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10 Garlic Health Benefits : The World’s Healthiest Herb

nder is one of the most common herbs used for not only the taste of your food but also it used as a medicine for treating conditions of numerous health. Garlic has been used since time immemorial in the treatment of various diseases and illnesses. Garlic consumption may protect viral diseases such as colds, fever, various allergies and infections found in the atmosphere.

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Today we present some of the many benefits of garlic did not know before!

Benefits of Garlic Health

1. Garlic helps Hair Growth

Did you know that massage your scalp prevents garlic hair loss and leave it with thick beautiful hair? Well, it does! Studies have shown that garlic can stimulate hair growth without side effects. Add some garlic cloves to your concoction hot oil massage head two or times a week and you will be amazed with the results.

Health Benefits of Garlic

benefits of garlic, you did not know before!

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2. garlic helps in Weight Loss

Want to lose a few pounds easily without rigorous exercise regime? It is garlic to the rescue again! a mixture of lemon juice ready, garlic cloves and warm water and drink in one shot. Voila, there you go, a quick and healthy way to reduce fat!

3. It is an energy booster

For the benefits magnesium then include garlic in your meals today! Magnesium is a mineral that improves overall health and increases energy levels. You can get as much as 25 mg of magnesium in 100 grams of garlic only!

4. Garlic can prevent cancer

Although not fully proven, some research shows to prove suspected of doctors, that eating garlic can actually kill cancer cells stomach, colon and rectal cancer. If you can not chew a few cloves of garlic, just add to your kitchen.

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5. Garlic during pregnancy

Now this is interesting, eat garlic during pregnancy helps to gain some weight baby so badly you need. This in turn helps in the development of the baby in your womb!

6. cure a cold and flu

colds and coughs are usually caused by viruses, but more recent studies suggest that vitamin D deficiency may be the underlying reason behind poor immunity. While doctors suggest that sunlight is the best source of this vitamin , you can also get a lot of the many benefits vitamin D, by consuming garlic on a daily basis.

7. Garlic improves artery Health

As they grow, the arteries begin to become weak and lose its strength. Consuming garlic helps to improve the health of the arteries and works considerably.

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8. It can reduce cholesterol

in recent research, it has been observed that people who consume garlic are able to regulate better than those who stay away from this herb your cholesterol levels.

9. thins the blood

thick blood flow or blood clots are often the reasons or causes of sudden heart attacks and even premature death. The benefit of eating raw garlic is that thins the blood and increases blood flow throughout the body.

10 reinforces the joints

It is also believed that eating garlic can help keep joints without pain and also reduce other joint problems.

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How to eat garlic?

Now we know that health benefits of garlic are aplenty. But you know how to eat garlic? The best way to eat garlic is just simply crush or split into two and swallow before going to sleep. If you can not get yourself to eat them raw, you can swallow teeth with water or milk. Just remember that consuming more than two teeth in a day is not good for you.

raw or cooked?

Eating raw garlic has more health benefits than eat them cooked. When cooked garlic loses its healthy components and only becomes a flavor manufacturer. Allicin, which is the most important factor garlic is what protects us from deadly diseases such as cancer, occurs or is activated only when garlic is crushed or cut. In addition, garlic, crushed once be exposed to air before it is consumed for a better result.

If you simply can not chew garlic cloves, or do not have time to cook their own food can still reap the benefits of garlic. I wonder how? Pills and supplements! Yes, you heard right, now you can consume garlic in pill form. What’s more? The benefits of garlic pills are the same as raw garlic!

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Black garlic and use

nder Black , however, it is nothing more than just white garlic cloves fermented for many weeks. Some ferment with tamarind to get that bitter taste. This type of garlic unlike the white is on the sweet side and has managed to work its way into some of the best dinner recipes Asia. Both have similar benefits, but only look and taste different.

Side effects of garlic

The above are all pros garlic. Let us now quickly note what Side effects of garlic are.

  • As noted above, garlic is a blood thinner. But in a way it is good, but at the same time, if the blood becomes too thin there are chances of excessive bleeding.
  • In addition, during pregnancy, consumption of garlic is good, but keep in mind that garlic should only be consumed in small amounts not too crude.
  • Although garlic is used to reduce skin irritation and acne, sometimes it can even burn the skin if it is sensitive.

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We have seen the health benefits of garlic and benefits of eating raw garlic well. Now is the time to add this wonderful herb in our daily diet! Add them in your stew in their vegetables and even on your pizza ! Or just reap the benefits of garlic supplements , which are easily available in the market!

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