herbs – 1 ounce (about 1 cup)
  • jar with lid – jar of 1 quart / liter
  • hot water – 1 liter (or enough to fill the jar quantity)


  • Take a jar and put this herb nettle on it.
  • Then pour hot water over the herb in that jar and fill the jar to the top level.
  • Now fill the jar tightly with a lid and keep aside.
  • Allow it to steep for about 4 -. 9 hours and then remove it
  • strain of this infusion of nettle and drink this to get relief from rickets.
  • Remember that if you take 2 cups of this tea daily nettle, then you will definitely meet all essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for a day.
  • repeat this process daily infusion of nettle to get rid of rickets.

10. Oatstraw Bath:

The intake of oatmeal or oat straw sativa helps not only to nourish and protect the nervous system but also provides essential vitamins B, calcium, magnesium and anti – oxidants that help give relief to rickets. So follow this bath for oat straw twice a week for perfect relief from rickets and also clears deficiency of calcium and other vital minerals. Here are some ways you explain about taking bath oat straw to treat rickets.

Method – 1: (Oatstraw Bath)


  • Oatstraw infusion – 2 liters
  • Hot water
  • Colander
  • Bath


  • first, prepare oat straw suggested in the above solution infusion.
  • Pour the infusion in a pan and heat to be used for this purpose bathroom.
  • Then strain the infusion oat straw with the help of sieve or strainer.
  • Now pour some of this tea in a bathtub filled with hot water.
  • allow to cool until you can tolerate water for bathing.
  • Finally soak your body in this warm bath water and relax for a few minutes.
  • keep doing this process regularly until this rickets has become completely out of the body.

Method – 2:


  • Oatstraw – 1 kg
  • Water – 1 liter of


  • Take dry grass oat straw and place it in the bathtub big water.
  • take water and boil for a few minutes.
  • Pour this hot water or boil this dry grass.
  • Let cool for a few minutes.
  • Then take bathe in this hot water.
  • But do not remove oat straw in the water while taking this bath.
  • repeat this bath oat straw regularly to get rid of rickets.
  • Remember that you have to take hot baths this Oatstraw at least once or twice a week regularly until complete healing of this rickets.

11. Diet:

Rickets is a disease caused due to deficiency of certain nutrients. Therefore, the diet is the best and excellent remedy for preventing this problem. They have rich nutritional food that has vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium along with other essential minerals that are used to treat rickets this efficiency. Therefore, follow the ideal diet plan mentioned above to treat rickets.

  • are vitamin D-rich foods such as cod liver oil, whole eggs (yolk), fish (such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, etc.) and yogurt in your daily diet. Or you can also include foods that are fortified with vitamin D, such as milk, orange juice and breakfast cereals in the daily diet to get rid of rickets completely.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, including spinach, kale, etc., and dairy products including yogurt, milk, cheese, etc, along with other foods calcium in their daily routine.
  • The intake of foods rich in phosphorus including halibut, everything -. Wheat, chicken, turkey meat, dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheese), fish salmon and eggs in your diet will help prevent rickets completely

vegetarian diet plan:

This diet plan is especially useful for children who eat only vegetarian food. If your vegetarian diet lacks vitamin and calcium, then there is a chance of developing this rickets very easily. Therefore, to get rid of that problem, follow this plan vegetarian diet.

  • include whole grains and beans such as oats, barley, rice, quinoa, black beans, lentils, etc., in the regular diet.
  • consume more leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, Spanish, kale, etc.
  • have yellow and orange vegetables including turnips, pumpkin, carrots, etc.
  • Eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc., in more amount in the daily diet.
  • Eat nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews and snacks at the time of the morning or evening.
  • The consumption of seaweed such as dulse, kelp, hijiki, etc. in your daily diet will certainly help to get relief from rickets. Then share your experience with us.


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