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10 healthy ways to use coconut oil

Coconut oil

We’ve all heard of benefits health coconut oil , but do you know all the ways that you can use? This (or virgin) healthy oil, unrefined can be used for much more than your pan. Here are 10 healthy ways to use coconut oil.

1. Food

Not only the oil suitable for sauteing coconut, is also a good substitute for butter in the oven or on toast.

2. Coffee

Drinking enriched with coconut oil coffee, called coffee Bulletproof is a great way to fuel your morning workout.

3. Moisture

Whether you are looking for a moisturizer for your entire body after shower, intense facial cream night or a little moisture for chapped lips organic coconut oil is a great choice that quickly sink into your skin. And its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, with additional benefits of the skin.

4. Stretch marks

Pregnant women have found that rubbing on her belly growing oil can help prevent stretch marks.

5. Makeup Remover

The oil can break cosmetics eyes and face makeup erases easily, without harsh chemicals.

6. Mask

Rub the oil into the hair from root to tip, then leaving in conditions deep strands. Wash and dry your hair for healthier, brighter locks.

7. teeth cleaning

While some people have tried to make their own toothpaste using coconut oil and baking soda, others swear by oil pulling , a practice of swishing oil in your mouth to remove plaque and toxins.

8. Massage

Coconut oil serves as a natural massage oil with its own relaxing aroma the tropics. Get your partner to give you a relaxing massage coconut oil or rub on their own temples when you are stressed.

9. Treat Cold Sores

While oil moisturizing effect helps with skin healing , the antibacterial and antiviral properties of this oil wonder can also fight cold sores at the source.

10. Natural Deodorant

It may not be as effective as the stuff you buy at the supermarket, but antibacterial qualities of coconut oil can fight bacteria that cause odor-no chemicals needed.

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