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10 Reasons To Love Lemons

Lemon is one of the most popular citrus worldwide. Despite having a smaller size compared to other fruits belonging to the family of citrus fruits such as orange or grapefruit, it offers greater health benefits, compared with them. Lemon juice is especially popular in many countries as it cools the body and offers a wide range of health benefits. in fact, many celebrities, from Gwyneth Paltrow Miranda Kerr to opt for this refreshing drink regularly.

10 Reasons To Love Lemons

A major reason why lemon is so popular among celebrities and ordinary people is that it is extremely low in calories. contains only 29 calories per 100 grams and this makes it one of the lower calorie citrus fruits. Best of lemon is offering a wide range of benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you should fall in love with lemons.

Best 10 reasons to love lemons

Improvement lemon defecation

If you have been suffering from indigestion or recently irregular bowel movements would be a good idea to include in your diet lemon. This is because lemon has certain properties that encourage the body to eliminate waste easily and regularly.

Lemon Improves Bowel Movement

Therefore, if you are suffering from irregular bowel movements, you suggest that juice drops of lemon is pour into a glass of warm water and drink. Do this regularly every morning and you will notice a marked improvement in your digestive system in no time.

It helps in weight loss

reduce weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Now lose weight easily with the help of lemon. If you take lemon juice, mixed with a few drops of honey regularly, chances are that you will lose some pounds weight within some time. Of course, drink only lemon juice alone will not help you lose weight. You need to eat a proper diet and exercise regularly to lose weight.

Helps reduce high blood pressure

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Another crucial advantage of lemon is that it can reduce high blood pressure. One reason for this is that the lemon contains good amounts of potassium. Research studies have shown that potassium can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other serious health problems. Lemons also contain bioflavonoids which strengthen blood vessels, reduce inflammation and prevent internal bleeding.

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Lemon increases your body’s immunity

Studies have shown that lemon contains certain anti bacterial properties. This in turn, prevents the onset of viral fever, common cold and other cold problems. In fact, if you drink lemon juice regularly, you can enjoy greater protection against malaria , typhoid, cholera and other serious illnesses.

Lemon Boosts Immunity Of Your Body

Studies have also revealed that lemon contains more than twenty compounds of cancer, preventing cancer cells occur in the body. Therefore, eating lemon regularly will provide protection against this deadly disease.

health of the skin is improved

Clear The Skin

Therefore, it is thought that the choice of an anti wrinkle cream is the only way to improve your skin health? His idea is only partially correct. Using a good anti wrinkle cream is crucial, but should also opt for lemon -. A fruit that contains vitamin C. Now, studies show that vitamin C protects the skin from sunlight and pollution of the environment, thus maintaining their youthful appearance Vitamin C also helps the body in collagen production-a protein that makes the skin firmer and smoother.

Use of lemon to make your teeth white Naturally

Many of us hesitate to smile because of our yellow teeth. Going for professional teeth whitening treatments is an option, but usually are very expensive. Drinking lemon juice every morning can be a way to make your teeth white naturally.

Making Yours Teeth White Naturally

Another option is to mix baking soda and lemon juice and prepare your own household bleach. Mix the solution thoroughly and put it in the teeth with a point Q . However, it is important that you do not leave the mixture for more than a minute. This is because the mixture is very strong and can break down the tooth enamel. Therefore, be careful.

helps you get rid of dandruff

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Dandruff is a major problem that most we face, especially during winters. anti-dandruff shampoos can help get rid of dandruff, but make hair dry. You can use lemon to avoid the problem of dandruff. Start by mixing the curds with two eggs. Now, pour a few drops of lemon juice and use this mixture as a hair pack. Wash the area once it is dry.

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is helps you get stronger nails

Get Stronger Nails

perfectly manicured hands containing long nails look beautiful. Unfortunately, not every one of us is blessed with long nails. Often, nails become brittle and tend to break. You can of course opt for nail hardeners that are available in local pharmacies stores, but if you want a natural solution , suggest that you buy lemons. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon with same amount of olive oil and use it on your nails. Besides being stronger, nails also become whiter and look healthier.

You are allowed to handle Eye disorders

Handle Eye Disorders


Another key advantage of the inclusion of lemon in your diet is that it helps you avoid various types of eye disorders that can range from an eye infection for diabetic retinopathy This is because the lemon contains the routine – an important compound that protects the body against bacterial infections. If you are prone to eye infections, you can pour a few drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball and rub gently on your eyelids. However, make sure that does not enter into his eyes as lemon is acidic and can cause a burning sensation.

hair growth is improved

Enhances Hair Growth

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and studies have revealed that vitamin C plays a crucial role in improving the health of hair. It improves blood circulation and strengthens the capillaries as well. All this, in turn, improve hair quality and help one to be longer and a thicker hair. It has also been shown that immature lemon prevents hair graying and prevents different types of hair disorders including baldness and alopecia male.

enjoy a wide range of benefits by opting for the lemon.

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