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10 Ways to Get Rid of German Roaches Naturally and Fast

get rid of cockroaches can be a difficult test, and if your house is infested with German cockroaches, it is certainly cause for concern! Highly resistant to most forms of baits and treatments, these cockroaches can become life hell life. Read on to learn more about these cockroaches, what they are and how you can get rid of them!

What are German cockroaches?

German cockroaches are a very common form of cockroaches are found almost everywhere. You will find them in apartments, luxury hotels, homes and even in the bathrooms. These cockroaches invade household items such as as boxes, bags or packages. One cockroach egg is enough for a major infestation is developed within six months.

These cockroaches live mainly in food.And spare, this is exactly why they are in the habitat of human beings, with houses being his favorite place.And, that’s not all! This breed of cockroaches multiply quickly! These cockroaches are brown, big in size and have wings. The smallest are dark brown, almost black in color and have dark stripes on its body. Usually they grow up to 16 mm and run very fast thanks to its many legs!

10 Ways to Get Rid of German Roaches Naturally and Fast

Once the house is infested with German cockroaches, which are very difficult to remove! However, there are certain techniques to eliminate these cockroaches once all.An OTC cockroach bug spray or pump will not work and can rarely kill these cockroaches.

is very important to treat the infestation of cockroaches in a planned way. There are many methods to get rid of cockroaches, some are natural and some are more invasive chemical approaches.

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Here are some ways to get rid of German cockroaches:

keep your home clean and shining:

prevention is better than cure! If your home, hotel, bathroom or any other particular place, keep the area clean and shiny to keep German cockroaches at bay. Keep your kitchen and bathroom area as dry as possible. Clean container garbage daily and if possible keep it out of your home and not in the kitchen. Never leave any corner of your home moist, like cockroaches like moisture. Always keep windows and doors closed, the drain should be covered and if possible keep it dry and clean. With these measures may prohibit the entry of cockroaches in your home.

eating cockroaches:

Clean your kitchen appliances before going to bed. Gas stove, microwave, iron and utensils should be cleaned before leaving your kitchen. The more they get to eat, the more it will remain and grow in the kitchen. Clean the cabinets regularly, change the carpet every second day and make sure that no bits of food left in the closet.

Set up those cracks and holes!

Cracks and holes are easier door entry for cockroaches. Seal all holes and cracks with cement or plaster of Paris and ensure that all doors and windows are closed tightly.Even the smaller hole is an open invitation for German cockroaches. Keep the corners and floors of your house clean and dry. There should be no areas of moisture and humidity inside the house.

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boric powder miracle:

Take some boric powder, white flour and white granulated sugar. Mix these ingredients to make the dough using a little water. Make small balls of the dough and keep them in areas where there is an infestation of cockroaches. Make sure that this mass is out of reach of children and pets. Sugar acts as bait and cockroaches will be attracted to the mass. Boric powder insecticide and act as’ll notice a decrease in the number of cockroaches in a few weeks.Make new dumplings every week, until the last appears to die right before your eyes!

Roach Gels to the rescue!

This is a remedy that works like a charm. Available in most hardware stores, the gel comes in a tube and is easy to use. Apply a layer of this gel on doors and window frames. You can also apply it to your trash to repel cockroaches. You can use this gel anywhere you think it is a gateway for cockroaches. Some of the gels can be used safely in cupboards in the kitchen too!

Cocoa powder is a murderer bug!

His favorite drink can now repel cockroaches! Yes, you heard right! Take a small amount of boric acid, flour and cocoa powder. Mix one part of boric powder and a part of cocoa powder to two parts wheat flour. Add a little water and make the dough mixture. Then roll small balls of this mixture. Place these balls in places where cockroaches are frequent visitors. The effect will be visible with two weeks of this experiment.

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