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10 Tricks To Help You Quit Sugar In Two Weeks

10 Tricks To Help You Quit Sugar In Two Weeks

Stop Sugar is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. ( If you have not read, make sure you read our previous post: 10 compelling reasons You need to give up sugar, now )

it is also one of the most difficult. Sugar is addictive and most of us have been hooked on it since childhood. Making the decision join the movement to give up sugar is the first step of a long and difficult road. Now I’m about to give you 10 more.

The following are my 10 most effective tricks I’ve used when he managed to break my own sugar addiction 10 years ago.

1. Soaking in headfirst

do not plan tomorrow. Failure to do next week. Just start. Do it now.

There are plenty of excuses to wait. I know. I thought many of them before you start. “There [this random event] ahead and there will be sweet.” “I’ll wait until after Valentine’s Day.” “I should finish [this sugary food I already have in the cabinet] first.”

Stop right there. I can tell you for a fact: There will always be another excuse just have to do it and do it right now .. Go to the pantry, take your beloved honey sugar puff rainbow frosted cereal box, and throw it away because it will not need more. You is killing, after all . You are not really going to put up with that from a cereal box now, right?

2. Read the label … (around.)

nutrition-label Always, always, always – no matter how safe you think the food is that you will buy – read the label. Thinking of trying the new sauce of your best friend told you first? Read the label. Recipe calls for an ingredient you’ve never heard of? Read the label. Brand eating is not normally in Bogo and have a coupon? That is wonderful! Read the label.

I know I’m being redundant and repeat a lot here, but playing “detective Label” is repeat business. Do this until you’re the expert. Do this until you can read a label upside down, backwards, and with eyes closed in less than ten seconds. (Well, that’s a bit exaggerated … but you get the point.)

Read the label.


3. Take the time to find substitutes

write their usual purchase list, but keep it double-spaced so you can take notes between the lines. On a day when you have plenty of time, get your grocery list and, as you shop, use trick # 2 Play “Detective Label” with your list. When you find something you regularly buy a lot of sugar hides, cross it off. Explore shelves around and find a substitute which pass inspection then write it in relation to cross-off issue. After you are finished, hang on that list and use it as a reference for future shopping trips.

4. Avoid inner aisles with three

This was one of the best advice I got when I was fighting my addiction to sugar. Most of what adorns the shelves in the inner aisles of any grocery store is full of hidden and not so hidden sugar. Not even be tempted. Shop the perimeter and ignore the rest as much as possible.

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5. Remember: It takes only two weeks

I read that right. Two weeks without sugar – I mean no sugar – and realize that they no longer feel cravings. You need to keep this in mind because during those two weeks, you will pass through all the symptoms of withdrawal. Thus, irritable. Thus it breaks in people. You can even get to the point where you think you punch your best friend in the kisser for a Snickers bar.

But do not cheat.

If you do, your addiction will reset and you have to start over the two weeks since the first day.

6. Keep a journal

journal (As a writer, I submit myself to the possibility that I may be a little biased on this issue. However, it is still happening on the list.)

When I’m doing something that requires a lot of willpower (like leaving sugar surely does) I find it useful to record my thoughts with pencil and paper. Do yourself a “giving up sugar” daily with at least fourteen pages. I can numbered my back so I could see how close it was every day, but you should do it more useful.

Try to write in it at least once per day. When you have a rough be worried write what and how they dealt with it. That way when you’re struggling with the urge to eat something sweet, you can look back and see how hard it has been fighting cravings.

7. plan it

You know you’ll only be two weeks until this maddening addiction releases its death grip on his body. So before you start, make a plan. Write out every meal you will eat from day fourteen and stick to your guns. When buying groceries (read labels) only buy what you need to do things on their menu. Ignore everything else. Remember, you are like a recovering alcoholic in a convenience store. The object of their addiction is there, clearly visible and (conveniently) within reach.

it’s up to you to resist it. Having a plan will help.

8. Know the Hidden-sugar signals

While manufacturers of processed foods are notorious for hiding sugar in odd places, there are a handful of signs that almost always indicate their presence .

“low fat” / “reduced fat” / “fat free”

Anything that should have fat in it, but of said fat has been removed almost always added sugar – usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Why? Since fat tastes good. Removing it makes the food taste less good. Manufacturers want you want to eat their food, so they add sugar to taste good again.

ingredients ending in “ose” = sugar.

There are a lot of them and they all have different chemical structures, but they all have one thing in common. All are fancy words for sugar.

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Everything is 0 g “per serving” is probably a lie.

If something says it has 0 g of sugar per serving * (or any symbol which is fun * next to it), beware! Check the serving size. It is an exceedingly small amount? If so, you will find sugar somewhere in the list of ingredients. If a serving contains less than a certain amount of sugar, companies are allowed to round down to 0. That is despicable, but legal.

9. Enjoy your food in “safe”

When I was quitting sugar, I spent those first two weeks putting hot sauce and mustard on everything. I’m seriously.

green beans? hot sauce.

Broccoli? Mustard.

steak and eggs? chutney and mustard!

Go ahead and enjoy sugar-free foods that are “comfort foods” you. It must take some of the edge against cravings. Just be careful with foods that contain artificial sweeteners like these usually come with their own long list of adverse health effects. In addition, many of them (sugar alcohols usually end in “OL”) tend to make you really, really gassy. Painfully. Trust me, you do not want to experience this.

Some of the best “safe foods” that were always on my list included:

  • Pork Rinds (I know … EW.)
  • green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Celery w / cream cheese
  • cheese sticks (Read the label.)
  • Olives (Check the ingredients if they are filled with anything.)
  • almonds / cashews
  • salad w / Caesar dressing (again, label.)
  • normal mustard
  • Tabasco sauce (yum!)
  • Dill Pickles (NO sweet.)

The latter was another of my saving graces. I ate so many pickles during those first two weeks, it’s a miracle that I do not become one.

10. Until team!

is much easier to break an addiction if you have a partner quit. I was lucky during my adventure to stop sugar my then boyfriend was an excellent cook and supported my decision to give up sugar. He helped lead me gently away from sugary foods and through positive feedback every day. Honestly I’m not sure I would have done without that support.

So my final advice to you is, “Team Up!” Find a friend, a coworker, relative, or even a stranger online who share your ambitions sugar quit. Talk to them as much as possible during these first two weeks; and remember to be positive! Breaking the addiction is not going to be easy, but if you are persistent you will get there.

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