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1,000-Year-Old Onion and Garlic Remedy Can Kill Modern Superbugs in Less Than 24 Hours

Researchers are racing to find new ways to combat antimicrobial resistance have discovered an ancient secret to wiping out roughly 90 percent of Staphylococcus resistant to antibiotics, also known as MRSA aureus.

The recipe, which has been tested in the laboratory and in mice, is a manuscript of the ninth century known as Leechbook Calvo, which has so far been held in the British Library and read by only a few .


The recipe is described as an “eyewash”, transcribed in the Anglo-old, who has been translated by researchers at the University of the Kingdom Kingdom of Nottingham.

Researchers returned to the manuscript with the hope of finding alternative “ancientbiotic” to the contemporary problem of antimicrobial resistance – a matter that doctors anticipate kill 300 million people by 2050, according to the opinion on antimicrobial resistance

expected to find a small amount of antibiotic activity in the recipe – but what they found was surprising:

researchers recreated the ointment as closely as possible from recipe translated, even going so far as to use wine from a vineyard that existed in the ninth century. When the ointment tested in the laboratory against the great cultures of MRSA, they found that effectively killed up to 90 percent of the MRSA bacteria. The key seemed to be the combination of ingredients – individually, the ingredients had almost nothing, but when combined, showed extraordinary capabilities of MRSA-killing

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When tested in biofilms of MRSA -. Colonies bacteria that are a notorious problem when it comes to contamination of hospital equipment – the results were the same; the ointment was able to penetrate the colonies of bacteria that even the most advanced modern antibiotics have difficulty to treat and eliminate 90% of the MRSA bacteria. Then the ointment was tested in live mice, which proved to be not only effective, but fast as well, destroying bacteria in less than 24 hours.

When the researchers presented their findings at the annual conference of the Society for General Microbiology at Birmingham, who were excited, but ultimately the inception of the investigation phase – who are not sure until now how ointment really works. The next step for scientists in the project is to find out how the ingredients interact ointment to combat strains of bacteria.

If you want to try mixing a batch of eyedrops yourself, you’re in luck – BBC has provided a translation of the recipe. Some of the ingredients can be difficult to find, though!

Calvo salve recipe

  • 1 part 1 part garlic and other allium (onion or leek), cut into small pieces and crushed using a mortar for two minutes.
  • 25 ml of English wine -. Researchers in the study used came from a historic vineyard near Glastonbury
  • salts of bovine dissolves in water, should be added to the mixture of past – to keep the cold ointment for nine days at 4 degrees Celsius [
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The Ancientbiotics Project

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