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10 Delicious Mango Dessert Recipes to Sweeten your Summer

In summer, most people like a watermelon, but not in India summer is also known as mango season. More than 500 varieties of mangoes are found throughout the world. For its unique smell, delicious taste and texture is known as the king of all fruits.

Few popular varieties of mango in India are:

Fazli, Gulabkhas, Himasagar, Kishenbhog, Langra, green Bombey, Chausa, Dashehari, Alfonso, Totapuri, Banganapalli, Neelam , Malda Kesar, Pairi, Jamadar, Zardalu, etc. Suvarnarekha

Few popular varieties of mango found throughout the world are:

Ataulfos mainly grown in Mexico, Francisco is mainly in Haiti, Haden is also found in Mexico, Keitt is American variety, Kent found mainly in Ecuador and Peru, Tommy Atkins are the variety Guatemala and Brazil.
These are the few mango varieties are found throughout the world.

Mango is known as the king of fruits not only for its unique taste and flavor also for its nutritional values. The handle is secretly health booster.

Here are some of the health benefits of Mango:

  • helps fight cancer: The mango is rich in poly phenolic antioxidant which protects against colon cancer and breast cancer. Mango contains beta carotene, alpha carotene and beta cryptoxanthin that provide protection against lung and oral cancer.
  • helps maintain proper vision: Vitamin A is responsible for good vision and mango is a natural source of vitamin A.
  • controls heart rate and blood pressure Mango is a natural source of potassium, which controls heart rate and blood pressure
  • against infection resistance. vitamin C helps balance the immune system and the handle is a natural source of vitamin C, which gives a resistance against infections
  • .

these are the nutritional values ​​of mango, ‘the king of fruits. “

you can eat this cooked or raw fruit as a sweet dish or something spicy. the handles are awesome for desserts, salads and juices. it goes well with chicken too. Encurtidos facts raw mangos and ripe mangoes are very popular in India.

Here are 10 delicious mango Dessert Recipes

Mousse is mainly done with batter and served with sweet chocolate or fruit puree egg.

No two mousse cake recipes from different handle:

1. mango mousse cake

Mango Dessert Recipes Mousse Cake

this dessert recipe mango, mango puree that is whipped with gelatin and cream to give a jam like texture that goes well with the taste of the cake when he used together.

As lemon juice and lemon zest are used in the mousse and roll, orange juice can be used instead of mango juice in the glaze. The smell of citrus orange juice creates a good combination with lemon juice and flavor of lemon peel well. Also the color of mango juice and orange juice is similar. But mango juice is a better choice because the handle is the main ingredient and covering all the smells and flavors. It is used only to give a bright color appearance matching with the mousse.

A slice of this cake mango mousse 70.9 g contains 159 calories. The positive side of this mango mousse cake is, contains a very low amount of sodium, which controls blood pressure. The only negative is that it also contains high amounts of cholesterol. Due to the presence of other ingredients in the mousse, fruit normally lowers cholesterol has the opposite effect here.

2. Italian cake or pie Génoise

Italian Sponge Mango Dessert Recipes

is a simple cake with vanilla essence.

This dessert recipe mango, mango puree is beaten with gelatin and cream to give jam similar to that goes well with the taste of the cake when they were together texture.

You need to be careful when making mango puree. The ingredients have to be a nice and tasty mango and puree should be smooth. special attention at the time of cooling is also required. Otherwise, it will become a disaster.

Mango Sorbet

Our next category of recipes mango sorbet dessert is. Sorbet is simply a frozen fruit juice or frozen flavored water and sugar mixture. There are two different recipes mango sorbet:

a) Lychee nuts and pieces of pineapple with mango sorbet

Lychee and pineapple  Mango Dessert Recipes

Today day everyone wants to eat healthy, but they can not help but have some dessert. This dessert mango sorbet is blameless, so go ahead and enjoy.

Since it is not a processed food containing low-calorie, no added sugar and only real fruits. It contains high level of vitamin C, but no fat or saturated sodium. It may be your ideal dessert if you are health conscious.

b) Sparkling Mango Sorbet

Sparkling Mango Dessert Recipes Here is a mango sorbet with a sparkling glass. This is a delicious drink to cool off during the summers.

Instead of ice cream that use real fruit to prevent unsanitary conditions. The nutritional value of the drink depends on the drink you are using.

Mango Pudding

Another type of dessert is pudding. Mango pudding is famous in Hong Kong. It is usually served cold. Here is two different types of mango pudding recipes.

a) Vegan Mango Pudding

Pudding - Mango Dessert Recipes

The egg is an important ingredient in recipes mango pudding, but this dessert is purely vegetarian. Another option mango healthy desert.

This recipe mango dessert tofu contains, which helps reduce the cholesterol content in the dessert. agave nectar is a commercial sweetener produced from the spice.

With the low level in fat and high in vitamin A, which is really an ideal dessert.

b) Mango Pudding (flan mango)

Mango Dessert Recipes - sorbet

is good for health and contains only 1% fat and cholesterol free. If you are concerned about weight gain due to the indulgence it is these desserts, not fear. These desserts are not fattening and healthy, as they are seasonal fruit and all other ingredients used are natural ingredients. You can have these desserts without thinking twice.

Mango ice cream

a) cardamom Mango and coconut candy pallets

Mango Dessert Recipes This dessert is obtained advantage of flavor and nutritional benefits of fruits both. Of course, the smell of cardamom increases its delicacy. A little salt and sugar are simply added to complement the flavor.

The second recipe mango cream ice cream recipes series of mango ice is tricky.

b) Mango Ice Cream cheat


is one of the healthiest and tastiest mango dessert options. Only a cooled mixture of mango pulp mixed and cream. Here handle meat is thoroughly mixed with the cream.

7. Mango milkshakes

Now is the time for some milkshakes. In India, mango milkshakes are a favorite among all other mango dessert recipes. That is why there is discussion mango dessert ever comes to an end without discussing some mango smoothie recipes.

a) Punjabi special Mango Lassi

Lassi Mango Dessert Recipes This mango lassi Punjabi is rich in calcium and vitamin C and a good thing more about it is, containing only 1% fat. It is an improvised version of lassi. The aroma and taste of mango when mixed with evergreen lassi, it has a great effect.

b) Basil Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Strawberry Mango Dessert Recipes

This smoothie contains all the goodness of basil, strawberry and mango . It is rich in protein, sodium and dietary fiber. The tantalizing smell of mango and strawberry refreshing relaxing in the hot summer.

Now that you have all the recipes, you now have a variety of things you can do with the handles. Enjoy the beautiful mango desserts this summer and let them keep you fresh and healthy.

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