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100% Effective Option: How to Eliminate Cockroaches Forever!

Cockroaches ! they are a part of almost every household and is a big problem that can not be solved by itself.

Therefore, each owner of a house that includes cockroaches, really want to come to an end with that kind of vermin.

Many products can be found elsewhere in this threat, but many of them have certain weaknesses, such as cockroaches are gone for a while in the house continues they being the unpleasant essence and chemicals are harmful to your health.

But we will reveal that an effective recipe that allows the complete elimination of cockroaches.

The recipe

All that is needed is one raw egg yolk, so pour into it 50 g of powder 1.7 ounces of boric crabbed, ie, borax or boric powder.

Then simply muddle through until the formation of a thick porridge. Then make small balls of the resulting mixture. Boney must wait for about an hour and then get rid of them all over the house in visible places and corners. In addition, the bathroom and the kitchen should be well covered with the mixture.

For example, arrange them in areas of cockroaches such as cabinets, shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc.

Fortunately, the balls will actually reach more and healthier cockroaches, so that those convicted cockroaches can infect healthy.

Furthermore, it is clean massive amount of dead cockroaches after 3 or 4 weeks. After that period, cockroaches are finally gone!

If females somehow succeed to lay their eggs, should also repeat the same procedure.

Remember that these balls are not dangerous for us or our pets -. Which can be placed freely around corners and other places of the house where small children live

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it is important to know that dust crabbed Boric is not toxic, but is mainly used for disinfection.

If you can not find this dust, you should use a 3% solution of boric acid that can be found in all pharmacies.

Mix a raw egg yolk with 100 ml of boric acid and add a small amount of flour to step on the balls.

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