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10 HOUSEPLANTS Which Will CLEAN Indoor Toxins-Organically!

Once we settled in one place, all that matters is to keep that clean and quiet. According to Feng Sui, some things are important and organize our place will make life easier and healthier life. However, sometimes despite our house it looks clean and organized, there are some toxins and bacteria that we can not see or smell.

These toxins are the worst for our welfare and the greatest enemies of our house. Luckily for us, there are many unexplored and unknown natural remedies for all needs and problems we may have.

The three main toxic materials who trespass against our homes are as follows:

benzene – in pesticides, plastics, lubricants, rubber, synthetic fibers

formaldehyde – in glues, paints, upholstery, rugs

trichlorethylene – in adhesives, paint removers, cleaning solution carpets

in order to prevent these criminals from attacking your house is need to plan which plants will help clean your house.

Every home should acquire the following houseplants, in order to get rid of toxins, odors and bacteria. They act as home-organic cleaning products and therefore provide a clean environment at home, in the real sense.

For example, plan and organize indoor plants you want to put in your home with the space you have in your home. 2,000 sq ft home takes 15 to 20 plants, organized according to the tastes and needs.

is better if you have several plants, instead of choosing one group. As square feet decrease, and the number of plants will need. smaller apartments houseplants need less

Here are the 10 houseplants that will keep your home clean and pollution free :.

  1. Aloe Vera

This calming plant is known for its healing properties and enormous benefits it has on the human body. Carefully skin acne, wrinkles and burns to complete detoxification of the body. Aloe vera is an essential tool in every home, it is not surprising that has put at the top of the list. Aloe Vera not only creates a positive atmosphere at home, but also cleans it of toxins inside.

When toxins begin to attack your home, the aloe vera plant will create brown spots, which also means that chemicals in the air are at a very high level. Aloe Vera provide a better flow of oxygen in your home and will be a great decoration as well. This plant requires little maintenance, but a lot of sun in order to succeed.

2. Peace lily

This plant with magical appearance will be a great refreshment for your home. Unlike aloe vera, this plant requires nuances and lower temperatures in order to clean the air and absorb toxins.

Sometimes, the plant can not produce as many flowers as expected, that’s why you need to follow your requirements, which are much less than any other houseplant and keep away windows.

3. Philodendron

The first point this plant can not be help falling in love with him. Has a unique heart-shaped leaves and vines creates decorative as it grows, which is perfect for decorating your home.

The best part is that Philodendron is ideal for the absorption of formaldehyde, toxins created from carpets, glue and paint. low maintenance, the average sunlight and a little water is required and the plant will live for many, many years.

4. English Ivy

The plant is well known as the best plant to absorb formaldehyde. English Ivy will decorate your home with its unique appearance and also filter and clean the air and create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Maintenance is similar to Philodendron, very easy to grow and can also hang to save space.

5. Red-Edged Dracaena

If you have a large living room , open plan, then the Dracaena edge-Red is the perfect candidate for you. It grows very tall and is a beautiful plant and space-decorator.

However, the most important feature of this plant is the removal of formaldehyde, xylene and trichlorethylene from the air clean filtered air and your home from toxins. a lot of space, larger pots and a large amount of sunlight is required.

6. Gum Tree

This plant is probably the most houseplant eligible due to the fact that requires less attention in comparison with other plants. You can put in a corner away from the window or in the basement, rubber tree will grow with ease and success.

Apart from its low growth requirements, the rubber tree is a powerful plant that will remove toxic components in the air and will clean your breathing air.

7. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is a beautiful plant, which will to decorate the ceiling perfectly. You can hang it in your living room or kitchen and their leaves will create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere.

This plant is in the group of plants that purify the air of formaldehyde. No need to think of a place for him, as it does not require a lot of sun and high temperatures needed.

8. Spider plants

houseplant Probably the most common and common due to its low maintenance. also it removes toxins and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and formaldehyde.

It is considered one of the devices most effective air cleaners, but also decorate the space with its unique appearance.

9. Plants of snakes

This plant has the unique ability to purify the air overnight, so the air stays cool throughout the day. Unlike most of the plants that clean the air during the day snake plant absorbs carbon dioxide overnight, the clean oxygen is released purified.

For restful, quiet nights, it is better if you put it in the bedroom or child room- that will provide your family clean and purified air. snakes plants do not need much water or light in order to survive.

Bamboo Palm 10.

One of the cleanest trichlorethylene and benzene more effective is bamboo palm. It has an attractive look and you need not put it in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that needs to be watered regularly and will decorate and purify the air perfectly.

Houseplants are a great way to decorate your home and at the same time to save your home from toxins and pollutants. They are easy to buy and find, just follow your maintenance requirements, which are not so complicated. Use what nature has given us and get rid of toxins.

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