We all love Chinese food, right? Well, this is the main reason why many places in China are really known for its fine cuisine and specific taste. Yes, and this country puja is also known for many specific products we use daily. The real and the best example that people love Chinese food are many Chinese restaurants around the world. However, the food industry has had a lot of pressure lately for its disturbing lack of standards and many people are beginning to avoid the import of Chinese products, and you can not blame them. It is very easy to understand why. Unfortunately, the real and ugly truth is that for many years, people in China have been creating and selling false overly toxic and cheap products and food. While there is no evidence that the vast majority of these products are sold in the United States, sites like eBay, Amazon.com, Ali Express and other websites have been selling food that sometimes openly, sometimes discreetly It is being made and often sent directly from the country.

In this article, we will show that 10 Chinese illegal food products and is highly recommended to stay away from these products! You do not know what kind of harmful substances they contain and what they can do for your health. Here is the list of the ten counterfeit illegal food products from China that will make you think twice before buying food in stores online that are sent from the other side of the world:

  1. imitation eggs

Well, I really think you will not believe it, because it is absolutely shocking! People are posting instructional videos on some Chinese websites on how to make $ 70 a day for the production and sale of fake eggs. That’s impressive, right? Well not really! The chemicals that are needed to make these “false and dangerous eggs” are: alginic acid, Potassium Alum, gelatin, calcium chloride water and artificial coloring. They make the egg shells of calcium carbonate. Eating these eggs can cause memory loss and dementia. Be very careful what you buy, because these eggs can be very dangerous for you and your family!

  1. Stuffed cement nuts

Nuts filled with cement – you’ve probably never heard of that, right? This is what you need to know – shelled nuts 4 years ago, back in 2012 a Chinese bought in the city of Zhengzhou, China. All he found was broken pieces of concrete inside. Walnut trees cements “manufacturers” wrapped in concrete to prevent making a suspicious noise was shaken when the nut. The guy who actually “invented and made” cemented these nuts was trying to get more money by selling these fake nuts that were much heavier than the real thing. Yes, just stay away from these “nuts”!

  1. Make beef pork

This is what you need to know – well, probably because the pig is less expensive China, people in some Chinese restaurants have sold instead of beef. And now you probably wonder how – well, it’s very simple! Before sell it, usually they made some chemistry there. Use a meat extract and some coating agent for “marinate” meat per hour and an hour and a half. Medical experts have advised many people to stay away from this fake product “beef” as its long-term use can cause slow poisoning, deformity, and may even promote cancer. You should definitely stay away from this kind of “beef”!

  1. False green peas
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Yes, there have been many reports about false peas, which were found in Hunan Province, China, 2005. This is what you need to know – well, a local newspaper published a story in which it is said that the peas were still hard after boiling, but the natural green color of the water turned. False peas “manufacturers” make a lot of money with the sale of this dangerous product, and one of the illegal workshops was producing them for three years before it was investigated and shut down. The people who made these false peas used: peas and soybeans. After that, they add green dye and sodium metabisulfite, which were used as bleach and preservatives. This dye is prohibited and can not be used in production, as can cancer can and hinder the body’s ability to absorb calcium. food safety expert based in Beijing, Sang Liwei, he says these toxic artificial green peas have been found in Hunan and Guangdong before, but it seems that the news did not get enough attention from officials. According to Sang Liwei, China’s only officials label a case of a food safety incident when at least one person dies as a result. It also says that in such cases only when the risk lies in the possible long-term illnesses caused by misuse of additives, it is not surprising to see delayed handling.

  1. Infant formula

This is what you need to know – according to a report provided by CBS News, more 50 people were accused of manufacturing false formula for instant babies that resulted in children dying in the province of Fuyang, China dozens. This event took place in 2004. The formula for instant babies contained very few nutrients. It is composed mostly of chalk, and made the children develop a “big head disease”. This condition made their heads swell and the rest of their bodies deteriorate slowly.

  1. Industrial salt is sold as table salt

I really think we all know that industrial salt can not be consumed by humans and which it is marked as “unfit for human consumption.” Well, this is the main reason why industrial salt is much cheaper. And unfortunately, this was the main reason (also) why 788 tons of it was sold for at least 12 people during 13 years as table salt. This unhealthy and dangerous industrial salt can cause mental and physical problems such as hypothyroidism problems and disorders of the reproductive system. Be careful what type of salt you buy!

  1. sludge sold as black pepper

This is what you need to know – a seller’s market in Guangdong Province of China collects local clay and sold as black pepper! And another thing worrying is that their white pepper is mainly composed of flour. When authorities caught him, his excuse was amazing. His excuse for selling these fake peppers in was that they would not kill people. Incredible true? And Given that fake foods in China are not allowed investigated until someone dies, how many items are sold more made of fake items and chemicals because they would not kill people.

  1. sweet potato noodles False

We all like sweet potatoes, right? Well, you’ll be surprised when you learn that the Chinese authorities discovered that a facility in the city of Zhongshan, China made at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles. Many people began to complain that what is supposed to be sweet potato noodles strange taste. So the authorities launched an investigation, and further investigation found that the noodles are made of corn with an industrial ink used to give a purple color, and paraffin wax. Those were shocking news for all “sweet potato noodles” consumers!

  1. false Ginseng

Many people around the world, especially the Chinese, they use ginseng root as a popular medicinal plant for over 3,000 years. Ginseng prices have increased rapidly, which was the main reason why many ginseng retailers who are trying to find a way to keep making profits. Therefore, they came up with a solution and the solution was to boil the roots of sugar, which makes them much heavier and therefore more profitable. Wei Feng, an expert in Chinese medicine from the National Institute for the Control of Food and Drug (NIFDC) said this is a big problem, not only because retailers are ripping-off customers, but also because boiling ginseng sugar you could strip him of most of its medicinal properties. Wei Feng conducted a test to prove this. His test showed that while ginseng has a natural content of 20% sugar, is a fake is up to 70% sugar. You can do little to improve the health of people, he says.

  1. Rice plastic

Have you ever heard of plastic rice? Well, the Chinese authorities have seized huge quantities of fake rice in China. It is believed that much of it is produced from potatoes combined with a synthetic resin! That’s too bad, right? Like peas, rice remained hard after boiling and as peas, may have the same side effects. Long-term consumption may cause cancer development. What was the main reason for making false and harmful products? To make money, of course! Fraudsters have been imitating a popular type of Chinese rice called Wuchang.

Well, there you have it guys! This means that you should be very careful and always look twice before buying something! We really hope you find this article useful and do not forget to share with your friends! And let me say this again – be careful what you buy! Thanks and have a nice day!

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