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10 Shocking Facts about the Health Dangers of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is convenient, but many have raised doubts about the safety of the invisible forces that permeate everything around us. Since the introduction of the Wi-Fi technology in 1997, researchers have conducted dozens of studies to explore the topic. The results are clear and impressive -. Wifi can adversely affect overall health and brain health, especially in children

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that once this information is not new, or even controversial. In fact, in 2008 and renowned publication Scientific American published an article called “Mind Control by cell phone,” he explains the danger has Wi-Fi in the human brain. We will further explore the potential dangers of Wi-Fi with these 10 data.

1. Contributes to the development of insomnia

Have you felt more awake after using Wi-Fi or even trouble sleeping at night? The reports of these phenomena have been frequent and was even noted in 2007 a study evaluating the low-frequency modulation of cell phones and their impact on sleep. Participants were exposed to electromagnetic signals of the actual phones or any sign of false phone. People exposed to electromagnetic radiation had a significantly harder time falling asleep and no changes were observed in brain wave patterns.

It has been suggested that sleep near a phone, in a house with Wi-Fi, or in an apartment building with many signs Wi-Fi can create chronic sleep problems as the constant bombardment of pollution Wi-Fi interferes with fall asleep and sleep patterns. The development of depression and hypertension have also been linked with lack of sleep.

2. Disruptive Child Development

Exposure to radiation of nonthermal radio Wi-Fi and cell phones can disrupt normal cell development, especially the development of the fetus. A 2004 study animal exposure related to delayed renal development. These findings were supported by an Austrian study of 2009. In fact, the disruption of protein synthesis is so severe that the authors specifically observed, “this cell property is especially pronounced in growing tissues, ie in children and youth. Consequently, these groups may be more susceptible to the effects described mean. “in short, the young development bathing Wi-Fi increases the risk of developmental problems.

3. It affects cell growth

When a group of Danish ninth grade students experienced difficulty concentrating after sleep with their cell phones for his head, an experiment was conducted to test the effect of wireless routers Wi-Fi in the garden cress. A set of plants are grown in an environment free of the wireless radiation; the other group grew next to two routers that release the same amount of radiation as a cell phone. The results?

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Just as Danish high school students observed concentration problems, scientists have begun to analyze the impact of 4G radiation on brain function. Using MRI technology, research conducted last year found that people exposed to radiation 4G had several areas of reduced brain activity.

5. Reduce brain activity in women

A group of 30 healthy volunteers, 15 men and 15 women, were given a simple memory test. First, the whole group was tested without any exposure to radiation Wi-Fi – no problem. Then they exposed to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access for about 45 minutes. During the part of the test, brain activity was measured and women had a significant change in the levels of brain activity and energy. Sorry girls! But guys, not too comfortable …

6. Neutralize sperm

… Because we have long known that the heat generated by laptops kills sperm. Well, now it turns out that the heat is not the only threat to a man’s virility. Research has found exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies to reduce the movement of sperm and cause DNA fragmentation. Both human and animal testing has confirmed that exposure adversely affects sperm.

7. May Impact Fertility

And it is not just sperm. The results of an animal study suggest that some wireless frequencies can prevent implantation of the egg. During the study, mice exposed 2 hours a day for 45 days had significantly increased levels of oxidative stress. Cell damage and the impact on the structure of DNA exposure suggest a strong possibility of abnormal pregnancy or failure of the egg to implant.

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden published a notice in 2011, which says:

“Pregnant women are advised to avoid using wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users,”
“Current US [and Canada] … standards for radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless technology are totally inadequate,” and
“Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus …”

8. Causes cardiac stress

If you feel your heart racing when surrounded by wireless networks or 3G mobile phones or LTE, it may not be in your head. A study involving 69 subjects reported that many of them experienced an actual physical response to electromagnetic frequencies. Exactly what was the physical response? Increased heart rate – similar to the heart rate of a person under stress

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9. Related to Cancer?

This is very controversial, but that can not be ignored that a lot of animal models indicate that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development. While studies in humans are rare, reports and case studies abound. One such case involves a 21-year-old woman who developed breast cancer. What makes this case unique was that her family did not have a predisposition to breast cancer … and developed the right of the tumor at the point bearing his cell phone in her bra.

10. You can protect

Although conventional stores can ignore the proven, especially in the various methods of the United States and Canada, researchers have identified dangers that can provide a level of defense. First, reducing melatonin appears to correspond to the exposure. Therefore, increased melatonin through supplements can help offset some of the effects. In animal tests, L-carnitine provides support antioxidant nutrients adversely affected by the radiation of 2.4 GHz.

limit exposure and stay healthy

Although melatonin and L-carnitine offer a nutritional defense, not to block exposure. And that is very difficult to achieve anyway. Look at the coverage maps of cell phone companies, or in the announcement how many Wi-Fi networks your smartphone requests to join. We are surrounded and bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. The exposure lock is difficult, but there are some small steps you can take. On the one hand, not keep cell phones, laptops and tablets close to your body. And if it is not being used, turn them off (also wireless router). There are also a number of devices available to counteract electromagnetic frequencies. Check out these ways to protect laptop radiation and cell phone radiation, too.

Have you experienced any negative side effects of Wi-Fi? What steps have you taken to protect yourself and your family? Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

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