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10 Most Easy Remedies for Pimples

These tiny grains, shins, are the last thing you want to see on your face when you look in the mirror for the first time in the morning. These boils really suck! They not only take its natural charm, but also cause social shame. No wonder you are reading these simple home remedies for pimples, wishing to lay hands on that magic ingredient or ingredients that can not only make your pimples disappear, but also prevent them from reappearing in his most prized possession, his face so attractive, i mean! Therefore, we will do some treasure hunting in your kitchen to get rid of acne forever.

Lemony flavor fight pimples ….

Lemon is natural bleach, knew that! But did you know that lemon is one of the most effective remedies for pimples? Yes, you can match, combine, mix lemon with a variety of other ingredients to get rid of boils. This is the only thing you can do with lemon.

1. Lemon oil and peanut

This seems to be the easiest home remedy for pimples just take a tablespoon of lemon juice and groundnut oil and apply this to the face. This method avoids blackheads- bases for pimples!

2. Lemon and rosewater

wonderful smells beyond cure your acne! Mix lemon juice with rose water and apply this in your boils. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Now wash with water. It’s that simple, but remember to do this every day for at least 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of their grains.

3. Lemon with sandalwood and cinnamon

Why only rosewater, these powders derived from sandalwood and cinnamon are also great when it comes to remedy fragrant pimples! Just mix one of these with lemon juice and apply on the grains in the same way as it did with the combination of rose water and lemon and was get rid of acne within 2-4 weeks .

4. Lemon with egg white

You read that right. Egg whites are also a great companion of lemon juice for treating pimples. Apply some fresh lemon juice on your pimples. Then take a little egg white and apply on pimples over the layer of lemon juice. To be there until the time is no longer able to tolerate the smell. Wash. Try this every time you are to do a little preparation egg! Just run your fingers inside the empty egg shell to get that little egg you need to dabbing on your pimples. Remember that having egg whites a day is as healthy for your body as it is for pimply face less!

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5. Lemon with vegetables, fruits and milk

there may be used lemon juice to flavor cucumber salad, now is the time to use this combination for acne too! Grate or finely grind the cucumber and add 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice to a paste-like consistency. Now apply this paste on the pimples. You can even rub this paste on the face and neck to avoid black dots gradually give way to the shins.

Then, vegetables, fruits, there too! Granada Toasting shells and ground them to get some dust off it. Now mix this powder shells Granada roasted with lemon juice and make a paste out of it. Apply this mixture on your pimples and watch them disappear in no time! Yes, it takes a little effort to roast and dust shells, but it’s a quick remedy for pimples.

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Now it is the turn of the milk. Take a cup of milk, not boiling. Mix some fresh lemon juice to this milk and wash your face with it as it does when applied some face wash. This natural face wash made with milk of lime and can be a good remedy to get rid of pimples.

A word of warning ….

Lemon juice is a natural bleach, but also makes your skin photosensitive means that the sun will be more effective in their skin and it is therefore harmful rays can wreak havoc on your skin. So, better to be aware and avoid applying lemon juice on your face during the day, at least when you are going out in the sun. However, if you have lemon juice, even during the day, you will not hurt. On the contrary, it is good for your health. Therefore, you may like to have a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey each dissolved in hot water first thing in the morning on the water. This detoxifies your body to help maintain the pH balance of your skin, which in turn means reducing or pimples no!

forms of herbs to defeat pimples ….

Spices and herbs are not intended only to satisfy your taste buds. They can even be used to get rid of pimples. However, only a select few have this privilege. Others are complete “no-no” for “prone to skin grain.” You know what I mean. After all, oil and spices in your favorite dishes are some of the culprits who produce these beans! Do not worry, we will tell about all the “friendly spices and herbs” that will bring new sparkle to your face by removing those pimples.

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6. Magic earthly cinnamon

The anti properties -microbianas the humble cinnamon can go a long way to cure your pimples. It can be used in two ways, one with honey and second as a package of cinnamon face.

Sangay Mix- Add cinnamon powder with a little honey and apply this mixture on the boil before saying goodnight. Now when you wake up the next morning, just wash this with a little warm water. Repeat this at least 15-20 days to feel the magic of smooth skin and no shin!

cinnamon Face Pack- Take a little ground cinnamon and add honey and chickpea flour to it so that a smooth paste. Apply this pack all over the face. In a quarter of an hour, the package will start drying. At this time, gently massage the face with a circular motion, as does your esthetician while giving you a facial. This makes the package in a scrub all the dirt and oil leaving smooth and shiny surface is removed. microbial properties against cinnamon sure act on your pimples too!

7. wonderful fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of those spices that can cure hundreds of diseases, including pimples. You can use fenugreek leaves and seeds according to their suitability for the purpose. When used fenugreek leaves, crush them and make a paste by adding a little water if necessary. Apply this paste on the pimples and let it dry. Once it dries, wash it.

When using fenugreek seeds, which will have to grind into powder and then make a paste by adding water to it. Apply this paste on the pimples and leave overnight. Do not just do it once, repeat the process for at least 7 nights and if you need more than that to get rid of pimples.

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Remedies for Pimples

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8. The healing turmeric

the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of turmeric are no hidden secrets to any of us. These properties, in fact, make the spice turmeric more healing that can be used to treat pimples. Use turmeric in one or all forms-down

  • Make a paste of turmeric powder and water. Apply it on the pimples. Leave it for some time, about 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You can replace the water with honey for its antiseptic property
  • Take some turmeric powder and neem leaves. Grind neem leaves with turmeric and stir to make a paste. You can also use neem powder. Apply the paste on your pimples and leave it on your face for about fifteen minutes and then rinse.
  • Mix turmeric powder and sandalwood powder in equal along with rose water to a smooth paste amounts. Apply this paste on the pimples for about 10-15 minutes and wash with warm water. Not only do their pimples disappear but his face would glow.
  • Mix the juices from raw coriander leaves and turmeric. Apply this on your pimples to get rid of them.

One word of caution though, again ….

Turmeric can leave yellow spots all over the face, on the sheet, pillowcase, hands and any other place where you feel or touch anything. So be careful when using turmeric to treat your pimples. Do not let turmeric for long on your skin or you will have to stay indoors for a few days due to the pale spots that will leave your skin! Always wash turmeric with warm water to allow the spots that let fade.

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9. The goodness of garlic

Garlic can be bad, but its health benefits is not a secret hidden more. Even for treating acne, garlic has proven to be a great help because of its allicin component which is a very good antibiotic. Just rub garlic in its natural form in the shins regularly it will also help gradually decrease. impure blood is one of the causes of blackheads and having raw garlic blood leading to acne removal purified. Just a clove of garlic appear every morning with a little water and that’s it!

10. Nutmeg Boon for dry skin

Although people with oily skin more pimples, people with dry skin can also be the target of these grains. For these people, who have dry skin with pimples, nutmeg can be a very good choice. They should have a little nutmeg powder and mix with milk that has not been boiled yet. The application and leaving this paste on beads for about an hour or two can cure boils without leaving the skin dry.

Apart from the above solutions, there is one thing more than all the “pimple prone people” should do at least once a week. They should apply a mask-mud mask- Fuller earth on their faces. It is a mask “without any problem”. Just add water to the land of Fuller and make a smooth paste. The application and washing of the sludge pack when it dries pimples can bid goodbye forever!

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