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101-Year-Old Mother Takes Care of 63-Year-Old Disabled Son


This is an example that a mother’s love is priceless. Although old and frail, she still finds the strength to care for her sick child mud. They live alone in a modest house, but full of dirt. The mother is 101 years old and has poor health, while the child is 63 years old and with special needs. She is completely dedicated to his son, although hardly standing on feet. Without anyone to help them, living day to day.
Until this story came to us through the social network Facebook, where everyone shares this post, but no one had any information about these poor people. We could not find the identity or location
live. The hope is that this article will reach the competent authorities of the country in which they live this mother and child, and that will help in any way. We ask all good people who have any information about this family to share in order to help them.

Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com/

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