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10 Secret Kitchen Hacks, Which Only Chefs Know

Those who like cooking know, how is nice and fun this job. Those who cook with love, always have the most beautiful cooked food. It is believed that cooking soothes and reduces stress. There are various tricks that can help you to prepare meals and save your valuable time. See our suggestions:

1.How to squeeze as much juice of lemon



2.How to prevent the water from boiling over 



3.Put the ice-cream in plastic bag, he won’t be frozen and will be easier to eat it with a spoon



4. Try a new way to cook eggs, put them in a stove at 160 degrees for about 15 minutes



5. How to recognize different types of onions and for what you can use them



6. The easiest way to remove the bark of ginger



7.How you can easily cut cherry tomatoes



8. How to identify whether the egg is fresh or old



9. In order to enhance taste of grilled fish, place a few lemon slices under it



10. How to easier to put creme on the cake



Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/

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