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10 Reasons To Start Eating Pumpkin Seeds This Fall (Plus 17 Tasty Recipes)

Plants seeds are full of concentrated nutrients. Pumpkin seeds are no exception.

When the insides of your pumpkin is removed, hold on to those seeds to prepare and enjoy its many health benefits.

Benefits Pumpkin seeds 10

Grab a handful and read on!

1. Arthritis Relief

Anti-inflammatory antioxidants in pumpkin seeds have been more effective than drug indomethacin not popular steroid in reducing inflammation of arthritis ( 1 ). It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce stiffness and improve mobility ( 2 ).

2. Cancer Prevention

The phytochemicals in pumpkin seeds are very effective in moderating human hormones, with implications for prevention and treatment of cancer ( 3 ). pumpkin seed extract has been found to inhibit the growth of prostate colorectal cancer cells breast and ( 4 ).

3. The reduced cholesterol

phytoestrogens in high density lipoprotein increases pumpkin seed oil (HDL, “good” cholesterol) and lower blood pressure ( 5 ). High levels of LDL (lipoprotein, low cholesterol “bad” density) and high blood pressure are contributors to heart disease and increase the risk of stroke.

4. Diabetes

Important and rapid anti-diabetic actions have been observed with the consumption of pumpkin seeds, reduced glucose levels in the blood and maintain balance ( 6 ).

5. The symptoms of menopause

Due to its hormonal modulation effect, pumpkin seeds relieve symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, headaches, night sweats and changes mood ( 7 ).

6. Mood

The phytochemical tryptophan becomes serotonin triggering hormonal reactions in the brain to improve mood and relieve depression ( 8 ).

7. osteoporosis

The loss of bone density that sometimes comes with age means that important minerals are lost. Especially rich in zinc and match pumpkin seeds naturally replenish to help maintain strong bones.

8. Prostate Health

Antioxidants in pumpkin seeds prevent prostate growth. Most zinc concentrate in the male body is contained in the prostate. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc, giving the prostate you need to stay healthy ( 9 ).

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9. Support testosterone

As people age, hormone levels adjusted to suit different stages of life. Menopause in women and andropause in men wreak havoc, like being a teenager again. Pumpkin seeds increase testosterone levels, which benefits both sexes as they age ( 10 ).

10. Weight Loss

High in fiber, protein and rich in vitamins and minerals, phosphorus pumpkin seeds help with weight loss by increasing metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

Hail the Great Pumpkin!

pumpkin seeds are a snack at any time outstanding. They can satisfy the craving for something crunchy and taste with a little added, will delight your palate, too.

Here are some delicious recipes are presented. Leaving the shells on pumpkin seeds is not only easier, get the full nutritional benefits of added fiber.

Pumpkin Seed Recipes

  1. Maple syrup adds sweetness and mineral-eaten by the handful, mixed with nuts, or as a garnish. Find the recipe here .
  2. If a salty or sweet snack is preferred, This recipe satisfies both.
  3. Salty Masala these roasted seeds provide the unexpected taste and turmeric roundhouse.
  4. Taking sweet and spicy to a new level, sriracha honey and seeds are an excellent combination.
  5. Superfoods honey and ginger pumpkin seeds antioxidant ‘and anti-inflammatory properties are added. Try using Earl Grey tea instead of black smooth to add the delicate flavor of bergamot for these roasted pumpkin seeds. See recipe .
  6. An Italian touch gives this garlic parmesan recipe taste of Europe. Great on a Caesar salad.
  7. Much better than Cracker Jack they salted pumpkin seeds candy … are simply delicious! Nutmeg ginger cinnamon brown sugar and mix to give the taste of candy.
  8. Good morning! chili lime roasted seeds bring the heat, zest, and the sun of Mexico for your palate
  9. The taste of East :. curried pumpkin seeds . These will keep for a while, so if you want to serve for a special event, you can make a batch ahead of time.
  10. classic and easy, simple salt and pepper appeal to the most basic tastes and are always popular.
  11. Some Asian cuisine, these ginger soy seeds taste like sushi without fish. Make sure your soy sauce is organic to genetically modified soybean avoid or try to use tamari to be gluten-free.
  12. Rosemary supports memory and garlic is a potent anti-inflammatory. They pair exceptionally well in this recipe pumpkinseed .
  13. smoked paprika gives these seeds taste like barbecue. Tasty, tasty and easy.
  14. Cheese is a very popular flavor for snacks. These pumpkin seeds and cheese are much better for you than Doritos . Try using nutritional yeast instead of cheese to be vegetarian and add tons of vitamin B12.
  15. Pesto never tasted so good ! The use of pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts or provides an alternative for people with allergies who love pesto.
  16. Speaking of allergies, you have to not lose the pleasures of peanut pumpkin seeds use instead. Avoid refined white sugar this recipe using coconut. crude
  17. cocoa is not just for dessert. Cacao makes us happy because of its chemical properties, but we do not have to think about that. This sweet snack or dessert filling is sure to please. The recipe calls granulated sugar cane, but we know there better alternatives to that.
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