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10 Secret Kitchen Hacks Which Only Chefs Know

10-secret-kitchen-hacks-which-only-chefs-know Not everyone loves to cook, but everyone has to eat.

As they spend more time in the kitchen, to develop little tricks that make life easier, right? Then you can imagine the amount of tricks someone like Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck might have up his sleeve.

Since you probably will not make a dash for a culinary career in the short term, we have compiled a list of hacks cuisine world-class chefs regularly use.

10 Hacks kitchen that will change your life

Whether you’re a budding gourmet chef or humble home, these cooking tips that your time more productive and more fun cooking!

1. aged eggs

kitchen hacks

you can not tell by looking if an egg is past its prime. Above all, you certainly do not want to crack open if you are not sure (the smell can be overwhelming).

From eggshells are porous, to allow air inside over time. In short, the fresher the egg, the less air inside, the less it will float.

Simply place the egg in a large bowl of cold water. If it sinks straight to the bottom and is flat, it’s cool. If the larger end tilts to cover part, this is a week old. Alternitively, the larger end is facing upward, it is a few weeks old and still good to eat. If it floats on the surface, throw.

2. Baked eggs

A quick way to cook many eggs at once is simply bake them set.

Preheat oven to 325 °. You can either place the eggs directly on the oven rack with adequate space between or in a muffin pan with an egg in each cup. Bake for 30 minutes. Oven times may vary depending on the accuracy and uniformity of heat in the oven in particular; you can try first with a couple of eggs to check. When the 30 minutes are done, place the eggs in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes. Finally, peel and enjoy!

3. Crystal Clear Cubes

If cube tray filled ice tap, mineral water and surrounding air are caught up. Boil the water first removes bubbles so they will freeze clear. Moreover, removing impurities from the air and allows cubes freeze harder (water molecules are packed most densely). This means that the ice cubes will take longer to melt.

To do carry filtered (through reverse osmosis) or distilled water to a boil. Allow to cool, then boil and let cool again. If a pot is used instead of a kettle (this allows more air to escape), loosely place a clean kitchen towel over it to prevent dust or insects accrue to it. Once cool, pour it into the tray and the freezing of pure, clear ice. If you’re in a bit rushed, a boiling time is almost as good.

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4. Fish tasty

Many people add a squeeze of lemon for your fish-flavors seem to go perfectly together. Broil fish (or nothing) was added a smoky flavor and keeps any objectionable odors from the house. Since fish is fragile, cooking on a grill requires special care. You can combine special handling with a flavor enhancer grill lemon and fish every day

Wash and slice of lemon (s) horizontally a few pieces of thick and place ¼ closely directly on the grill grid, covering enough area to accommodate the fish. Place the fish on top of lemons and cook. Lemons will keep fish from sticking to the grill and the fish will absorb the flavor.

Feel free to use lemons as a side dish or turn after removing the fish to cook on the other side and eat them, too-crust and all .

5. Lemon Help

Chilling a lemon constrains membranes and juice inside. Before juicing, allow your lemon (or other citrus) to reach room temperature. Soak in warm (not hot) water for a few minutes until fruit is warm to the touch when held in hand.

Remove lemon water and firmly roll back and forth on the counter a few times, strong enough so that there is distortion of the shape, but not so hard that it breaks. This loosens the sunny goodness inside so you can squeeze every last drop of delicious juice.

6. Pot Watcher

Cleaning the stove after boiling pot is a time consuming task of intensive work. Here’s the dilemma: if you look at the pot will not boil if it does not, it will boil

Here are two cuts to prevent the dreaded disorder :.

  • Before switching on the heater, the line of the upper inner inch border around the perimeter of the pan with a thin layer of olive oil or coconut. Oil repels water and boiling avoid a mess.
  • Once the water boils, place a long wooden spoon on top of the pot in the middle. How does this: the spoon is colder than the water / steam / bubbles rising jackpot. They reached the spoon and break down in the water so the bubbles do not extend. This only works as long as the spoon is colder than the steam; if it is a thin spoon, which will heat up after several minutes and the trick will stop working. You can quickly clean the spoon in cold water or replace it with another spoon. The drawback of this trick is that over time, the steam will wear and deform the spoon and can cause splits. Keep in mind:. ] Peel the ginger or turmeric can be a challenge, with its odd shape and hard skin. Freezing the rhizome (at least 2 hours), then allowing it to thaw for 5 minutes loosened skin and keeps firm flesh so are easily separated.

    Instead of using a vegetable peeler, simply scrape the outer skin with the side of a sturdy handle of a metal spoon.

    8. Shake It Up

    Peel the garlic is another, fragrant, sticky tedious task. Sometimes the skin can be especially tenacious. This trick may be the best of them all, watch the video of a minute and you will be surprised.

    need two large stainless steel bowls of the same size. Firmly crush the end with the palm of your hand to break the teeth apart. Sweep all bits of garlic in a bowl, invert the other bowl and cover with one garlic. Take the sides of the bowl and shake like crazy for ten seconds. Is over. so hard in the freezer that you have to leave it off for several minutes before you can even scrape a little off the top.

    Storage cardboard box wrapped in a plastic freezer bag keeps the frozen treat become hard as stone, so you can dish out as soon as you take it out.

    10. Wine Chiller

    A delicate wine is the best sipped and savored. To keep it cold without diluting it, put some frozen grapes in the cup. They ensure grape skins are intact to avoid affecting the taste of the wine. You can eat the fruit as a dessert of your wine.






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