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1,000-Year-Old Onion And Garlic Remedy Kills Superbugs Better Than Antibiotics

Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently discovered that a remedy potion thousand years old actually it works to kill superbugs that modern medicine has a hard time with. The ingredients sound like something of a fantasy novel, but the concoction has now been found that almost eradicate MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus to).

The potion is made from onion, garlic, wine and oxgall, which is the bile from the stomach of a cow. Each of these ingredients are useless on their own, but when mixed together have the power to kill bacteria incredibly strong.

The recipe was initially found in an alchemical text Old English called Leechbook Calvo, which has been stored at the British Library for a number of years. The text contains a wide variety of different cures and remedies, researchers began experimenting with to see if they could learn more about medicine in the Middle Ages.

One of the first most important discoveries have been made in their research is one of the recipes that killed MRSA in laboratory mice.

Associate Professor Dr. Christina Lee said tha t “medieval books of leeches and herbal remedies contain many designed to treat bacterial infections are the clearly are – festering wounds / ulcers, infections . eye and throat, skin conditions such as erysipelas leprosy and chest infections Given these remedies were developed long before the modern understanding of germ theory this raises two questions – How was the systematic development of these remedies and how effective are these remedies against the probable causative species of bacteria? the answer to these questions will greatly enhance our understanding of medieval scholarship and medical empiricism and may reveal new ways to treat serious bacterial infections that continue to cause illness and death. ”

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added that “ We were really surprised by the results of our experiments in the laboratory. We believe that modern research into the disease can benefit from previous answers and knowledge that It contains largely non-scientific writings. But the potential of these texts to help address the challenges can not be understood without the combined experience of both the arts and sciences. ”

microbiologist Dr. Freya Harrison explains why this discovery could be important for modern medicine.

“We eyedrops Calvo could show a small amount of antibiotic activity because each ingredient has been shown by other researchers to have any effect on bacteria in the laboratory – copper salts and bile they can kill bacteria and garlic plant family make special chemicals that interfere with the ability of bacteria to damage the infected tissues But we were shocked at how effective it was the combination of ingredients we tested in difficult conditions as well;.. let our artificial ‘infections’ growing in dense populations, mature called biofilms, ” in which individual cells bunch together and make a sticky layer that makes it difficult for antibiotics to reach them. But unlike many antibiotics modern, eye drops Calvo has the power to break these defenses “Harrison said.


Republished permission wit John Vibes an author, researcher and investigative reporter who has a special interest in the counterculture and the war on drugs.

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