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10 Strange Sex Rituals Around the World

From playing recreation and beyond, sex has a place in all cultures around the world. And frankly, without it, there would cultures around the world. However, having said that, there are many outside the ordinary sexual mores and rites of adulthood practiced worldwide. This list of crazy sex rituals from ancient times until today, is to blur sure …

1. Adolescent girls in Cambodia can have sex with different men until they find their Mr. Right.
teenage girls Kreung tribe in Cambodia can have sex with different men until they find a perfect partner for themselves. The most scandalous practice has been adults or parents who build huts love for their teenage daughters.

2. Sex happens with underwear on Inis Beag.
People of Inis Beag, an island off the coast of Ireland, perform sex with their underwear. This is due to their reluctance cultural inhibitions.

3. adolescent males can have sex with older women in Mangaia.
Children who are thirteen or fourteen years old who have sex with older women in Mangaia, an island in the South Pacific Ocean. They believe that having sex with older women can help them understand the benefits of sex and how to please your partner.

4. Children drink the semen of the most powerful warriors of New Guinea.
Children of the Sambian tribe of New Guinea, from the age of seven to ten years, have to go through several rituals in order to separate the boys from the girls. During this period, both undergoing drilling and also have to drink the semen of the most powerful warriors in the kingdom.

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5. Men and women have sex with someone other than your partner in Indonesia.
Some sects in Indonesia celebrate a festival that is about seven times in a year. In practice, people traveling to a mountain called Java afraid to bring good fortune. The ceremony is having sex with someone other than the spouse. The only rule is they have to have sex with the same person every time brings good luck.

6. There is a “No Sex Day ‘in South Africa.
A South African community that is polygamous, practicing a ritual not to have sex in a day. The community follows this rule to avoid having frequent sex in a day. also, avoid sex during a storm or after having a bad dream.

7. Faraones ejaculated on the Nile River in Egypt.
Some sects in Egypt believed that the earth is produced from ejaculation of Atum, the God of creation. They thought the flow of the Nile was due to ejaculation Atum. In order to maintain the flow, Egyptian pharaohs masturbated and ejaculated ritual on the Nile.

8. Austrian women serve apple slices your armpits for the man of her choice.
In rural Austria, women practice a ritual dance with slices of stuffed apple in their armpits. After a few hours of dancing, offering a slice of apple for the man of her choice. If you take it and eats it, they can have sex.


9. The woman marry a man can have sex with his brothers.
Set in the Himalayas, cultures practice some strange behaviors in which a woman marry a man can have sex with him and his brothers. This practice is to prevent their land be divided among their children.

10. Women are dedicated to gods of fertility in Asia.
This is a common practice in India and other Asian countries. The practice involves a woman devoted to the fertility gods and goddesses; then that meet the priest and sometimes devotees too. The ritual, in a sense, is known as the sacred prostitution as sex is done in the name of God and rituals.

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