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10 Exercise Which Will Help You Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Jogging!

Today, the word is that cardio is certainly not the most effective way to achieve your dream body . In fact, resistance training is the answer I was looking for.

pushups and squats Increase Muscle Mass

According to a study involving 53 patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, resistance exercise increases significantly muscle mass and fat-free mass. Moreover, this type of exercise also decreased levels of fatty liver, iron and insulin. Therefore, this study showed that this type of exercise improves metabolic syndrome in patients with disease NAFLD.

There is a lot of information about different types of exercise and is sometimes difficult to decide which type is right for you.

However, in this article you can read about the absolutely best exercises. Making them will not cost you anything, though, you will tone and tighten your body.

10 best exercises to lose weight

1. Squats

Squatting is something that everyone does on a daily basis, if sitting in a chair or hit the toilet. This is a basic movement and helps to shape the cylinder head and the entire leg.

is Squats body weight can be very difficult, and can also add a dumbbell weights or extra weight. See the video below and see how.

2. Lunge

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This exercise will help tone and strengthen the hamstrings and the butt. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

If you have knee pain of any kind, make a glute bridge instead of a lunge.

3. Push up

push-ups will help tine the upper chest, and strengthen the triceps. You can do pushups anywhere, regardless of their physical condition. Moreover, this exercise is done will strengthen your core too.

4.The Pull Up

A number of people who can not perform this exercise at first, but there are some easier alternatives you can make and it will help to tone the back.

5.The Plank

The board is perfect for the entire core strengthening exercise and also includes cross paunchy. This is the muscle to reduce and prevent back pain. The goal is to try to make a plan for a full minute.

6. crawling spider

This exercise will strengthen your core and at the same time, increase the mobility of the hips.

7.The Get Up

Sic pack abs are the desire of everyone, and most people are unaware of obtainable from them and at the same time, other muscles furnaces. This triceps movement will help you lose the bat wings and make the core is activated.

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8.The Burpee

This exercise affects all muscle groups and also make your heart pumping. Doing this exercise will make you burn more abdominal fat than any other cardiovascular exercise. On the other hand, you can be modified at any level of fitness.

9. The skater

This is another move that will get your heart pumping. This lateral movement is perfect for the development of ankle and knee stability. You can easily modify this move if you want to burn maximum calories with minimal shock to the joints or jumping.

10.Jumping string

This exercise will help tone your legs and arms while burning tons of calories. Watch the video for some tips.

The 10 exercise will help you burn belly fat without running or jogging! first he appeared in Nature Health and Beauty .

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