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10 Ways to Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder

seasonal affective disorder affects millions of people worldwide, but there are a number of useful home remedies to overcome the seasonal blues like spending time in the sun, altering your diet, finding new hobbies, maintaining fitness, therapy light, increasing vitamin D levels, take a vacation, and trying aromatherapy , among others.

seasonal affective disorder

When he wakes up in the middle of winter and feel a mantle fall gray on his life as if you have lost all energy or motivation to do anything productive or pleasant, you may be suffering from symptoms seasonal affective disorder. This condition is also known as the winter blues or summer, sadness, and is characterized by a normal pattern of mental health throughout most of the year, but a sharp drop in levels of happiness and energy, either summer or winter. summer seasonal affective disorder typically includes high anxiety , but most of the symptoms include excess of sleep and lethargy, lack of energy and depressive symptoms.


While this was at a point ignored by many doctors as a disorder of mood, not a condition commonly recognized or diagnosed, now is widely respected and He knows that affects up to 10% of the population in certain regions (usually those incredibly long seasons winter or summer). In areas such as Alaska, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia, long winters mean months in progress without seeing the sunlight, which can not only deplete amount of vitamin D in the body, but also change brain chemistry and increase feelings of hopelessness, depression , anguish and anxiety. Similarly, the intense pressures of long and oppressive climate, hot summers can change the body chemistry to produce similar lethargy, anxiety and depression. While traditional treatments for depression are widely suggested by medical professionals and mental health, there are also many natural remedies for seasonal affective disorder that can help boost your mood.

10 Ways to manage seasonal affective disorder

1. Sun – The main cause of seasonal affective disorder is believed to be the stark lack of sunlight (at less in the winter version of this disorder). Even if you live somewhere that only gets a few hours of sun each day, make sure the sun and enjoy all you can. Fresh air and a brisk walk also increase circulation and increase energy levels. Staying locked inside can help exacerbate depressive symptoms, but the natural beauty of a sunny day sown help to increase your mood.

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2. New Hobbies – can be easily bored during the long winters, and boredom often leads to solitary behavior, sadness and loneliness. Seeking a new interest , like taking carpentry, testing yoga or the domain of the chess game can not be summer activities ideals, but will engage your brain and creativity during episodes of seasonal affective disorder and can keep your mental health in good shape through the long winter months.

3. Staying in Shape – exercise regularly will keep your body in good shape for the coming seasons, while also increasing levels of endorphins in the body and increase energy. You can try anything from weight lifting and resistance yoga or Pilates to overcome their depression during those difficult months. Just get assets to increase their self-esteem and enthusiasm for life.

4. Light Therapy – A depletion of vitamin D is almost inevitable when you only have a few hours of sun a day, but the mere presence of light can help with your balance mental. Personal light boxes can be purchased very easily and can be placed on a bedside table or office desk. A source of soft bright light can help your body maintain a little The normal circadian rhythms, which are very important for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

5. Taking a vacation – Change the scene can do wonders for your mental health, and if you are struggling through a long winter or summer somewhere, why not change your perspective? Get away for a few weeks or even a few days can do wonders for your mental health, creative and involve your social side and help recharge your batteries for when you return home.

6. Reduce alcohol consumption – might seem natural to drink away one’s problems in the summer sun or curl up with some liquor on a cold winter night, but the Alcohol is a depressant, and at the same time temporarily feel better or happier, which can have powerful effects on mental health, especially if you are drinking for the wrong reasons “” . Want to be stable when you suffer from SAD, and alcohol do not provide that kind of balance.

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7. Aromatherapy – Many varieties are soothing and anxiolytic aromatherapy naturally in nature, it can reduce tension and stress you may be feeling as the days become shorter or hotter. Aromatherapy can affect the body’s natural clock, his desire to sleep and eat, and also decrease feelings or depressive thoughts. Aromatherapy can help maintain normal and healthy body chemistry through the most difficult times of the year.

8. Changes in diet – There are very few food that naturally contain vitamin D, but if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder winter then add foods vitamin D is essential. If you can not get the sun, get vitamin D from mushrooms , fatty fish, egg yolks, oil cod liver and orange juice .

9. Get on a schedule – If you can establish a routine and schedule for your day, it will be harder for a day to blend into the next. Establish a standard format for days regarding the mealtimes, training times rituals before sleep and be sure to keep busy instead of bumming around the house and allowing depressive symptoms to take charge of your thoughts.

10. Artistic activities – may not consider himself much of an artist, but the artistic activities are wonderful for relieving stress and increasing cognitive activity. You may not have the energy to go to work or exercise , but pick up a paintbrush or a pencil to write in a journal involves different parts of your brain and satisfies our mind in a new way. The development of any type of art market can also help control depressive emotions and spend time in a rewarding way.

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