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10 great reasons to give cloth nappies a go

When you think about cloth diapers, has visions of white squares large soaking in buckets with a mixture of chemicals ? A consuming process of washing and folding time? Fortunately times have changed and modern cloth diapers are not like wearing diapers when we were babies. Here are ten reasons why we love cloth diapers

  1. cloth diapers are kind to the skin of your baby

you have control of chemicals that come into contact with your baby’s skin when used cloth diapers. Disposable They are apparently relatively safe but they still contain (more studies are needed to confirm long-term affects of these chemicals) chemicals, so why expose the delicate skin of your child for these if you do not have to?

  1. cloth diapers are kind on the environment

A baby will go through around 5,000-6,000 diaper changes between birth and 2.5 years amounts to about a ton of garbage in the landfill (and quite dirty trash on that!). cloth diapers do, of course, need water and energy to get clean but huge amounts of water and energy needed to manufacture disposable products.

  1. cloth diapers are better for your finances

The exact savings will depend on several factors (choice of diapers, frequency of changes, if used in time full or part time fabric) but you can save about $ 2,000-3,000 per child. If you use good quality cloth diapers there is no reason that can not be used for two or more children, so the even greater savings!

  1. cloth diapers are reliable
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modern cloth diapers are as reliable, if not more reliable, than disposable diapers. A good fitting cloth nappy and will not leak bombproof, so the baby will not end up covered from head to toe by these explosions of poop that newborns are famous for!

  1. cloth diapers are convenient and easy to use

modern cloth diapers are similar in shape to disposable diapers and secure with snaps or Velcro – easy! Sure, there are some necessary preparation after washing to get together, but only a few minutes a day is all it should take.

  1. cloth diapers never run

Unless, of course, forget to wash and dry in time! But if you have cloth diapers at home, you never have to worry about making a last minute dash to the supermarket to restock or run out of diapers at bedtime.

  1. cloth diapers are more comfortable

modern cloth diapers are made of fabrics which are much softer against the delicate skin of a diaper disposable plastic. And if your child is learning to walk, they act as an extra layer of padding to cushion all those falls!

  1. cloth diapers help with toilet training

cloth diapers allow a child to understand what it feels like to be wet, which speeds up the process learn to use the toilet. On average, a child who has been in cloth diapers toilet training earlier than has worn disposable.

  1. cloth diapers are cute
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modern cloth diapers are available in many gorgeous fabrics, colors and patterns, you can not argue that they are much better looking than disposables!

  1. cloth diapers can be addictive

Strange as it may seem, cloth diapers really have a certain something about them – once start using them, is likely to become a passionate and never look back. And when they have many positive effects on us and our environment, not a bad obsession have!

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